Here you'll find a collection of various Mario merchandise released over the years. Only merchandise that are not video game cartridges, CDs, or other gaming software are listed here. This collection consists of mostly the merchandise that I own, but I try to be as comprehensive as possible. The merchandise is organized by category, so if you're looking for a particular product, this should make it easier to find it.


Bed and Bath

Board and Table Games

Books, Comics, and Related Accessories

CDs and DVDs


Food, Snacks, and Drinks

Game Guides and Magazines

Nintendo System and Game Accessories

Plushies and Dolls

Posters and Wall Art



Where to Shop:

Mario merchandise is almost everywhere these days! Aside from the usual stores where you can buy the games themselves, below is a list of stores where you will have the best luck finding some non-game Nintendo/Mario merchandise:

Nintendo's official site:
eBay (especially for vintage merchandise):
Hot Topic:
Wizzywig Collectibles:

You will also have pretty good luck looking around at any toy store or a store that has a toy section.