Chat Transcripts

This is a list of transcripts from each of our scheduled chat sessions. If you participated in any of these chats, you can read these and reminisce all you want, or if you haven't, then you can just read for laughs and entertainment. Schedules of chats are posted on the updates.

July 30, 2006- celebrating the Grand Reopening of this site!

May 23, 2002- E3, and a sad goodbye.

March 14, 2002- Chat topic? What chat topic?

December 30, 2001- Bowser's funeral turned insane asylum.

August 9, 2001- The 4-letter flame wars!

July 24, 2001- To make up for the 2nd chat, we had the 2nd MNM Chat: The Sequel! It was frightening. Wanna know why? Just read it! NOTE: Unfortunately, the transcript from this chat has been forever lost.

June 21, 2001- I don't even want to think about this chat, anymore.

May 26, 2001- Read our very first scheduled chat session transcript! Personal secrets are revealed, function key chaos breaks out, and many laughs are shared.