Here are songs from Mario games that you can download here. The songs are organized by game, and they generally follow the order that you hear them in the game. You are welcome to use any of these on your site, but please give credit to us!

Mario Party 2
Mario Party 3
Paper Mario
Super Mario 64

Mario Party 2

Title Description Link
Story Introduction Download
Pirate Land Pirate Land Download

Mario Party 3

Title Description Link
Chilly Waters Chilly Waters Download
Deep Bloober Sea Deep Bloober Sea Download
Spiny Desert Spiny Desert Download
Woody Woods Woody Woods Download
Creepy Cavern Creepy Cavern Download
Waluigi's Island Waluigi's Island Download
Good Luck! Duel Map 1 Download
The Winner is...Me! (1) Duel Map 2 Download
The Winner is...Me! (2) Duel Map 3 Download
Fighting Spirit Minigame Theme (Vine with Me, Coconut Conk, etc.) Download
Got it? Minigame Theme (Curtain Call, Three Door Monty, etc.) Download
Let's Get a Move On Minigame Theme (Water Whirled, Ridiculous Relay, etc.) Download
Looking Ahead Minigame Theme (Awful Tower, Parasol Plummet, etc.) Download
On your Toes Minigame Theme (Storm Chasers, Slap Down, etc.) Download
Staff Credits Credits Download

Paper Mario

Title Description Link
Jungle Sounds Jade Jungle ambience Download
Lava Piranha Lava Piranha Battle (Round 1) Download
Lava Piranha Returns Lava Piranha Battle (Round 2) Download
Sad Sun Tower Sun Tower (before Huff Puff Machine destroyed) Download
Crystal King Crystal King Battle Download
Bowser's Castle Bowser's Castle (all 4 parts) Download

Super Mario 64

Title Description Link
Super Mario 64 Main Theme Overworld (Bob-omb's Battlefield, Whomp's Fortress, etc.) Download
Water Water (Jolly Roger Bay, Dire, Dire Docks, etc.) (all 3 parts) Download
Cave Dungeon Underground (Hazy Maze Cave, Metal Cave, etc.) Download
Staff Roll Credits and The End Download