Chat Transcript- Thursday, May 23, 2002

I dedicate this chat to Zero, as this was his last MNM chat.

<Mega Man Juno> The X7 screen shots
<Jinjo> It's 7 where i am!
<Jinjo> im sorry I'm just so excited about Kirby advance
<Mega Man Juno> We're on the East Coast, Jinj
<Jinjo> so whats the topic of today?
<Mega Man Juno> My clock says five after though
> Well, there's no topic really
<Mega Man Juno> We never have a topic, even when we try having one
<Jinjo> thats fine
> Kamek, Cody, Shon?  You 3 there?
<Magma Mario> yeah
<Cries Rain> sorry
<Cries Rain> yeah
<Jinjo> ok, so why not think of something to say, like...... ummm.... what does everyone think of
<Mega Man Juno> I have an urge to recite Mega Man Juno's dialogue, but it's a plot spoiler
<Cries Rain> i rented a gamecube
<Cries Rain> i liked it
<Jinjo> It's a good system
> I have an urget o sing "Forever may not Be Long Enough" but I don't know all the lyrics
<Jinjo> What do you think about the control?
<Mega Man Juno> And his hair is of that pink/red Lena. My other TV has really bad color and
    made it look silver
<Jinjo> I love it
<Mega Man Juno> His eyes are silver though
> Oh I see
> Forever may not be long enough for my love
<Mega Man Juno> That TV turned shades of green to crazy colors
> Forever may not be long enough for you to know
> Come with me to the other side
<Mega Man Juno> I got a brown from a green
<Mega Man Juno> And a green from a tan
> (Not necessarily in that order)
<Mega Man Juno> Insane
<Jinjo> lol
> That's weird
<Mega Man Juno> It's a 15 year old TV though
> But you said the N64 was sestroying your FV right?
<Mega Man Juno> Yeah, but it's working good enough now
<Mega Man Juno> It needed a rest
<Jinjo> a video game system cant hurt a tv!
<Mega Man Juno> Oh yes it can!
> It hasn't hurt mine yet
<Jinjo> how?
<Mega Man Juno> Listen to my tale, Jinjo
<Jinjo> ok
> Hey you guys need to get hyper
> Remember Shon?
<Cries Rain> give me an hour or so to get pumped. i can do it.
<Cries Rain> im just listening to you guys right now
<Mega Man Juno> The N64 made my brand new TV start freaking out not even after a year of
    using it
> An hsour or so???
<Jinjo> weird
<Cries Rain> yeah
<Mega Man Juno> The screen would turn black and staticy, and the sound would go up and down
    for now apparent reason
<Jinjo> my N64 has been on the same TV for almost 7 yrs and it works fine
> Weird
<Mega Man Juno> Sometimes the screen doesn't even turn on at all, and then you have to hit it to
    make it come back
<Jinjo> hmm
<Mega Man Juno> It attempts to turn on anyway
> Have you expereinced any blackouts while your TV was turned on?
<Jinjo> maybe its a bad tv
> Mike?
<Mega Man Juno> It is, man
<Mega Man Juno> No, never had a black out while watching TV
<Magma Mario> ok now myh attention is directed toward s the chat room
> Weird, b/c my TV has never been the same ever since the electricity went out while playing
<Mega Man Juno> But sometimes when you go to turn it on the screen doesn't turn on
<Jinjo> I have something I'd like to say. I don't think it's fair how people say Nintendo games are
    for children.
> N/k
<Mega Man Juno> I agree
<Magma Mario> neither do i
<Mega Man Juno> People seem to think a game is only good if it's violent
<Jinjo> Just because games are rated E doesn't mean they are rated C!
<Mega Man Juno> They can't appreciated a good game if it smacked them in the face
> The games are better quality than the violent ones
<Mega Man Juno> appreciate*
<Jinjo> A long time ago, back in the NES days, cartoonish games were excepted by the gamers
    who hate them today
> In Between the Lines:  Violent=PSX
> Yeah
<Mega Man Juno> Let's take my personal favorite: Mega Man Legends
<Jinjo> But now since... i dont know why.....  they arent accepted
<Mega Man Juno> Great game, cheesy explosions
<Magma Mario> yes i don't enjoy violent games as much as the cutesy games such as mario
    and kirby
<Mega Man Juno> But that doesn't matter
> Same here
<Jinjo> some violent games are good, but not alot
<Kamek> I did it!!!
> Good job, Kamek
<Mega Man Juno> Kamek! Now answer my question from before
<Magma Mario> i like some violent games
<Jinjo> i rented resident evil. it was really fun, but i wouldnt enjoy it after a month
<Mega Man Juno> What color robes do you wear?
<Kamek> uhhhhhh What was it?
<Magma Mario> but games like resident evil give me the heeby jeebys
<Kamek> Blue robes
<Mega Man Juno> OK
<Jinjo> lol me too! but i like getting scared sometimes
<Jinjo> id never by RE
<Mega Man Juno> Games like Resident Evil don't have as good as a plot as others
<Mega Man Juno> It's all about the gore
<Jinjo> its all about the gore
> Ever play Silent Hill?
<Mega Man Juno> Yes
> THat games gor-y!
<Jinjo> i typed that before you wrote it!
> lol
<Magma Mario> that makes people happy? not me! i about had a heart attack in one part of re
<Jinjo> know what's gross? hannibell!!
<Cries Rain> ever play tenchu or diablo? those games are similar
<Mega Man Juno> I have a friend that got scared because of Anima once
<Mega Man Juno> Anybody ever play Final Fantasy X?
<Jinjo> for ps2! you are stuck in some guy's body so you eat your way out!
<Jinjo> ahhh!
<Cries Rain> im starting to get hyper
<Mega Man Juno> Hello?
<Cries Rain> i just need more time
<Cries Rain> im getting energized
<Cries Rain> i need a capsule
<Magma Mario> i have! it ruled!
> Huh?
<Mega Man Juno> I have a buddy who was freaked out with how Anima looked though
> What are you talking about jask?
<Mega Man Juno> Especially after you see the bottom half of its body
<Mega Man Juno> Anybody ever play Final Fantasy X?
<Jinjo> for ps2! you are stuck in some guy's body so you eat your way out!
<Jinjo> ahhh!
<Cries Rain> im starting to get hyper
<Mega Man Juno> Hello?
<Cries Rain> i just need more time
<Cries Rain> im getting energized
<Cries Rain> i need a capsule
<Magma Mario> i have! it ruled!
> Huh?
<Mega Man Juno> I have a buddy who was freaked out with how Anima looked though
> What are you talking about jask?
<Mega Man Juno> Especially after you see the bottom half of its body
<Mega Man Juno> I played the trumpet, and it cut in with my schoolwork
<Jinjo> ummm.... no
<Jinjo> lol
<Mega Man Juno> I'm not allowed to play it in the house either, so I'm out of practice
<Jinjo> oh well
<Cries Rain> that sux. do you have a good musical ear?
> Jinho
> *Jonjo
<Jinjo> im in a parade on monday
> *Jinjo
> Coolage
<Jinjo> yup
> When do you get our of school?
<Jinjo> june 17th
[Thu May 23 17:18:17 MDT 2002] Magma Mario: sorry i was d/c
<Cries Rain> class of 2002 ownz
<Mega Man Juno> Pretty fast recovery for a disconnection
<Jinjo> it wuz supposed to be the 14th, but since we had memorial day off ( which we never do)
    we need to attend the monday after the weekend
<Cries Rain> i never knew the senior cheer though
> Well it goes:
> "S S S E N, I I I O R!  S E N!  I O R!  Seniors rule!
<Jinjo> lol
<Cries Rain> that sounds sorta confusing
<Jinjo> One more thing about the whole cute vs. scary video game thing
<Magma Mario> that was scary
<Cries Rain> what
<Jinjo> people think that cute games are happy, i dont think they are. they have deep stories and
    alot of plot. know what i mean?
<Magma Mario> what was at e3? i haven't heard anything about it
> Yesh
<Mega Man Juno> Yep
<Cries Rain> x7 was at e3
<Mega Man Juno> I enjoy a game with a plot
> Amen Brothuh
<Magma Mario> i enjoy a game with bowser
<Mega Man Juno> Nonviolent game: You need to do this because of this
<Cries Rain> i enjoy a game with marshmallows
<Mega Man Juno> Violent game" You need to kill this for no apparent reason
> lmao yeah to both of you
<Mega Man Juno> :*
<Magma Mario> malllow is in smrpg, he's not a marshmallow, but he is a cloud!
<Mega Man Juno> Yep
<Cries Rain> marshmallow game: you need to eat this because its good
<Mega Man Juno> Like Huff N. Puff
    (GCN) New kirby cartoon announced, STARFOX ADVENTURES (GCN and more
<Cries Rain> and fluffy
> THat was sussen
> *sudden
> Well it looks like just the 5 of us!
<Magma Mario> what station will the k cartoon come on?
<Cries Rain> is burger dude returning?
<Jinjo> fox kids
> Some cable channel
> I think I don't know
> And that too
<Jinjo> no fox kida i know for sure!
<Mega Man Juno> I'd invite Tsuna, but I'm afraid of what might happen
<Jinjo> kids*
<Magma Mario> don't!
<Cries Rain> whos tsuna
<Magma Mario> last time he ruined the entire vchat!
> Well if you want
<Mega Man Juno> She'll probably invite Hanmyo and then all will turn to chaos
<Mega Man Juno> She'll probably invite Hanmyo and then all will turn to chaos
<Mega Man Juno> No, I don't
<Mega Man Juno> Too risky
> And never will I invite X Co nor Wiggy again
<Jinjo> oooo oooooo !!!!!!!!! i want a chao fruit!
<Cries Rain> those 2 were jerks
<Mega Man Juno> chaos emerald
<Magma Mario> no you don't!
> Ha, don't get me started
<Jinjo> SHADOW!!!!!!!
<Magma Mario> you want a dark fruit!\
<Jinjo> no i wanna be a hero chao!
<Cries Rain> im about ready to release my stored energy
<Magma Mario> , oh ,than i'll buy you a pumpkin head to put on.
<Jinjo> chaos control!
<Jinjo> thats a pretty good game
<Cries Rain> you raise chaos
<Cries Rain> im going to raise chaos
<Jinjo> mine's name is chap, and its white
> Just keep it to a bare minimin Shon
> Whoops
<Magma Mario> i loved it
<Magma Mario> i was gona save up and buy it but i decided to save for mario sunshine instead
> *miniumsum
> *minumusn
> *minimuj
<Mega Man Juno> Celestial Stone: That which creates and was created by chaos!
> Forge tit..
<Jinjo> thats coming august 2002!
> fI can't type anymore
<Jinjo> the wait is almost over!
<Jinjo> and the new zelda looks cool
<Mega Man Juno> Woah, might want to edit that type-o out of the log
<Cries Rain> im the cheesecoatedmuffinflavoredmellowmallowman! also known as the dashing
    red reploid! weeeee!
<Magma Mario> i thought the new zelda looked wierd and dorky
<Jinjo> it'll be good, trust me
> Remember when you tried to eat peopel at the last chat, Shon?
<Jinjo> the new look isnt bad when you place it
<Cries Rain> they all smelled like marshmallows and i had a big craving
<Cries Rain> nice and soft and fluffy
<Mega Man Juno> Sean doesn't eat people. Cell eats people
<Magma Mario> poor toad!
<Cries Rain> like a cloud
<Magma Mario> toad makes me mad
<Mega Man Juno> Absords people, if you will
<Jinjo> mama mia!
<Mega Man Juno> absorbs*
<Cries Rain> i absorb people
<Cries Rain> i almost ate burger dude
<Jinjo> so does... umm..... spongebob!
<Cries Rain> no wonder he doesnt want to come back
> That was jilarious
<Magma Mario> i sent him the last two chapters of mario is dead a long time ago and he still
    hasn't put them up\
<Cries Rain> jilarious?
> That would be my fault Cody
<Jinjo> mario isnt dead?!!
> I also have some explaining to do about thsoe fan fics so here goes:
<Jinjo> by the way KINOPIAN your mario site is terrible!!!!!!!!
<Jinjo> just kidding
> That was the site where arll the fanfics were stored
> And now they're making me pay just to sue it
<Jinjo> its one of the best ive ever seen
<Mega Man Juno> Losers
> So now I can't store my fanfics on there anymore
<Magma Mario> oh
<Magma Mario> darn!
<Mega Man Juno> Just make them all html files of their own
<Magma Mario> and i have gotten so many fan mails wanting me to finish the story...
> I think all the old ones are lost though
> Anyone want to folunteer to write The Glitch?
<Mega Man Juno> I have Boo and the Seven Stars stored on my filing cabinet and my hard drive
<Cries Rain> whats the glitch?
<Jinjo> im too dumb
<Mega Man Juno> Bob isn't doing it anymore?
> No, he said he quit
<Cries Rain> what is it
<Mega Man Juno> Agh! The scent of bleach is choking me!!
> You ever seen The Mole, Shon?
<Cries Rain> no
> How about Survivor?
<Mega Man Juno> My mom just cleaned the bathroom next to this room
<Magma Mario> me!!!
<Cries Rain> no. i dont watch reality tv
<Magma Mario> i want to do it!
<Magma Mario> i'll do survivor too!
> Well it's sort of a parody off The Mole, only with video game characters
<Magma Mario> i want to do it! pick me!
<Cries Rain> oh. cool
> Okay Cody you can do it
<Magma Mario> ( holds up a neon sign says (glitch and survivor writer here)\
<Mega Man Juno> :::Getting dizzy::: I hate the scent of bleach!!
<Jinjo> lol
<Cries Rain> im high on marshmallows weeeeee!
<Magma Mario> i have to go eat now, c u in a couple of minutes
<Jinjo> did you eat kirby?
> Okay Cody TTYL
<Mega Man Juno> Don't mock me! I'm getting killed over here!
<Cries Rain> is kirby a marshmallow
<Jinjo> im not sure
<Mega Man Juno> Well not killed, but you get the picture
<Jinjo> i used to think he was
<Jinjo> then i thought he was a balloon
> No he's a round cosmetic wedge!
<Mega Man Juno> Kirby is Kirby
<Jinjo> then a.... i dont know now
<Jinjo> brb
<Mega Man Juno> Oh, my head...
<Cries Rain> why are you smelling bleach
<Mega Man Juno> Can't breathe...
<Mega Man Juno> Because my mom cleaned out the bathroom
<Mega Man Juno> I might have to step out...
<Cries Rain> oh
<Cries Rain> dont let it get to your head
<Jinjo> if ne1 wants to read about the kirby show, go here
<Jinjo> hang on
<Mega Man Juno> Save me!!
<Mega Man Juno> I don't wanna leave!!
<Cries Rain> get a gas mask
<Jinjo> its not working!
<Jinjo> sorry
<Mega Man Juno> Systems malfunction...
<Jinjo> ne1 here?
<Mega Man Juno> Yes, but I'm barely holding on
<Jinjo> lol
<Cries Rain> i took too many marshmallows
<Mega Man Juno> You insult me, sir...
<Jinjo> kinopian, you here?
[Thu May 23 17:37:14 MDT 2002] DragonChris: I'm the owner of Game and Watch Gallery. Send
    me SSBM Stuff!
<DragonChris> Hi guys
<Mega Man Juno> Hello there
<Cries Rain> hey dragonchris
<Jinjo> im the owner of kirby's bubbly clouds. send me nothing!
<Mega Man Juno> I'm getting killed by the scent of bleach
<DragonChris> Cries Rain? Megaman Juno, Who you guys?
<Mega Man Juno> I'm known to you as Shiro
<Jinjo> im a jinjo
<Mega Man Juno> Just on a different name right now
<Cries Rain> just call me smddr
> Sorry about that
<DragonChris> Ahhhhh..........Hey Shiro, I know you Jinjo, and Smddr, hello.
<Jinjo> welcome back!
> Hey Chris, glad you could make it!
<Mega Man Juno> I can;t take much more of this!!!
<Cries Rain> hey
<Mega Man Juno> can't
<DragonChris> Hi Lena
> What's going on MIke?
<Mega Man Juno> The bleach problem, if you recall
> Oh is that all strong and stuff?
<Mega Man Juno> Yes!
<Jinjo> i cant stay on the chat teh whold tiem. remember, im 2 hours ahead of you guys and i
    have stuff to do. so maybe 15 minutes more
<Mega Man Juno> The bathroom is right next to this one
<DragonChris> anyone got any junk about Super Smash Bros. Melee, or the game and watch
    gallery GBC game?
<Mega Man Juno> I can't breathe!!! Aaaaaaaaagh!!!
> I'm sorry,
<Jinjo> mr. game and watch rules!
<Cries Rain> if you need to step out mike this chat might go on forever. dont go killing yourself.
<DragonChris> ughh.......
<Jinjo> and a new game and watch gallery 4 is coming out for gba!
<DragonChris> ?Game and Watch Gallery 4? Where's the source for that news?
<Mega Man Juno> Yeah, but if I leave then I won't be coming back...
<Jinjo> E3!
<Cries Rain> why
<Mega Man Juno> Because the smell isn't going to go away for a while
<Cries Rain> just give your lungs a break though
<Mega Man Juno> The bathroom out there is being cleaned as I speak
<Mega Man Juno> Then Ryan will take over
<Mega Man Juno> And I'll never be able to libertae the computer
<Mega Man Juno> liberate*
<Jinjo> you can ride yoshi in super mario sunshine. yay!
<DragonChris> What's the site Jinjo? Any sites?
<Cries Rain> why does he have authority over you?
> You can?
<Jinjo> nintendo .com!
> Awesome!
<Jinjo> yup
<Mega Man Juno> Because he doesn't listen to me and I'll get in trouble if I try to remove him...
<Jinjo> everyone go to, and you'll find where im getting all this stuff
<Mega Man Juno> Woah, who just left?
<Cries Rain> i guess youll just suffer with us
<Cries Rain> cody
<Jinjo> you'll see movies, pictures and descriptions
<Mega Man Juno> I saw a name go off, but I didn't see who it was
<Mega Man Juno> Ah
<DragonChris> brb
<DragonChris> Who left?
> Cody got d/c I guess
<Cries Rain> yeah
<Cries Rain> the gnomes got him
[Thu May 23 17:43:38 MDT 2002] Magma Mario has no profile.
<Magma Mario> i hate cs
> Well I suppose once you're gone, the gnomes won't be bothering you anymore, Shon?
<Mega Man Juno> They might follow him
<Cries Rain> if one could see it in that light. yes.
<Mega Man Juno> I better not wake up poisoned tomorrow
<Jinjo> you'll be fine
<DragonChris> Anyone know where the heck I can get Game and Watch Gallery 1,2, or 3
<Magma Mario> i heard that once gnoimes spot someone, they follow them for an eternity
<Mega Man Juno> Nope
<Jinjo> they're old school , brutha!
<Cries Rain> whered you hear that cody
<Jinjo> keep up with da times, man!
> Maybe THMK?
<Jinjo> j/k
> *
<Jinjo> whats everyone's favorite mario bad guy?
<DragonChris> O
> Anyone remember Matthew Chapman?
<DragonChris> K
<DragonChris> I
> The webmaster of SMBCentral?
<DragonChris> will
<DragonChris> check
<DragonChris> Nope
<Mega Man Juno> Ack...Mayday
<Mega Man Juno> SOS
> He just disappeared, and he had a treasure trove of Mario stuff! He's the one that bave me the
    Excite Bike sprites
> God knows where he gets this stuff!
<Jinjo> i personally like shy guys!
<Mega Man Juno> Shy Guys rock!
> The same characters that Bob used
> Oh great!!!
<Magma Mario> oh no! last time king boo showed his face, it was chaos!
> King Boo!
<Mega Man Juno> :::Hits the floor with a thud as hoverjet gives out:::
<King Boo> KA HA HA HA!
<Jinjo> stand your positions!
<DragonChris> Hey Lena, Gimme some Game and Watch Gallery Stuff pease?
<DragonChris> Shoot!
<DragonChris> Is he bad?
<Jinjo> as bad as the real King Boo
<DragonChris> ::Walks up to King Boo::
<Magma Mario> dragon, gawatch gallery 2 and 3 can stil be found at wal-mart here
<King Boo> i am the real king boo
> The chat reset...
> Darnation
<DragonChris> ::Touchs the boo::
<Jinjo> what color is your tounge>
> Oh I don't have any GAW stuff, Crhis, sorry
<King Boo> blue
<DragonChris> ok
<Jinjo> he is the real one!
<DragonChris> Oh no.....
<DragonChris> Don't Hurt me, Wait. Shiro, I wish Frog were here.
<King Boo> wheres that infernal bowser
<DragonChris> You know.....
<Jinjo> king boo duznt know bowser
<King Boo> show me to bowser and i wont hurt a hair on your head
<DragonChris> I'll get him, He'll fight for me!
> What was that?
> Oh Chris left
[Thu May 23 17:50:41 MDT 2002] Bowser has no profile.
<King Boo> bowser! i need your soul!
<Bowser> Bwa Ha Ha! I've come to take over this chat!
[Thu May 23 17:51:04 MDT 2002] King Bowser: Roar! I'm a Bowser, Where's King Boo? You owe
    me $500 bucks! Kidding
<King Bowser> Mwahahahaha!
<Jinjo> he didnt really steal bower's body, it was a suit!
<King Bowser> I am King Bowser!
<King Boo> you owe me your soul
<Bowser> hey oi'm bowser!
<King Boo> ill have both of your souls then ka ha ha ha!
<Bowser> ogh no, your not possessing anything this time king boo!
<King Bowser> No you Arent, ::Breathes a superior fire skill at "Bowser"::
<King Bowser> ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Jinjo> i dont mean to be mean, but bowser's a jerk to mario!
<Bowser> :uses a superior bowser crush::
<King Boo> im without peach if i dont have a body
<King Bowser> AGHHHHHHH
> What do you mean w/o Peach?
<Bowser> hey, i thought jean told you what's what!
<King Boo> peace. my bad.
<King Bowser> ::Jumps and Beats the crap out of "Bowser"::
> Oh lol that actually made sense with the typo lol
<Bowser> "chomps off king bowser's horns.
<King Boo> youre right
<Jinjo> lol
<King Boo> that was funny
<Mega Man Juno> zvdff
<King Bowser> Arghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!  ::Calls the Star Rod and Destroys Bowser::
<King Bowser> MWahahahahahahabhahahahashahahahahjahaha!
<Bowser> mwa ha ha! you can't kil me!
<King Boo> i need someones soul
<King Bowser> Notice my sound effects in my laugh!
<King Bowser> King Boo, Destroy Bowser!
<King Boo> megaman juno you look like someone who could help a poor boo
<King Bowser> I'll give you 5000 Bucks!
<Jinjo> help me!!!!!!
<King Boo> you dont have a soul do you?
<King Boo> ill destroy both of you!
<Jinjo> no one is nice enough to save a poor little jinjo from the fight!
<King Bowser> No!
<King Bowser> Roar!
<Bowser> i'm the real bowser!
<King Bowser> ::Slashes "Bowser", Revelaing it's FAKE!::
<King Bowser> *he's
<King Bowser> not it's
<Jinjo> bowser is fake?!?!?!?!
<Jinjo> i cant believe it
> Where's Luigi when you need him?
> And Maro/
<Jinjo> well yes i can
<Jinjo> lol
<Bowser> only the real genuine bowser would be able to use bowser crush!
<King Bowser> He is. I'm just the soul, With special powers. Becuase BOWSER IS DEAD!
<Jinjo> HA! LENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> What?
<King Bowser> ::Uses Bowser Crush XL on "Bowser"::
<Mega Man Juno> Systems recalibrated...unit Mega Man Juno, bureaucratic model: third class.
    Operating number 8677. Normal functions will be resumed in 100 seconds
<Bowser> i'm not dead!!!
<Jinjo> luigi's mansion worked! it was to make fans like luigi! and instead of saying mario first,
    you sed LUIGI!!!!
<Jinjo> it worked!
<King Boo> >possesses both bowsers<
<King Bowser> There was a funeral for Bowser!
<King Boo> go forth and destroy mario and luigi!
<King Bowser> Boo, Your Pathetic!
<King Boo> go forth and destroy the world
<King Bowser> I'm a ghost also!
<Bowser> oh no! you werewn't at the funeral were you!
<King Bowser> Because Bowser is Dead.
<Bowser> mwa ha ha!
<King Boo> i brought him back to life
<Jinjo> im glad to see people like luigi again
<Bowser> i was restored at the funeral.
<King Bowser> I AM DEAD! That isn't Bowser!
<King Boo> he was reincarnated
<King Bowser> Then who am I? ::Floats toward Bowser, and Does Bowser Crush XL::
<Jinjo> i need to go
<Jinjo> have fun and king boo keep behaving!
<King Bowser> I will be back. Lena! Destroy him!
<King Boo> ill behave..
<King Bowser> The fake Bowser!
<King Boo> as long as i have enough souls
<Jinjo> and thank you lena for enviting me to this. i appreciate it.
<Mega Man Juno> Ugh...
> N/p Jinj, glad you could come
<Mega Man Juno> Ooh, my head...
> I'm vack
<Bowser> ah.. it's my daughter.. jean!
[Thu May 23 18:01:36 MDT 2002] Zero: the dashing red reploid
<Bowser> where did king boo go?
<Zero> back to his chambers
<Bowser> oh, where were you jean?
> Playing SSBM
<Mega Man Juno> I need a change because of the music I'm playing
> What happened to everybody?
<Zero> is mike changing his identity again
[Thu May 23 18:04:02 MDT 2002] The Bonnes: Teisel, Tron, Bon, and a Servbot
<Zero> hey bonnes
> Didn't we fight Tron?
> At one piont?
<The Bonnes> Teisel: Well if it isn't Bowser Bonne Koopa!
<Zero> whos we
> Me, you, and X
<The Bonnes> Tron: In another story, yes
<Zero> oh
<Zero> yeah i remember
<Zero> she had the jewel
<Bowser> Oh I thought i'd never see you guys again!
<The Bonnes> Tron: Been a while, Bowser
<Bowser> mwa ha ha!
<The Bonnes> Bon: Babu!
<The Bonnes> Servbot: How
<Bowser> most defienetly
<The Bonnes> Servbot: How've you been, Master Bowser?
[Thu May 23 18:05:43 MDT 2002] Bigmouthkoopa: I'm a little koopa with a big mouth
> Hey bD!
<Zero> that you burger dude?
<Bowser> busy as ever, king boo keeps pestering me
<Zero> hey
<Bigmouthkoopa> hi
<Bigmouthkoopa> Yep
<Bigmouthkoopa> that's me
<Bigmouthkoopa> but don't tell my REAL screen name
> lol, well BD, Bowser is Cody, I'm Kinopian, Zero is Shon, and The Bonnes is Mike
> Okay
<Bigmouthkoopa> are there any outsiders?
<Zero> hows it goin burger
<Bigmouthkoopa> nm
<Bigmouthkoopa> er
> What do you mean oustiders?
<Bigmouthkoopa> good
<Zero> im an outsider
<Bigmouthkoopa> people that haven't been before or not very common site visitors?
<The Bonnes> Teisel: Everybody here is someone you know besides Zero over there
> Oh, no not really
<The Bonnes> Tron: Scratch that, Teisel. Doesn't he known Zero?
<Bigmouthkoopa> I know Zero
<The Bonnes> Teisel: Ah, yes. I remember
<Bigmouthkoopa> ?
<Bigmouthkoopa> Teisel?
<The Bonnes> Servbot: It must be the bleach fumes, Master Teisel
<Zero> do robots get high off of bleach?
<Bigmouthkoopa> no
<Zero> that doesnt make much sense to me
<Bigmouthkoopa> They have no brain cells to fry
> Well there is a debate going on on whether they are robots are not
> *or not are
<Bigmouthkoopa> What?
<Zero> i thought they were robots
<Bigmouthkoopa> Ohhh who's a robot?
<Zero> i never played megaman legends
<Bigmouthkoopa> Yoshi is in SMBS!
> Yean neither have I
<The Bonnes> Teisel: Well if I knew, I'd tell you. There's a lot of contraversy
> Yean and you can ride him too!
<The Bonnes> Bon: Babu...
<Bigmouthkoopa> I saw a picture in my new NP magazine where mario was riding Yoshi in
    Super Mairo Sunshine
> Why do I keep saying yean?
<Bowser> When can u ride Yoshi?
> I don't know, it's just something Jinjo had told us
<Bigmouthkoopa> I'm not sure
<Bigmouthkoopa> It came in the mail today
<Bigmouthkoopa> I hope they don't change the game
<Bigmouthkoopa> I like Yoshi
<Bowser> yoshi is cute until he started throwing eggs
> lol
<Bowser> you like yoshi big mouth! it's off to the dungeon for you! i told you that mario and his
    friends are all your enemies!
<The Bonnes> Teisel: Sounds harsh
<Bigmouthkoopa> NO! King Dad, your horns must be growing into your brains! You never said
<Bowser> ok, what did I say?
<Bigmouthkoopa> uh
<Bigmouthkoopa> I don't...
<Bigmouthkoopa> know
<Bigmouthkoopa> :)
<Bigmouthkoopa> gtg eat
<Bigmouthkoopa> C ya'll later
<Bigmouthkoopa> BYE SEAN!
<Bigmouthkoopa> NICE MEETING YOU!
<Bowser> bring me back a mario brothers burger
<Zero> bye burger dude
<Zero> same to you
<Bigmouthkoopa> GOOD LUCK AT COLLEGE!
<Zero> thanks
<Zero> and may you have a good prosperous life
<The Bonnes> Servbot: We could arrange that, Master Bowser
> Happy eating
<The Bonnes> Tron: It'll be easy to track them from the Gescellshaft!
<The Bonnes> Servbot: Where is everybody?
<Zero> sorry
<Zero> im here
<The Bonnes> Teisel: And the rest are idle. The silence is too eerie
> THis chat is getting idle
> Maybe we should end it