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Au'some Candies

I received these candies for Christmas, and apparently, they're the latest craze in a whole line of Nintendo-related candies from Au'some Candies! My mouth is watering as I type this description in, so I'm off to bite off DK's head!

Funables Fruit Snacks

These fruit snacks were introduced by candy company, Ferrara, in 2021 and are a complete rehash of the Kellogg's Super Mario fruit snacks (shown below). As with my previous personal experience with the earlier incarnation, the Luigi gummy has been inexplicably rarer than the Mario one in every single pouch I had eaten.

Kellogg's Super Mario Fruit Snacks

I saw these in grocery stores in 2020 and I also have to say that they taste like your run-of-the-mill fruit snack. They come in 6 different shapes- Mario (bust), Luigi (bust), Starman, Yoshi (bust), Toad (bust), and Koopa shell. Also, interesting to note is that I always find more Marios in each pouch than Luigis. I don't know if that's typical or unique only to my experience.

Mario Candy Container

This container full of colored candies was given to me by my friend, Derek, as a gift. It is by Au'some Candies and features a plastic Fire Mario on top of it.

Nintendo Cereal System

Inside this box are two bags of cereal, one side with a Mariotheme and the other with a Zelda theme. Some versions of thecereal contain prizes inside that include a miniature Zelda or Mario pinball game. You can also find game tips on theside of the box.

Nintendo Fruit Snacks

These kind of came out of nowhere. These fruit snacks feature Mario, Link, and Donkey Kong, and they come in lemon, lime, orange, grape, and cherry flavors, with the shapes of Mario's head, Luigi's head, Power Star, Peach's head, Link's head, and DK's head!

Tin Candy Containers

These containers are made out of tin and contain small, hard candies that taste very sweet and tangy. There is also a green 1-up mushroom container not shown here.

Peroty Super Mario Chocolate

Submitted By: Burger Dude
This Peroty chocolate candy on a stick was made by the Japanese company, Glico, and is shaped like Mario's head.

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