1992 GB Super Mario Land 2
1994 GB Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
1994 NES
Wario's Woods
1997 N64 Mario Kart 64
2001 N64 Dr. Mario 64
2001 GBA Wario Land 4
2003 GBA WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$
2003 GCN Wario World
2007 WII Super Smash Bros. Brawl
TBA NDS Wario the Thief

NAME: Wario
OCCUPATION: Video game producer
AGE: 23
ORIENTATION: Male, Dating (girlfriend is Mona), Heterosexual
HOMETOWN: WarioWare, Inc.


Films: Lord of the Rings Trilogy
TV shows: The Simpsons
Actors: Christian Bale, Ian McKellen
Actresses: Cate Blanchett, Julia Roberts
Bands: Guns N' Roses, Crystal Method
Hobbies: Sculpting, drawing
Sports to Play: Tennis, squash, water skiing
Sports Teams: Inter Milan (soccer)
Outdoor Activities: Scuba diving, water skiing
Music: Everything from opera to electronic
Cereals: Special K
Snacks: Beef jerky
Cookies: Chocolate chip
Candy Bars: Snickers, Snickers Cruncher
Alcoholic Drinks: Sambuca, rum & Chuckola Cola
Non-Alcoholic: Chuckola Cola, Milk

*Remember that most information in these character profiles are purely fabricated.

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