Encyclopedia Mushroomica

This book documents everything in the Mario universe. It is always a work in progress.


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DK = Donkey Kong
SMB = Super Mario Bros.
SMB2 = Super Mario Bros. 2
SMB3 = Super Mario Bros. 3
SMW = Super Mario World
YC = Yoshi's Cookie
YSf = Yoshi's Safari
SMAS = Super Mario All-Stars
YI = Yoshi's Island
YS = Yoshi's Story
MParty = Mario Party
MParty2 = Mario Party 2
SM64 = Super Mario 64
SMBD = Super Mario Bros. Deluxe
MIM = Mario is Missing!
MTM = Mario's Time Machine
SMRPG = Super Mario RPG
SMRPG2 = Super Mario RPG 2
SML1,2,+3 = Super Mario Land 1,2,+3
SMK = Super Mario Kart
MK64 = Mario Kart 64
SSB = Super Smash Bros.
MT = Mario Tennis
MG = Mario Golf
SMB2J = Super Mario Bros. 2 Japan (Lost Levels on SMAS)

Special thanks to: MCHAPMAN2000 for the Blooper pic!
Nick for info on some SMRPG characters!