Chat Transcript- Saturday, May 26, 2001

Well, we had our very first scheduled chat on 5/26/01, and it was a success!  The chat lasted for a little over an hour!  Thanks to everyone who participated in our first scheduled chat ever!  Here's a verbatim transcript of the chat session (The one with no name next to it is me):

> Hello there!
<qeomash> Hey purple!
> It's nice to see you've made it to chat!
<qeomash> Yeah...It seems nobody else is here, though. ;-)
> Oh well.  We can have fun anyway
> There should be at the most 6 more people coming in in the next few
> Or should I say the least
<qeomash> According to my clock, they still have a minute.
<qeomash> I've been curious about something...Where do you live?
> I live in New Mexico.
> What about you?
<qeomash> Huh..New mexico?  And you run on Mountain Time?
<qeomash> Anyway, I live in Idaho.
> Yup.
> Mountain time too right?
<qeomash> Yup.
<qeomash> BTW, do you have a way to make Windows format Fonts?
> I sure don't.  Sorry
> What kind of font are you making?
<qeomash> Humm...I need to convert that SMRPG font I've got on my
   site to Windows. Right now it's only mac.
> I have no clue.  I could probably help out.  
[Sat May 26 19:00:44 MDT 2001] KoopasKingdom has no profile.
<KoopasKingdom> wassup
<qeomash> I found a site that has both...I've ....hey!  New guy!
> You could send me the fonts and I could make them. The problem is I
   don't know how to convert the picture files into font
> Hey Nick, or is it Nate?  Or is it BOTH!
<KoopasKingdom> Nick
<qeomash> Nick!  Nice to meet ya!
<KoopasKingdom> whats up geomash
> Hi, Nick
<KoopasKingdom> hey
<qeomash> Nuttin much, Nick.
<KoopasKingdom> oh i c
<KoopasKingdom> what you talkin about?
<qeomash> BTW, Nick, where do you live in this great world?
> Oh, just font fallacies
<KoopasKingdom> SD
<KoopasKingdom> why?
<qeomash> South Dakota?
<KoopasKingdom> yep
<KoopasKingdom> the lame state, lol
> Oh, BTW, Nick, Kamek said that he's coming in here later on. Isn't that
> J/K :)
<KoopasKingdom> oh my gosh
<KoopasKingdom> are you serius
<KoopasKingdom> j.k
<qeomash> Hum...I'd call one of my friends if I didn't have to be in the
   Internet right now...
<KoopasKingdom> hey let me get someone
<qeomash> Nick, you wouldn't get happen to know how to make
   Windows fonts, would ya?
> I'm not the reason I'm keeping you from calling your friend am I?? j/k
> ~k~
<qeomash> This is the reason...yes....
<qeomash> Also, my friend had some relative over right now.
> Sorry, if you want to leave early, you can. It's not like I'm holding you
   prisoner or anything.
<qeomash> Kay...I'll be back later...maybe afew minutes.
<qeomash> Bye.
> Boy he left in a flash
> How did the chat go last night Nick?
<KoopasKingdom> lol
<KoopasKingdom> i wasnt even on
<KoopasKingdom> lol
<KoopasKingdom> There should be a few more coming in here
> lol, so people just chatted w/o you then?
<KoopasKingdom> i told like 3 people to come
> Coolage, thanx.
<KoopasKingdom> hmm i wonder if anyone came
<KoopasKingdom> lol
<KoopasKingdom> brb
> ~k~
<KoopasKingdom> going to get a soda
<KoopasKingdom> my friends dinko and Jasmin are coming
> Okay, cool. Dinko is the webmaster of that one site with free stuff on it
> Called Dinko's Page?
<KoopasKingdom> yup that would be him
> Oh alright, that's cool.
<KoopasKingdom> and jasmin is a boy it;s sounds like a girls name. lol
> Oh really?  I didn't know that before... lol
<KoopasKingdom> you really say it yasmin
> Seriously, I thought Jasmin was a girl. I have two friends named
   Jasmine, and they're girls
> That would explain it.
<KoopasKingdom> like with a Y
> That sounds so exotic.
<KoopasKingdom> yeah
<KoopasKingdom> brb
> alright
<KoopasKingdom> smrfilly7 is saying the chat is taking a long time to
<KoopasKingdom> it took me, what, one sec
> Yeah, it's all java.
[Sat May 26 19:13:18 MDT 2001] Dinko: or is my website!
> I hate java, but it's hard to get a decent chat room that ISN'T java!
<KoopasKingdom> WHATS UP!
> Hey there Dinko!
<Dinko>    what up nick
<Dinko>     and nate
<Dinko>    what's up lena
<KoopasKingdom> whats chillen
<KoopasKingdom> brb
<Dinko>   having a bud
<Dinko>   true true
<KoopasKingdom> lol
<Dinko>    j/k
> Welcome to my realm
<KoopasKingdom> lol
<KoopasKingdom> yo Lena
<Dinko> hey lena I thought if you could link me please
[Sat May 26 19:14:22 MDT 2001] wassup: wassup
<wassup> waaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssuuuuuuuuuupppppppppppppp
<KoopasKingdom> yo
> I did link you.  In my links section, I'm sure I did
> Wassup, wassup!
<KoopasKingdom> wasssup wassup
<Dinko>  did you put my button on?
<KoopasKingdom> wassup are you jasmion
<Dinko>   jasmin*
> No I sure didn't, but I'll do that now that you tell me. You want it under
   affiliates right?
<KoopasKingdom> is that you man
<wassup> no im
<wassup> ya man
> So wassup with your life, wassup?
> lol
<wassup> notin
<wassup> oh by the way
<wassup> waaaaaaasssssssuuuuuuuuuuppppppppppppp
<KoopasKingdom> yeah
<KoopasKingdom> what
> I have an important message for you Wassup.......
> waaaaaaaaassssssssuuuuuuuuuuppppppppp!!!!!!!
<wassup> lol
<Dinko>    i'm not sure nick nate
<KoopasKingdom> Smrfilly cant get in
<KoopasKingdom> lena
> What's wrong?
<KoopasKingdom> you might want to instant message here
<KoopasKingdom> her
> Hey Dinko, that's what you want right?
> ~k~ then brb
<KoopasKingdom> she is ed's sister from the coolest stuff
<KoopasKingdom> shes coming
<KoopasKingdom> n/m
<KoopasKingdom> YO JASMIN
<KoopasKingdom> is that you buddie
<wassup> wasssupp
<KoopasKingdom> really
<KoopasKingdom> okay w
<Dinko>   I'm sorry lena, I was talking to someone
<wassup> ya
<KoopasKingdom> okay
<Dinko>   yes it is
[Sat May 26 19:18:22 MDT 2001] FM has no profile.
[Sat May 26 19:18:29 MDT 2001] FM has no profile.
<FM> Hey
<KoopasKingdom> who is fm
[Sat May 26 19:18:56 MDT 2001] FM has no profile.
<KoopasKingdom> beats the crap out of me
<KoopasKingdom> yo dinko
<FM> Whoops
> Are you sure that SMRFILLY is her screenname??
<KoopasKingdom> who are you
> Hi FM Welcome
<KoopasKingdom> smrfilly7
> Ahh, that would explain why, hold on
[Sat May 26 19:20:21 MDT 2001] Starfilly7: I'm Stephanie, 14, from
<FM> Hey
<Starfilly7> Hi
<KoopasKingdom> hi
> Hi, glad to see that it finally worked!
<KoopasKingdom> whats up
<wassup> wasssssup
<Starfilly7> lol
<KoopasKingdom> shut jasmin
<Starfilly7> not much
<KoopasKingdom> j/k
<wassup> k
> Well guys if someone you've never heard of before comes in the room
   it's because they're visitors from the site most likely
<FM> Yeah, like me
<Starfilly7> ok
<KoopasKingdom> Lena, dinko is coming back
<KoopasKingdom> just thought you mite want to knokw
> FM, is it your first time on MNM?
<FM> The chat? Yeah
<KoopasKingdom> it fire mario
> Ok, was wonderin where he went.
<FM> I visit the site a lot though]
<KoopasKingdom> right'
> Coolage
<KoopasKingdom> what happened not
<KoopasKingdom> not
<KoopasKingdom> ahhhh
> Hey, where did Starfilly go?
<KoopasKingdom> now
<KoopasKingdom> i dunno
<KoopasKingdom> brb
> Do you think I should add something to the site?
[Sat May 26 19:23:39 MDT 2001] dinko:  <-----go there!!!!
<KoopasKingdom> oh my gosh
<KoopasKingdom> what is happing to the peeps
> Maybe Bowser captured them??
> We'd better watch our backs. lol
<KoopasKingdom> lol
> Hey again Dinko
<KoopasKingdom> whats up dinko
<KoopasKingdom> back so soon
<KoopasKingdom> j/k
<KoopasKingdom> smrfilly accedently got out
<KoopasKingdom> Lena your out of school right?
<KoopasKingdom> oh yeah you are
<KoopasKingdom> i forgot
> Yups
[Sat May 26 19:25:52 MDT 2001] Starfilly7 has no profile.
<Starfilly7> Sorry.........I'm back
> That's okay, what happened?
[Sat May 26 19:26:29 MDT 2001] koopaskingdom has no profile.
<koopaskingdom> dinko
> What the?
<koopaskingdom> is restarting his comp
<koopaskingdom> dino is restarting is comp
> Oh that was weird, for a split second there were two koopaskingdom
<koopaskingdom> yeah i know
<koopaskingdom> i did that
<Starfilly7> I accidentally got out of this at the same time I was getting
   out of other stuff
> DJTestrake should be here any second now
<koopaskingdom> i tried to enter again
<koopaskingdom> lol!
<koopaskingdom> i dont know what i was doing
> Oh ok gosh that freaked me out
<koopaskingdom> im was just physco
> Eh?
<koopaskingdom> n/m
> Ok
<koopaskingdom> brb
<koopaskingdom> im going to find dinko kinco
<koopaskingdom> lol!
<koopaskingdom> kingko
> lol
> So what does everyone want to talk about?  Mario stuff of course
<Starfilly7> well..........
<Starfilly7> not exactly, hehe
> Well, that's okay if we talk about other stuff too.
> But since this is Mario chat...
<Starfilly7> lol
<koopaskingdom> goodie
<Starfilly7> then what am I doing here?
<koopaskingdom> dunno
> Did you happen to just float in here?
<koopaskingdom> lol
<Starfilly7> No............
<Starfilly7> not exactly...........
<koopaskingdom> that would be sweet
<koopaskingdom> j/k
> Ok, I'm assuming that you went to my site b/c you liked Mario
<koopaskingdom> yo lena
> Yeah?
<koopaskingdom> i just told her to come
<koopaskingdom> lol!
<koopaskingdom> dinko should be here any mintute
> Oh!
<Starfilly7> No, I dont' like Maris
<Starfilly7> Mario*
> What do you like?
<koopaskingdom> why?
<Starfilly7> I hate video games
<koopaskingdom> dont you like video games
<koopaskingdom> why
<koopaskingdom> whats so not cool about them?
<Starfilly7> I'm just here because I draw video game characters for sites
> People tend to get off subject in here very easily so I guess you won't
   have a problem
<Starfilly7> lol
<koopaskingdom> lol
<Starfilly7> that's ok
<Starfilly7> I'll just sit here and listen
<Starfilly7> read, whatever
<koopaskingdom> YAY!
<koopaskingdom> j/k
> Oh really? If you ever draw Mario stuff, feel free to submit it to me and
   Nick's sites!
<koopaskingdom> brb
> That would cool if this was voice chat, speaking of that
<koopaskingdom> and me nate
<koopaskingdom> lena just to let you know im nate
> Oh ok
> Hi Nate!
<koopaskingdom> nick left to go drink some pop because he was thirsty
   and just got done playing basketball
<Starfilly7> lol
<koopaskingdom> why you lauging
<koopaskingdom> oh i see
> brb
<koopaskingdom> you lena
<koopaskingdom> i added a really funny mario movie to my site
<koopaskingdom> you should check it out
> Really?  Did you make it yourself?
<koopaskingdom> no
[Sat May 26 19:35:55 MDT 2001] dinko: is my website, go
<dinko> finally
<dinko> I got in
> Is the chat room having connection probs?
<koopaskingdom> kinda
> Hmmm. Cuz DJtestrake can't get in
<koopaskingdom> HMMMMM
<koopaskingdom> i guess it helps if you have a cable
> I guess
<koopaskingdom> dinko did you have fun getting in
<koopaskingdom> or was it a bad connect
<koopaskingdom> im just kidding dinko
> Ahh, too many IMs!
<koopaskingdom> i know
<dinko>   yes I had fun
<koopaskingdom> i hate that
<dinko>   I do to lena
<koopaskingdom> it becomes very  annyoming
<dinko>  there is about 50 people iming me
<koopaskingdom> i know what you mean
<koopaskingdom> it is disturbing
<koopaskingdom> if you all know what i mean
> Yeah I know what you mean.  But not you Nate
<dinko>  lena did you see my site
<dinko>    do you like it
> I think I'm going to have to go check it out after this chat. There's way
   too much stuff going on to even take a break!
<dinko>    ok n/p
[Sat May 26 19:41:42 MDT 2001] Qeomash: Webmaster of SOTSS &
<Qeomash> I'm back!
> Hey, you're back!
<Qeomash> friend can't make it...but we did have a rather
   engrossing conversation...
> I'll also put your button link up, Dinko... If I remember that is
<Qeomash> Dinko?  Button?  Info!
> Engrossing huh?  
<dinko>    ok thanks
<dinko>  brb peps
> You just missed it.
> ~k~
> Dinko wanted me to affiliate with him
> Hey qeomash, is your site displaying properly on your browser,
   because on mine some of the text is meshing with other text.
<koopaskingdom> yo lena
<koopaskingdom> i forgot what i was going to say
> Yeah?
> I hate when that happens
> Happens to me I mean
<koopaskingdom> dang
<koopaskingdom> n/m
<koopaskingdom> <----------------------snap
<koopaskingdom> i got it
<koopaskingdom> someone else i coming
<koopaskingdom> *is
<koopaskingdom> im going to let nick go on
<koopaskingdom> so bye
<koopaskingdom> i might be back later
<koopaskingdom> bye all
> Ok, bye Nate!
<koopaskingdom> yup
[Sat May 26 19:47:23 MDT 2001] Qeomash: Webmaster of SOTSS
<Qeomash> There...back again.
<Qeomash> My computer had frozen for a moment, so I had to force
   quit it.
> Hey, there's 2 Qeomashes in here!
<Qeomash> Huh?  I've only got 1 displayed.\
<koopaskingdom> happends all the time
<koopaskingdom> so have I
<koopaskingdom> hi
> Weird.  Must be a glitch
<Qeomash> Purple, do you have one at the top and bottom of the list?
<Qeomash> hi
> No I have one right under the other one!
<koopaskingdom> Hey sup all its Nick!
<koopaskingdom> My bro was on.
> Hey Nick!
<dinko> yo nick, how long did it take you to load the mario movie to the
<koopaskingdom> hey
> Is your thirst all quenched/
<koopaskingdom> sup Lena
<Qeomash> Little Bro?
<koopaskingdom> I was to tired to type from playing basketball, lol
<koopaskingdom> oh ya
<koopaskingdom> my thirst is quenched
> O I C
<koopaskingdom> no big bro
<Qeomash> Starfilly?  You there?
> Wait I thought you guys were twins
<koopaskingdom> ya
<Qeomash> You were born first?
<koopaskingdom> heh
> Dinko do you have IM?
> AOL that is?
<dinko> yes
<Qeomash> I have MSN IM
<dinko>    yup
<koopaskingdom> ya his screen dinko2222
> Does it make a difference at all?
<dinko>  dinko2222
<dinko> dinko2222 is my aol sn
> I had MSN IM on my school computer
<koopaskingdom> good job dinko, by the way whats up
> OH ok. This guy named DJTestrake wants to chat. He can't get in here
   so he's just going to chat outside of here.
> So don't be surprised if he IMs you all AOL Imers
<koopaskingdom> kewl
<dinko> what do you mean nick
<koopaskingdom> heh
<koopaskingdom> n/m
<koopaskingdom> man
<koopaskingdom> So has everyone had a good summer so far
<koopaskingdom> /nick nick
[Sat May 26 19:53:00 MDT 2001] Qeomash: Webmaster of SOTSS
<koopaskingdom> oh i guess that doesnt work
<Qeomash> Now is there 3 Qeomashs?
<koopaskingdom> where you can swich your name
> Where the heave is that Kamek anyway? Has he magically
   disappaeared again?
<koopaskingdom> no not that i see
> Yeah!
<koopaskingdom> lol
> 3 of them!
<dinko> yo nick today at daytona beach they had these little bikes that
   you could ride around the whole place
<koopaskingdom> i cant see them
<koopaskingdom> kewl
<koopaskingdom> dinko
<dinko>     ya
<Qeomash> Wierd...I just hit the F1-12 keys.  Try that!
<koopaskingdom> Oh by the way Dinko went to school wit me then he
   moved to Florida
<dinko> <b>ya
<dinko> n/m
> Hello %0! Welcome to the chat room.
<koopaskingdom> Hello Hello! Welcome to the chat room.
> Hey %0, where are you from?
<Qeomash> <b>You trying HTMl in here</b>
<koopaskingdom> lol
> %0, are you male or female, and how old are you?
<koopaskingdom> Bravenet chat is the coolest chat on the Internet!
> Hey, I didn't know about those!
> I'm going to use the ignore feature to ignore %0.
> %0, are you an Internet Junkie like me?
<koopaskingdom> same here
<dinko>  yup
> Way to go %0!
<koopaskingdom> %0, are you male or female, and how old are you?
> %0, that's just hilarious! LOL
<dinko>  lol
<koopaskingdom> lol
> Hey! Is anyone listening to me?  :(
> Anyone got a good joke?
<koopaskingdom> I'm going to use the ignore feature to ignore %0.
> Sorry
<Qeomash> Who is %0?
<koopaskingdom> what the
> Having fun with the Function keys here
<koopaskingdom> thats wierd
<koopaskingdom> same here
<dinko>    %0 are 0 years old
<koopaskingdom> %0, are you an Internet Junkie like me?
> Well slaps people, around with a large trout.  Heh heh
<dinko>  lol
<koopaskingdom> Anyone got a good joke?
> What the heck press F11
<dinko>   j/k
<koopaskingdom> Well people, I have to run.  See you online! :)
<koopaskingdom> %0 slaps %1 around with a large trout.  Heh heh
<dinko>    nick the beep
<koopaskingdom> %0 slaps %1 around with a large trout.  Heh heh
<Qeomash> Bravenet chat is the coolest chat on the Internet!
> What does F11 mean???
<Qeomash> Not
<koopaskingdom> lol, hehe
> Bravenet chat is the coolest chat on the Internet!
<koopaskingdom> no kiding
<Qeomash> Function Eleven
<koopaskingdom> %0 slaps %1 around with a large trout.  Heh heh
<dinko> %0 slaps %1 around with a large trout.  Heh heh
<dinko>   cool
<dinko>    what the heck
<koopaskingdom> lol
<dinko> %0 slaps %1 around with a large trout.  Heh heh
<Qeomash> You're havin' too much fun, Koopa
<koopaskingdom> thats domb
<koopaskingdom> ya
<koopaskingdom> i know
<koopaskingdom> Well people, I have to run.  See you online! :)
<koopaskingdom> j/k
<dinko> hey nick
<koopaskingdom> %0 slaps %1 around with a large trout.  Heh heh
<koopaskingdom> that kills me
> Bravenet slaps chat around with a large trout.  Heh heh
<Qeomash> koopa, you gonnal drop me a message?
> No kidding!
<koopaskingdom> Way to go %0,!
<Qeomash> On affiliation?
<koopaskingdom> %0, that's just hilarious! LOL
<koopaskingdom> Hey! Is anyone listening to me?  :(
<koopaskingdom> Anyone got a good joke?
<koopaskingdom> Well people, I have to run.  See you online! :)
<koopaskingdom> sorry
<Qeomash> Quit that, Koopa!
> Geez I swear, that is just the weirdest and funniest thing
> The trout one I mean
<koopaskingdom> oh ya qeomash i em
<Qeomash> Whhat? F1
<Qeomash> Hello %0! Welcome to the chat room.
<koopaskingdom> Hello %0! Welcome to the chat room.
<Qeomash> ROFL
> That'll be our inside joke.  If i can remember it.
<koopaskingdom> about 10 mins dinko
<koopaskingdom> lol
<koopaskingdom> that a funny one
<Qeomash> I see we ingorig people.
<koopaskingdom> Hey! slaps Is around with a large trout.  Heh heh
<koopaskingdom> %0, that's just hilarious! LOL
<dinko>    with a cable? modem
<koopaskingdom> yep'
<dinko>     it's gonna take me days
<koopaskingdom> ya
<dinko>  yo is
<dinko> %0 in this room
> This whole chat is being recorded to be displayed ont he site you guys
   all know that right?
<Qeomash> Next time you schedule one of these meetings, Purple,
   make it on a Tuesday or Thrusday. (Or sunday.)
<Qeomash> I work other days.
> Alright, I 'll take note of that.
<dinko>   what
<koopaskingdom> what
<Qeomash> And who the heck is Starfilly.
<koopaskingdom> How do you record it
<Qeomash> record what?
<dinko> WHO THE HECK IS %0
> What everybody's saying in this chat session
<koopaskingdom> record how do you Lena i always wanted to know that
<Starfilly7> oops
<Starfilly7> sorry
<Starfilly7> Stephanie
> I just highlight the text and copying it
<Qeomash> Starfilly!  Where ya been?
<Starfilly7> I'm Stephanie
<koopaskingdom> you cant
> Bad use of verb tense there...
<Qeomash> Steph,where do you live?
> Starfilly are you bored? Because if you are, just say something we can
   all talk about
<koopaskingdom> You cant do that lena it doesnt work
<Qeomash> Favorite Video Game?
<Qeomash> Anyone?
> Just highlight the text and press Ctrl+C
> And then paste it
<koopaskingdom> oh da
<koopaskingdom> why didnt i think about that
> Uh, Super Mario Bros. 2!
<koopaskingdom> man im domb
<Qeomash> SMB2, too man!
<koopaskingdom> test drive 6 for dreamcast
> It took me quite a while to figure that out too
> So don't feel bad
<koopaskingdom> smb3
<koopaskingdom> is kewl
<Qeomash> SMB2!!!SMB2!!!SMB2!!!SMB2!!!SMB2!!!SMB2!!!SMB2!!!
<dinko>  NFL FEVER for the XBOX
<dinko>    never played it tough
<Qeomash> SMB2 is a game that always reminds me of summer.
<koopaskingdom> Hey im thinking of having a chat session at my place
   tommorrow so everyone come, since no one came yesterday
<dinko>   yo nick do you want those 4x4 2 pics
> Yeah, :::high fives Qemash:::
<koopaskingdom> sure
<dinko> no
> Sorry, I mean Qeomash
<dinko>    u guys
<dinko>   come to my chat
<Starfilly7> <starfilly7 oops, sorry, wasn't paying attention.........
<dinko> please
<Starfilly7> not too bored
<koopaskingdom> no dinko come to mine
<Starfilly7> I'm doin other stuff
<Starfilly7> I'm from Indiana
<koopaskingdom> tommorrow and everyone here is invided to come
<Qeomash> I spell it wrong sometimes too, Purple.  -Qeomas
<koopaskingdom> you can come too qeomash
<Qeomash> ;)
<Qeomash> I'll try...
<koopaskingdom> ok
<koopaskingdom> kewl
> What time?
<koopaskingdom> no
<koopaskingdom> like always
<Qeomash> kay...I added it a list of mine.
> At 6PM your time?
<koopaskingdom> 6:00 central
<Qeomash> What time?
<koopaskingdom> kewl
> ~k~
<dinko>   yo nick the mario movie thing is done
<koopaskingdom> ya
<dinko>   I'm happy
<Qeomash> 6PM what Time Zone?
<koopaskingdom> oh
<koopaskingdom> central
> That would be 5PM my time right? I'm a little chronologically
   challenged here
<koopaskingdom> Dinko its done
<Qeomash> 1 hour diffrent from MST?
<koopaskingdom> ya
<koopaskingdom> your right Lena
<Qeomash> Good, +1 hour right?  I don't get off till 6:00
<koopaskingdom> i have to leave in 15 mins
> SMB2 reminds you of summer?
<Qeomash> I need to wrap it up too.
<koopaskingdom> oh ok qeomash
<dinko>     yo lena
<Qeomash> Been tien' up the phone 25 min.
<dinko>   go to my site (
<koopaskingdom> ya it doesn kinda lena
> Ok, wow, that hour went by fast!
<dinko>    and click on Mario Wassup movie
<koopaskingdom> Dinko no one cares right now
<koopaskingdom> I got to go in 15 mins
> On your site too?
<koopaskingdom> what
<koopaskingdom> ya dinko make sure you thank me
<koopaskingdom> for it
<Qeomash> Nice site, diko.
(The room reset before I could copy the rest so it just skips to the following lines)
<koopaskingdom> jasmin that is
<Starfilly7> sure
<Qeomash> Purple...let me know when you decide on a meeting and I'll
   let people know on my site to gome join in.
<koopaskingdom> HEY EVERYONE
> Hey, the chat room reset!
> ..before I could copy the text!
> Grrr
<Starfilly7> how do you make your name come before what you type?
<koopaskingdom> no it didnt
<Starfilly7> I know, i'm ignorant
<Qeomash> I didn't to me.
<koopaskingdom> i will copy it for you Lena
<koopaskingdom> Its all still here
<koopaskingdom> for me
<Qeomash> What, Lena's copying everything we say?
<Qeomash> Plagurism!
<koopaskingdom> ya
<Qeomash> Playgurism!
<koopaskingdom> say what?
<koopaskingdom> HEY EVERYONE
<Qeomash> Playgurism: copying without permission
<Qeomash> OK, you have permission
> Thank you
<koopaskingdom> ya all kewl
> If it is illegal, then that would mean SM128C is committing crimes
<koopaskingdom> no problem
<Qeomash> Whoa!  It's after 8
<Qeomash> !!!!!!!!!!
<koopaskingdom> Hey everyone whats your fav game for gba
<koopaskingdom> ?
<koopaskingdom> ?
<Qeomash> GBA...SMA!
<koopaskingdom> kewl
<Qeomash> SMB2 modified.
<koopaskingdom> anyone eles
> Same here
<koopaskingdom> kewl
<koopaskingdom> mines MarioKart advance
<Qeomash> Wait...forgot metroid 4.
<koopaskingdom> thats sweet
<Qeomash> That might be pretty good.
<Qeomash> Anyone else love metroid?
<koopaskingdom> ?
<koopaskingdom> havent herd it
> I've never been a GB gamer
<Qeomash> Metroid is Super too.
<Qeomash> Not just GB
<koopaskingdom> not really me ethier
<Qeomash> NES too
<koopaskingdom> nes i had when i was i do beleave 6
<Qeomash> If you're looking for a real challange, play Metroid from
   NES! (Without Game Genie)
<koopaskingdom> super nes i should say
<Qeomash> How many games does everyone here own?
> NES and SNES are the best!
<koopaskingdom> like 15 to 20
<koopaskingdom> not counting pc
<koopaskingdom> games
<Qeomash> NES: 81  SNES: 20 some  N64: 11  GB: 5
<koopaskingdom> Lena
<koopaskingdom> wow!
<koopaskingdom> qeomash
<Qeomash> I loove to collect Nintendo Games
<Starfilly7> Well, I'll see you guys later
<koopaskingdom> Lena im going to go
> I stopped counting after 56 NES games
<Qeomash> Starfily! Koopa!   Nooooooo!
<Qeomash> Wow.  Gotta go!
<Qeomash> Bye!
> Bye Starfilly it was fun having you here!
<koopaskingdom> sorry i cant copy the whole thing after i leave you
   know but i will copy it now
> That's ok Nick I got it
<koopaskingdom> its 9:20 down here
> Your name is gone!
<koopaskingdom> what
<koopaskingdom> im here
> Yeah, but your name is'nt displayed that weird
<koopaskingdom> What you see it all again
<koopaskingdom> wow
<koopaskingdom> freaky
> You're a ghost! AAAAAH!
> J/k
<koopaskingdom> ahhhhh
<koopaskingdom> so i dont have to copy it?
> Did you get the missing part that I didn't get to copy
<Qeomas> We're the only ones again, purple.
<Qeomas> Koopa left.
> Well, I guess then I declare this a night
<Qeomas> Sounds OK to me.
<Qeomas> Post that transcript!
> Shall I email you when we have another scheduled chat again?
> Alright!
<Qeomas> Sure.
<Qeomas> Bye!  Good night!
> Do you have any suggestions though on how to make it easier to post
<Qeomas> Copy and paste, I guess.
> I mean without having to type <BR> after every single line?
<Qeomas> No, just get into a rythum of paste, move down line, paste....
<Qeomas> About how long is it anyway?
> Really long
> That's all how I can describe it
<Qeomas> Let's stop so you don't have anymore work.  Bye!
> Ok, thanx.  Bye!
> It's been fun