Game List

Here is a list of all Mario games, including cameo appearances. This section is done a little differently though since the games are arranged in chronological order instead of alphabetical. I thought it made more sense and would be easier.

Donkey Kong (1981) Main Character: Mario Arch Enemy: Donkey Kong Objective: To climb buildings and free Pauline while Donkey Kong throws things down at you.

Donkey Kong Jr. (19) Main Character: Donkey Kong Jr. Arch Enemy: Mario Objective: To climb and swing through stages in order to free Donkey Kong from Mario's clutches while he's throwing things down at you.

Mario Bros. (19) Main Characters: Mario and Luigi Arch Enemies: Koopa Troopas, Flies, and Crabs Objectives: Defeat all the enemies coming out of the pipes, collect all the coins on the screen.