Chat Transcript- Sunday, December 30, 2001

This special chat was dedicated to Bowser's funeral, but it quickly turned into chaos after the opening speeches.

<Toad> I was almost late
<AntiGuy> Well, we've got about a good five minutes
> We still have time
> Well Toad, if Magma doesn't show up, I guess you can just make your speech right after me
<Toad> If I would have continued watching the movie I was watching I probably would have been
> What movie?
<Toad> Whole Nine Yards
> Coolage, is it good?
<Toad> I don't mean to be rude, but who exactly is Anti Guy?
<Toad> yes I like it
<Toad> I'm not familiar with him
<AntiGuy> You didn't get to the Toy Box in Paper Mario?
<Toad> I know who the character is, but who are YOU
> Anti Guy looks like a ShyGuy
<Toad> I know, I fought him
<Toad> and got the badge
<AntiGuy> Anyway, I'm not like the AntiGuy in the Toy Box though. He's a sissy
<Toad> are you Co-webmaster Mike?
<AntiGuy> The AntiGuys in Bowser's Castle are stronger
<AntiGuy> Nope
<Toad> who then?
> Where is Mike anyway
<Toad> someone I don't know?
<AntiGuy> I'm just passing through
> I guess the Boos were too scared to show up
<Toad> oh okay
> There will be guests soon
<AntiGuy> I've come to pay respects to Bowser as one of his followers
<Toad> yeah, they're whimps
<AntiGuy> You should read my profile
<Toad> just kidding
<Toad> what does it say?
<Toad> I didn't get here in time to read it
> click on his name
<Toad> very admirable
<Toad> is Kamek coming?
> Yes I believe so
> He'd better
<Toad> who exactly is expected to attend?
> He's my other bodyguard
<Toad> I am the information officer
<Toad> like all Toads
> Kamek, Magma, all the other Koopalings
<AntiGuy> Well, they're late
<Toad> what other Koopalings?
> And Hookbill
<AntiGuy> Anybody got a lemon drop?
> And Qeomash
<Toad> who are the other Koopalings?
> My sister and brother
> *brothers
> I think they're coming with Qeomash
<Toad> oh okay
<AntiGuy> I take that as a no...
<Toad> I don't have any, sorry
> No I am sorry
<AntiGuy> Oh well
<AntiGuy> I'll have to go out and get some after the funeral
<Toad> is a lemon drop what you use to get Anti Guy to get away from the treasure chest?
<AntiGuy> Which is already behind schedule
<AntiGuy> All Anti Guys love lemon drops
> Well it is 5PM now
> It is time to strat
> Shall we wait a little longer?
<AntiGuy> My clock says 5 after
> Or just start
<Toad> we should probably wait longer
> ~k~
> I'll give Magma 5 more mins.
<Toad> or else this will be a weak funeral
<Toad> I wonder if everyone's speechs will be the same
<Toad> be giving the same messages
<Toad> do you have a speech Antiguy?
<AntiGuy> Well, I'm just going to say a few words
<Toad> maybe we should just begin, when the unconsiderate, lethargic gentlemen arrive they
   can say their speeches when we are done
<Toad> and they will be shamed
> Okay well, Magma's here
> We just need to get him in this here chapel
<Toad> I meant inconsiderate not unconsiderate
<Toad> Magma's here?
> Yes
[Sun Dec 30 17:05:04 MST 2001] Magma Mario has no profile.
<Toad> Weee! Magma's in the chapel!
<Magma Mario> Sorry about me being late evryone.
<Toad> that's okay
> No problme
<Toad> you are earlier then the other gentlemen
> Well I guess we can start now
<Toad> who begins?
<Magma Mario> Did Jean already say her little speech?
<Toad> not yet
<Toad> we waited for you
> We are gathered here today
> To mourn the loss of evil King Bowser Koopa
> He was such an evil king
> Doing evil deeds
> As evil as can be!
> But he was taken away from us
> On a dark and stomry night
> When King Boo took possession of his dear rotten soul
> And tossed it aside, never to be seen again
> For those few moments
> Life was breathed into Bowser's body
> And he breathed the ever-glowing fire
> Until Luigi came along on that night
> And sucked the life out of Bowser again
> And destroyed King Boo
> I now present to you magma Mario
<Toad> 'sniffle' that was beautiful
> Who will give a eulogy for our beloved Bowser
<AntiGuy> Poor guy...
> :::steps down from podium:::
<Toad> I will if you'd like
<Toad> who's turn is it?
<Magma Mario> mINE
> Magma's
<Magma Mario> :: Step
<Magma Mario> :: Step's up to the podium*::
<Magma Mario> Bowser was evil indeed, but deep down inside, I believe he was good and had a
<Magma Mario> He had 8 buetiful kids, one who is here tonight.
> :::tears up::::
<Magma Mario> He treated them well, when nobody was around.
<Magma Mario> But yet, when Luigi and Professor E. Gadd trapped him in the painting and
   destroyed King Boo, it was the end for our beloved vileness.
[Sun Dec 30 17:12:20 MST 2001] Koopatrol: i'm bowser's guard
> Come sit down sit down!
<Koopatrol> sorry i'm late
<Toad> Magma's making a speech
> That's okay take a seat
<Magma Mario> All are welcome here.
<Toad> please continue Magma
<Magma Mario> Bowser acomplished many good things in life, like, finding courage to join
   leagues with Mario, even if it wasn't for himself.
<Magma Mario> Princess Peach Toadstool was in constant peril because of the one we mourn
   tonight. Yet, I , and I'm sure all of you, can't help but feel that Bowser was nice and gracious
   even with all his bad deeds.
<Magma Mario> But you shouldn't be too mad at Luigi, as he was only trying to save his brother,
   Mario, from being trapped in the dark walls of a painting for all eternity.
<Magma Mario> Bowser's life began a long time, being watched over by his gaurdian, Kamek.
<Magma Mario> Who I'm sad couldn't make it here tonight.
<Magma Mario> Kamek saw the future, of Bowser, and saw that it wasn't going to be good if the
   Mario Bros. weren't destroyed, yet, the two were babies at the time.
<Magma Mario> Kamek managed to catch Baby Luigi, but he missed Mario, who Yoshi took
   posession of.
<Magma Mario> And in the end, Yoshi defeated Baby Bowser, who's thoughts were jumbled. All
   he wanted to do was have a ride on top of yoshi, just so he could have fun.
<Magma Mario> Later in Bowser's life, he was furious, so he kidnapped Peach and took her to his
<Magma Mario> But Mario and Luigi, who were grown now, would not have it. They dumped
   Bowser in the lava and reclaimed Peach, but somehow,. Bowser's measly ammount of purity
   kept him alive.
<Magma Mario> Over the years, Bowser kidnapped Peach many times, and he also tried to
   destroy Yoshi's Island twice once Kamek told him what had happened in the earlier years.
<Magma Mario> After awhile, Bowser became interested in becoming popular, a star.
<Magma Mario> He thought the only way to do this was to steal stars, and thats' what he did.
<Magma Mario> But Mario spoiled his fun pnce again.
<Magma Mario> Bowser than reached deep down and pulled his goodness out of his heart.
<Magma Mario> He from than, enjoyed racing, golfing, and tennis playing with the Mario Crew.
<Magma Mario> But when Mario threw a party, and Bowser was not invited, Bowser's heart was
   flooded with blackness once again.
<Magma Mario> He would steel everyone's coins and stars, but, Toad, as pure as can be, would
   always manage to give them right back with his many services.
[Sun Dec 30 17:28:27 MST 2001] PhilTheExtraGuy has no profile.
<PhilTheExtraGuy> hi
<Magma Mario> Mario threw two parties, and Bowser was damaged all the time during the
   second one, but he decided top chase the Mario Crew down AND steal coins.
> Hello, sit down
<Magma Mario> Oh, I'm sorry.
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Who was Bowser?
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Not meaning to be rude
<PhilTheExtraGuy> I'm new
> Magma Mario is explaining his life
<PhilTheExtraGuy> ok
<Magma Mario> Well, you just missed nearly the whole euology.
<PhilTheExtraGuy> dang
<Magma Mario> But, you can view all this on Bowser's tomb later.
<PhilTheExtraGuy> ok
<Magma Mario> Popularity became important to Bowser once again, so he decided to steal the
   star spirits.
> You ever played any of the Mario games with Bowser in it, Phil?
<PhilTheExtraGuy> yes, many
<Magma Mario> However, Mario conquered his once again, and it would be the last battle with
   one of the Mario Bros. Bowser would face before his battle with Luigi, and also his death.
<Magma Mario> Big Boo was always one of Bowser's main troops.
<Magma Mario> But Bowser always felt that he was planiing something.
<Magma Mario> And Big Boo became King Boo and all the boo's resigned from Bowser's side
   and onto Big Boo's behind Bowser's back./
<Koopatrol> >achoo<
<Magma Mario> And Big Boo was mad at the Mario Bros., too, as they had beaten him many
   times as well, but not as many as Bowser.
<PhilTheExtraGuy> gazuntite
<Magma Mario> King Boo wanted revenge, but he knew that with Professor E. Gadd's help, he
   wouldn't stand a chance against them.
<Magma Mario> He needed reinforcements, so he turned all of E. Gadd's ghost paintings back
   into real spirits.
<Magma Mario> And he built a mansion right in front of Gadd's lab.
<PhilTheExtraGuy> 666
<PhilTheExtraGuy> sorry
<Magma Mario> He sent out an invitation to Luigi telling him he had won tha mansion in a contest
   Luigi hadn't even entered.
<Magma Mario> Luigi told Mario he woul meet him there that night.
<Magma Mario> But Luigi, who got lost on the way, could not find Mario at the mansion.
<Magma Mario> King Boo sent a ghost to take care of Luigi.
<Magma Mario> And E. Gadd was somewhere withing the mansion, giving King Boo an
   oppurtunity. He grabbed Mario and stuck him in E. Gadd's ghost portrificationer, which turned
   thigns into paintings
<Magma Mario> And he turned Mario into a painting.
<Magma Mario> However, Luigi and Gadd had become friedns, and Luigi was sucking up every
   ghost and boo in sight.
<Magma Mario> King Boo needed protection, so he seekd out Bowser.
<Magma Mario> He drove out his soul and took posession of his body.
<Magma Mario> But Luigi knocked Bowser's head off, and it gave Luigi an oppurtunity to catch
   King Boo. And he did too, but whemn this happened, Bowser's life ended, and Mario was
   returned to normal, marking the end of Bowser's life.
<Magma Mario> And that is why we are here tonight.
<PhilTheExtraGuy> ...
<Magma Mario> Does anyonewant to say a few words?
<PhilTheExtraGuy> I do
<Magma Mario> Step right up. :: Steps down the stairs and takes his seat::
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Even though Bowser was cold and mean, deep down inside, I think he was
<PhilTheExtraGuy> and that's all I can think of, may he rest in peace
<Magma Mario> Ditto.
<PhilTheExtraGuy> ::Sits Down::
> Okay Toad
> You're up next
<Toad> Mine is short and sweet
<Toad> ::: jumps disrespectfully onto the podium:::
<Magma Mario> :: Slaps forehead.::
<PhilTheExtraGuy> ::Frowns::
<Toad> As you all know, our dear friend Bowser is sadly gone
<Toad> Sure he was evil, naughty, unslightly, wretched, and scary, but he gave Mario and Luigi a
<Toad> Now the Mario Brothers have no more powerful enemies anymore, just Wario and
   Waluigi. And they are everything but powerful
<Toad> Bowser is gone and Mario and Luigi are nothing now but powerful plumbers
<Toad> How will they show their power without an enemy to use it on?
<Magma Mario> :: whispers:: no idea.
<Toad> The world may never know, that is why Bowser's passing away has a negative affect on
   the world
<Toad> for now, Mairo video games will be nothing but plumbers fixing leaky pipes. The video
   game world will never be the same again without his wretched heart still beating
<PhilTheExtraGuy> ::Cries::
<Toad> The Mario brothers are now nothing without an enemy
<Toad> Therefore our sweet evil King Bowser will be sorely missed
> :::Hands Phil a tissue:::
<PhilTheExtraGuy> ::sniff:: thanks
<Toad> ::: Jumps down from the podium, again disrespectfully:::
<Magma Mario> AntiGuy, do you have a few words?
<AntiGuy> Yes
<AntiGuy> :::walks to the podium:::
<AntiGuy> Bowser was respected among his many cohorts throughout the years
<AntiGuy> And his loss leaves me with a heavy heart...
<AntiGuy> We Anti Guys were afraid to fight him, and him alone
<AntiGuy> And now he's gone....
<AntiGuy> Now we have no one to look up to!!
<AntiGuy> :::breaks out crying:::
<Toad> that was beatiful
<Magma Mario> There there..
> :::bursts into tears:::
<Toad> you can look up to me you know,
<PhilTheExtraGuy> :,',','(
<AntiGuy> I'm OK, don't worry
<Magma Mario> :; Hands Antiguy and Jeane a box of tisdsues.::
> Thank you
<Magma Mario> Koopatrol?
<AntiGuy> Now, I gathered some other Shy Guys who are also left with the scars of his loss
<Koopatrol> yes
<AntiGuy> Come on in boys!!
<AntiGuy> :::A bunch of Shy Guys march in and make a formation:::
<Magma Mario> wOW
<AntiGuy> :::The formation makes a picture of Bowser, as the Shy Guys are of his appropriate
<PhilTheExtraGuy> O_o
<Toad> oh my goodness gracious!
> How amazining!
<Magma Mario> That is so cool!
<Toad> too bad I can't see it though
<AntiGuy> May our lord rest in peace!
<Magma Mario> :: Picks up Toad so he can see.::
> We...will now...commence....
<AntiGuy> OK, that will be all
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Good thing I have a magic carpet.....
> Anbody...who has say...or take care of...
> Come up to Bowser's coffin
<AntiGuy> :::The Shy Guys disperce:::
> This is the time to do it now
> Runs off crying
<Magma Mario> Jean!
<Toad> come back !
<AntiGuy> Hey, wait up!
<Toad> Bowser would hate to see you cry!
> :::in back of room, sobbing:::
<Toad> she his pale creepy corpse with bride and joy!
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Hey, well, Wart's still alive....
<Toad> I mean see not she
<Koopatrol> jean don't cry
<Magma Mario> Yeah, if you need, step outside for a few minutes.
<PhilTheExtraGuy> ::Steps outside::
<PhilTheExtraGuy> ::comes back in::
> No I will go up there to see my fater for the last time
> *father
<Toad> I don't mean to be rude, but I need to go everyone
<Magma Mario> Ok, Toad, thanks for showing up.
<PhilTheExtraGuy> ::sighs::
> Okay Toad, thank you so much for being here
<Toad> goodbye everyone, I had a lovely time
<PhilTheExtraGuy> poor Bowser....
<Koopatrol> goodby
<Koopatrol> im going to see bowser
<Magma Mario> Me too.
<Magma Mario> :: Go's up to see the coffin::
<PhilTheExtraGuy> I think I will...
<PhilTheExtraGuy> ::Goes to the coffin::
<PhilTheExtraGuy> ::loks insiode
> Father I am so sorry for whatever I did
> I'm sorry I wasn't evel enough
<PhilTheExtraGuy> ::see's the corpse::
<Magma Mario> You had nothing to do with his death, Jean.
<AntiGuy> :::walks up to the coffin:::
> I promise, from now on, I'm going to be meaner to the Marios
<Magma Mario> Don't carry that burden on your shoulders.
<Koopatrol> he was such a noble king
<Magma Mario> Uh oh.
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Yuck... I think I'm gonna lose my lunch.... Sorry, but.... I have a weak
<Magma Mario> Ok, if everyone is done here, we will close the coffin and bury it.
<Koopatrol> no wait
<PhilTheExtraGuy> ok... ::Cries::
<Koopatrol> i just want to...... see him for the last time
<Magma Mario> What is it, Koopatrol?
<Magma Mario> n/m
<PhilTheExtraGuy> ::Get's Tissue::
<Magma Mario> :: Leaves for a few minutes and comes back with a shovel::
<PhilTheExtraGuy> It was such a harsh way to go....
> Magma you do the honors
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Farewell, King Bowser. this is the last I'll see you....
<Magma Mario> :: Starts to dig a holde, but as soon as the shovel hits the ground a familiar "Bwa
   Ha Ha!" is heard.
<PhilTheExtraGuy> !!!
<Magma Mario> OMG
<AntiGuy> What the heck?
<PhilTheExtraGuy> It's... so... evil....
<Koopatrol> grrrr >gasp<
<PhilTheExtraGuy> I'm officially freaked out
> Huh?
<PhilTheExtraGuy> ?!?!?
<Magma Mario> But.. he's dead..
<AntiGuy> :::Shy Guys rush back in::: "Is that what we think we heard?"
<PhilTheExtraGuy> I thought he was decapitated.....
<PhilTheExtraGuy> ::begins to get squeamish:::
<Koopatrol> >breathing hard< what is that bloody noise!?
<PhilTheExtraGuy> A Pidget should not see these kinds of things
> Magma!!!! What's going on???
<Magma Mario> :: A ghost that looks sort of like Bowser aPPEARS.::
<PhilTheExtraGuy> !!!!!!
<Magma Mario> Don't ask me.
> Aaaaaaaaah!
<Magma Mario> Yahh!!!
<PhilTheExtraGuy> ?!?!?!?!
<Magma Mario> oK, I am freaked out to the max.
<Koopatrol> BOWSER
<AntiGuy> :::All the Shy Guys and Anti Guy:::: Aaaaagh!!!
<AntiGuy> A ghost haunting a ghost?
<AntiGuy> King Boo, have you gone insane!?
> King boo!!!!!!  Noooo!
<Magma Mario> Now we really need Luigi.
> King Boo, please...
<Magma Mario> King Boo, please, calm down.
<PhilTheExtraGuy> ::sighs out the fear::
<AntiGuy> My leagh, calm thyself!!
<King Boo> BOWSER--NO GOOD!!!
<PhilTheExtraGuy> I'll get Luigi.......
<PhilTheExtraGuy> I will
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Ah crap....
<Magma Mario> No!
> No
> no
> no
<AntiGuy> :::Shy Guys in back of the room::: Charge!!
<AntiGuy> Aww nuts...
<Magma Mario> Ok, the funeral is officially messed up.
> I can't take this anymore!
<PhilTheExtraGuy> I'm scared, I want my mommy...
<AntiGuy> :::Anti Guy transforms into...:::
<PhilTheExtraGuy> ::glares at antiguy::
<PhilTheExtraGuy> huh?
[Sun Dec 30 18:08:31 MST 2001] Boo: Disguised an Anti Guy before
<King Boo> BOOLIVIA!
<Magma Mario> Magma Yoshi would be good to have around for reinforcements.
<Magma Mario> Yeah!
<PhilTheExtraGuy> !!!!!
<Boo> Well, I couldn't keep my Anti Guy form
<Magma Mario> Why, JeAN?
> He disowned me!
<Boo> I told you Jean was not a threat, King Boo
> He left me to die out in the swamps or Dark Land!
<Magma Mario> Wait, I recognize that Boo, Mike!
<Boo> I hope you don't plan on attacking her
<Boo> Yes Magma, I was right under your nose
[Sun Dec 30 18:10:18 MST 2001] Luigi has no profile.
<Boo> I didn't think it'd come to this...
<Luigi> Hello
<Magma Mario> i'M GOING TO GO GET mAGMA yOSHI.
> Luigi?!?
<Magma Mario> :: Runs away.::
[Sun Dec 30 18:10:57 MST 2001] Magma Yoshi has no profile.
<PhilTheExtraGuy> What a coinkidink!
<Boo> :::Shy Guys return with General Guy:::
<Luigi> It is I luigi!
<Magma Yoshi> Luigi, you have to do something!
<Luigi> wait I mean.... It's a me, Luigi
<Luigi> Ok
<King Boo> >all boos go after magma<
<Magma Yoshi> Oh, dang it.
<Luigi> I'm from ghostbusters, so your having troble with a boo?
<Boo> General Guy: Alright, thanks for informing me, men. Now get that phony Anti Guy!
<Boo> :::Boo gets attacked by the Shy Guys:::
<Magma Yoshi> :: Jumps out of the way and all the boo's pass through the wall.::
<Luigi> Ok, here I go... get over here you ghosts!
<PhilTheExtraGuy> yay!
<Luigi> ::uses vaccuum::
> Luigi don't hurt Boo!
<Magma Yoshi> I knew Luigi would come through! :: Shoots fire at some of the boo's.::
<Magma Yoshi> Don't get Mike!
<Boo> Hey, nothing personal Shy Guys!
<Luigi> ::turns it off:: why not?
> Don't hurt King Boo!
<Luigi> err... uhm.. why not?
<Magma Yoshi> Mike is supposedly our friend..
<Luigi> Ack, now
<Boo> Well Magma, I tried to keep King Boo clam
> Or I will be very very angry
<Luigi> I'm confused
<Boo> calm*
<Luigi> ok
<Luigi> I won't...
> And send in my army of trusts
<PhilTheExtraGuy> O_O
> *trouts
> no trusts
> And Mavericks
<Magma Yoshi> :: Oh yeah! I forgot all about the trouts.
<Luigi> Ok, I'll suck everyone up except for that boo
<Boo> Ah geez, what's going on!?
<Boo> Hold it!! Who is on who's side!?
<Luigi> ::Starts sucking up some Boos::
<Luigi> ::Starts sucking up some Boos::
<Luigi> ::puts in reverse::
<Luigi> Wha?
<Magma Yoshi> Magma slaps everyone accept Jean, Phil, Mike, and Luigi. around with a large
> Don't suck up Boonita!  She's my pet Boo!
<Magma Yoshi> Oh no!
<PhilTheExtraGuy> I'm on the opppostie side of Boo
<PhilTheExtraGuy> He scares me...
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Correction , King Boo
<Magma Yoshi> Hey, don't let king Boo get away!
<Luigi> Fine, I'll het him
<Magma Yoshi> :: Grabs Boonita and hands her to jean.::
<Magma Yoshi> :: Follows Luigi.::
> Boonita!  Pets Boonita
<Luigi> ::Turns vaccuum on "Super High":: Come here king boo....
<Boo> I am very confused here
<Magma Yoshi> Everyone, surround him!
<Boo> Exactly who are you fighting for, Jean?
> For King Boo!
> All for King Boo!
<Boo> Grr...
> Run!
<Magma Yoshi> Oh, great.
<Boo> Charge!!!
<Luigi> ::Starts sucking King Boo:: Your more powerful than I thought...
<Boo> :::Takes out a large trout and jams the vacuum with it:::<Boo> How dare you attack the King!?<Magma Yoshi> :: Kicks Mike out of the way and pulls the trout out.::
> No stop it!<Boo> OK, I've had enough of this...<Magma Yoshi> I am sorry Mike...<Luigi> Ack> Summons Sting Chameleon to sting Magma
<Boo> :::Takes out a large trout and jams the vacuum with it:::
<Boo> How dare you attack the King!?
<Magma Yoshi> :: Kicks Mike out of the way and pulls the trout out.::
<King Boo> No stop it!
<Boo> OK, I've had enough of this...
<Magma Yoshi> I am sorry Mike...
<Luigi> Ack
<King Boo> Summons Sting Chameleon to sting Magma
<Magma Yoshi> hOW COULD IT GET worse!
<Luigi> Stupid.... That's... :Get's Out hoover:: Now your goin down!
<Boo> :::Glows with paranormal energy::: I've been practicing this little move I've learned
<Boo> :::Fires a beam of energy and totals the Hoover:::
[Sun Dec 30 18:19:12 MST 2001] Ghost_Busters has no profile.
<Magma Yoshi> Better call the other yoshi's. :: says that right when I'm knocked out by Sting.::|
<Ghost_Busters> IWe got a ghost on our signal... Where is he?
<Luigi> What the heck????
<King Boo> HA HA HA
<Boo> Be gone!!! :::Fires an energy beam at the Ghost Busters:::
<Luigi> Sorry, Jean, you were a good man.... but I have to do, what needs to be done...
<Ghost_Busters> Ow!
[Sun Dec 30 18:20:49 MST 2001] Golden Yoshi: I senced trouble here...
<Ghost_Busters> Fine, but I'm better than Luigi!
<Ghost_Busters> ::leaves::
<Golden Yoshi> And I brought the other yoshi's with me!
<Luigi> ::Sighs relief:: Now! time to get that King Boo!
> OMG that was scary
<Golden Yoshi> Now, who do you fight for, Jean?
<Boo> No you don't!! :::Attacks Luigi:::
> I fight for the Boos> All for the Boos
<Luigi> ::get's hoover and turns on really super powerful high mode:: HAHAHAH!!!111
<Golden Yoshi> Boo, remember, you are the chosen one of the star's, are you going to just throw
   that reputation away?
<Boo> Well, I'm with Jean
<Boo> Jean is with King Boo
<Luigi> aCK!
> I don't know anymore!!!
> I am over-confused!
> :::faints:::
<Golden Yoshi> :: Shines a piercing light at King Boo, which holds his in place.::
<Golden Yoshi> Now Luigi!
<Boo> And if Jean wants to fight you, then I will!! And thanks for the recharge. You elemental
   Yoshis gave me a recharge
<PhilTheExtraGuy> um... what happened since I left to get a tuna sandwhich?
<Boo> :::Fires a beam of energy at the Hoover and destroys it:::
<Golden Yoshi> more than you want to know, it's CAOS!
> :::gets up slowly:::
<Luigi> No!!!!!
> Huh?
> Where are the birdies?
<Boo> I won't let you suck up the King!
<Golden Yoshi> Now would eb a good time to cal E. Gadd, Luigi.
<Golden Yoshi> :: The light beam gives out.::
<Luigi> ::stands there staring at the destroyed hoover immensley:: You.. you... That costed me
   alot of money!
<Golden Yoshi> No!
<Golden Yoshi> Luigi, run!
<Luigi> My hoover, I have not much point to live anylonger....
<Golden Yoshi> No!
<Luigi> I shall give my body to King Boo
<King Boo> OWWWW!!!!!
<Golden Yoshi> I can't believe he would just give in like that.
<Luigi> No!!!
<Golden Yoshi> :: To add to the pain, uses the golden beam again.::
<Luigi> Wait!
<Golden Yoshi> oUCH....
<Luigi> ::pullsout dust buster::
<Boo> Golden doesn't have one though
> It's Mr. Boojangles
> Your highness
<Golden Yoshi> Do one more thing, and I msay be forced to destroy the precious stars.
> Not Boojingles
<Boo> What!!
<Luigi> HAHAHA
<Luigi> ::uses dustbuster::
<Boo> If you destroy the stars, you destroy existence as we know it!!
<Luigi> Take this you Boo's!!!!
<Golden Yoshi> That's the point.
> Luigi destroyed the moon!
> while in the  masion
<Boo> A dustbuster, pathetic...
<Luigi> ::uses Dustbuster on King Boo:: HAHAHHA!!!!
<Luigi> It's not any dust buster, its the ultra super deluxe edition, the most powerful one the make
<Boo> It's time a grew a few sizes... :::deeply focuses:::
<Golden Yoshi> I will either destroy the stars, MIKE, or cast a spell on Luigi's ddustbuster, where
   it will turn egveryone here into painitngs.
> King Boo???
> King Boo!!!
[Sun Dec 30 18:30:10 MST 2001] Big Boo: It's Boo, supercharged!!
<Golden Yoshi> oR, YOU COULD FIGHT FOR US.'
<Big Boo> Ka ha ha ha!!
<Golden Yoshi> Big Boo...
<Golden Yoshi> Hmm...
<Luigi> Dang mouth function... Darn!!!!!
<Big Boo> There's more than one Big Boo, ya know
<Luigi> Well, it seems Big Boo is TOO Big to fit...
<Big Boo> Hey, where'd King Boo go?
<Golden Yoshi> Still, Mike, I'm not kidiing.
<Luigi> King Boo as well
> King Boo has retreated to his chambers
<Big Boo> Well, tell that to the rest of them
<Big Boo> They don't know the stort
<Big Boo> story*
<Golden Yoshi> Choose...
<Luigi> GEt's another hoover
<Luigi> HAHAHA
<Golden Yoshi> Everyone in the world is at stake.
<Luigi> I don't care what kind of Boo you are! Your all going down!!!!
<PhilTheExtraGuy> STOP IT!!!!
> Boo run!
> Pounces on Luigi
<Golden Yoshi> You mean float?
> Give me that vacuum!
<Luigi> NEVER!!!!
<Golden Yoshi> I am so sorry I had to do this....
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Give it man....
<Golden Yoshi> :: Knocks out Jean with a hyper beam.::
<Luigi> NOO!!!!
> Aaaaah!  THat's it!
<Luigi> Wait... I'll give...
> :::summons Boomer Kuwanger:::
<PhilTheExtraGuy> O_O
<Luigi> NOT!!! HAHAHA!!!!
<PhilTheExtraGuy> STOP IT LUIGI!!!!!!
<Golden Yoshi> Ok, Luigi ha\s gone crazy too....
<Big Boo> How could you attack a girl like that, Golden?
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Jean is gonna blow up the world... err... stars...
<Golden Yoshi> tHINGS GOT OUT OF HAAND.. and you werew fighting for the wrong side.
> :::summons Sargo, a dark worlder::::
[Sun Dec 30 18:34:58 MST 2001] SaRgO has no profile.
[Sun Dec 30 18:35:07 MST 2001] Bowser's Spirit: Rooaarrr!! Everyone, STOP, now!
<Luigi> I shall take all the boo's! ALL the ghosts! All of them! but first....
<SaRgO> come with me to the dark side heh heh heh
<Luigi> I will reveal my identity...
<PhilTheExtraGuy> O_O
<Luigi> I am...
<Luigi> Batman!
<Bowser's Spirit> BWA HA HA HA!!!!
> Sargo, get them
<PhilTheExtraGuy> What the heck????
<SaRgO> picks up luigi
<Luigi> No wait.. I'm...
<SaRgO> luigi come join me
<SaRgO> in the infernal pit
<Luigi> Zips down the zipper behind his head...
<Bowser's Spirit> If everyone doesn't stop now, I will turn all the paintings back into ghost'.
<Luigi> Regis Philben!!!!!
> King Boo already has
<PhilTheExtraGuy> NOOOO!!!!!!
<Bowser's Spirit> And if that doesn't work, I'll turn all of you nito painings!
<Bowser's Spirit> And if that doesn't work,I'll trn the whole universe into a painting.
<SaRgO> i have waited eons to do this
<Big Boo> Ya know guys, Bowser has a point
<SaRgO> >makes the place pitch black<
> Aaaaaaahhhh!  I can't see!
<Big Boo> We have befowled a religious ceremony
<Big Boo> Ooh, darkness
<Luigi> wait.. it seems this Zippers stuck....
<Luigi> I'll be right back to take over the world!
<Bowser's Spirit> :: Turns the coffin into a painting.::
[Sun Dec 30 18:38:47 MST 2001] Regis_Philben has no profile.
<Bowser's Spirit> A=I can dop that to each and everyoen of you, stop this, NOW!
<Bowser's Spirit> DO*
> Whose hand was that/
> It was so cold
<SaRgO> bleh heh heh run you fools. ghosts like it dark......
<Regis_Philben> HAHAHAHA!!!
<Bowser's Spirit> :: blows fire onto torches.::
[Sun Dec 30 18:39:57 MST 2001] Bigmouth_koopa: I'm Bigmouth koopa and I like chickens
<PhilTheExtraGuy> O_O
<Bowser's Spirit> :: Turns Regis Philben into a painting.
> Dear brother!  Help me!
> Big Mouth!
<Regis_Philben> Bwahahaha!!! Now Phil.....
<Bowser's Spirit> All I wanted to do was rest in peace...
<Regis_Philben> What is 1=1
<Bigmouth_koopa> Ok this is weird
<Regis_Philben> *1+1
<SaRgO> i have planted a seed in regis brain
<Regis_Philben> Oh, and your puny magic can't turn me into paintings...
<SaRgO> an EVIL seed
<Bigmouth_koopa> I thought we were supposed to have a funeral
<Regis_Philben> Bwahaha, and since you don't know, you must now die!!!!
<Bowser's Spirit> AH.. my daughter and son.. you will help daddy, won't you?
> THe funeral has gone terribly wrong
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Nooooo!!!!! I'm... losing... life.... can't... go... on.... ::dies::
> You turned me away daddy!
<Bigmouth_koopa> Why has it gone terribly wrong?
<Regis_Philben> Nyahahahahahahaha!!!!
<Bowser's Spirit> No, it wasn't me.
<Bowser's Spirit> It was your... mother.
<Bowser's Spirit> Brianna Koopa.
<Regis_Philben> HAHAHA!
<Regis_Philben> phil
<Regis_Philben> is
> Then why didn't you stop her?
<Regis_Philben> dead!
<Bowser's Spirit> We were at the National Koopa Dark Land Park.<PhilTheExtraGuy> farewell my my fellow people... It's nice to meet you..... I'm sorry.....<Bowser's Spirit> And we were crossing a bridge oevr a swamp.<PhilTheExtraGuy> I will never forget you guys....<PhilTheExtraGuy> ::dies::<Bowser's Spirit> When we got into an argument over Mario and Luigi, and she was holding you     at the time.<Regis_Philben> HAHAHA!!!!
<Bowser's Spirit> We were at the National Koopa Dark Land Park.
<PhilTheExtraGuy> farewell my my fellow people... It's nice to meet you..... I'm sorry.....
<Bowser's Spirit> And we were crossing a bridge oevr a swamp.
<PhilTheExtraGuy> I will never forget you guys....
<PhilTheExtraGuy> ::dies::
<Bowser's Spirit> When we got into an argument over Mario and Luigi, and she was holding you
   at the time.
<Regis_Philben> HAHAHA!!!!
<Bowser's Spirit> :: Flashback occurs.::
<Regis_Philben> Wait....
<Bowser's Spirit> She was so angry that she threw you off the bridge.. when...
<Regis_Philben> Evil seed seems to be sprouting out of my ear...
<Regis_Philben> AHHH!!!!!!
<SaRgO> heh heh heh
<Regis_Philben> ::Evil seed starts consuming REgis:: AHHHHH!!!!!!!!
<Bowser's Spirit> It was King Boo! He came and knocked your mother off the bridge as well, I
   tried to go over, but Morton, who was just a toddler, pulled me back from the bridge.
[Sun Dec 30 18:46:20 MST 2001] Kefka: Summoned by Boo
> But I remember when Bowser yelled at me never to come back again
<Kefka> Waa ha ha ha ha ha haa!!
<Kefka> Hey, nice touch to this place
<Regis_Philben> AHHH!!!! ::DIES::
<Bowser's Spirit> I.. never.. did that.
<Bowser's Spirit> It mightv'e been King Boo impersonating my voiceonce I left.
> Dad? Boo?  Noooo!  I can't choose!
> The Boos took care of me for so long!
> I didn't have parents!
<Bowser's Spirit> Don't worry, whoever you choose, I won't be mad....
<SaRgO> SaRgO must leave now goodby HEH HEH HEH
> I CAN'T choose!
[Sun Dec 30 18:48:52 MST 2001] PhilTheExtraGuy has no profile.
<PhilTheExtraGuy> YES!
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Since Regis died, I came back!
> Im going to become a hermit
<Bowser's Spirit> You must choose, or you'l be lost in life forever.
> But who do I go to?  You're dead!
<Bowser's Spirit> " Welcome bnack, Phil, as you can see, the normal scene here at mnm is
   occuring.." said Magma Yoshi.
<PhilTheExtraGuy> ok....
<Bowser's Spirit> Don't worry, I know of a way to bring myself back to life.
<Bigmouth_koopa> Jean, my dear lost sister, join us!
<PhilTheExtraGuy> I was scared @ first when I died
> Boo... I'd hate to break this to you....but I have to go back to my family
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Hey wait!
<Kefka> Hey, let me break into this heartwrenching story for a minute
<Kefka> Spirit of Bowser, how can you come back to life?
<Bowser's Spirit> WHAT!!!
> Boo you can hear me right?
> Even though you have faded away
<Kefka> That would upset the balance of Nintendo's storyline
<Bowser's Spirit> Well, it's a machine Professor E. Gadd recently created.
<Kefka> Want me to bring Boo back?
[Sun Dec 30 18:52:14 MST 2001] Boo: I've came back
> Yes I need to speak to him
<Boo> I heard you Jean Koopa
<Kefka> No he hasn't!!
> Boo!
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Bowser is fake! All Nintendo characters are fake! They are fictional, amde up
   by Shigeru Myamoto! So Bowser will be back! Yay!
<Kefka> You imposter!!
<Boo> What can't I be boo?
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Bowser lives!
> Boo? Boo??? aaah this is confusin!
<Boo> This is all pretend anyway
<Bowser's Spirit> I will bring the machine here..
<Kefka> Fine, I'll have to come back and prove myself..
<Bowser's Spirit> :: Bowser dissapeers in a puff of smoke.:: Don't leave Jeeane.
<PhilTheExtraGuy> I know... Let's just continue where we sorta left of..
[Sun Dec 30 18:53:53 MST 2001] AntiGuy: I am the Boo Jean wants, not this other guy!!
> Dad I'm coming home!
> I'm so sorry Boo!  But you understand... right?
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