Have you ever watched Big Brother? In it, twelve to fourteen people are whisked away to a large house in a remote area and locked inside for an entire summer. Each week, two of the houseguests are nominated and one leaves. At the end, a jury of the last seven houseguests votes for who should win the game. Whoever does is declared the Superstar and wins a large sum of prize money. Absolute Mario is now featuring a section called Superstar, based on Big Brother's season 6, except with Mario characters! Read on to start the action!! This section is written by Magma.

The Rules
The House

The Hosts:
Jolene Kylie Toad Goombella


The Houseguests:
Birdo Bowser Candy Daisy
Dixie Donkey Luigi Mario
Pauline Peach Tiny Toadette
Wario Yoshi

Houseguest Supershine Power of Veto Nominated
Evicted Jury