Chat Transcript- Sunday, December 30, 2001 (Cont.)

<AntiGuy> Hey, now I can't go back as Boo thanks to you, imposter Boo
<PhilTheExtraGuy> I have an afro....
> I'm going to miss you, white puffs of ghosts
<Bowser's Spirit> :: Comes back with a machine called. " the Ghost Bringer Back Alive.::
<PhilTheExtraGuy> How can something dead die?
<Bowser's Spirit> But, there is one problem.
<AntiGuy> I say this still screws with the storyline
<PhilTheExtraGuy> and so it does...
> Can I keep Boonita?
<Bowser's Spirit> I need my head, my head has been lost somewhere!
<Boo> AntiGuy, I'll go away and you can be boo k?
<Bowser's Spirit> Yes, you may/
> As sort of a memento
<AntiGuy> Hey Phil, exactly who are you?
<PhilTheExtraGuy> heh
<AntiGuy> Anybody we know?
<PhilTheExtraGuy> I'm a pidget
<PhilTheExtraGuy> from SMB2
[Sun Dec 30 18:56:05 MST 2001] tuffytheshihtzu: I'm a Shih-tzu
<PhilTheExtraGuy> I just have an afro
> Dragoncrhis?
<tuffytheshihtzu> La la la
<Bowser's Spirit> Jean, I'm so sorry, but daddy can't come back without his head.
<tuffytheshihtzu> Woah where am I?
> Whhere's your head????
<Bowser's Spirit> In the middle of the werdest funeral in the world.
<PhilTheExtraGuy> in a place
<tuffytheshihtzu> I found this ugly head lying arouond and it said return to Bowsers funeral so I
   asked my master
<Bowser's Spirit> It's at Luigi's Mansion buried in the mirro room.
<tuffytheshihtzu> ::spits it out of his mouth:: there you go!
> I need to go get it!
<PhilTheExtraGuy> confusing...
[Sun Dec 30 18:57:27 MST 2001] Toad: I'm back
<PhilTheExtraGuy> yay!
<Toad> hello everyone
<Bowser's Spirit> oK, sweety, do you need my help?
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Well, the funeral has gone psycho
<PhilTheExtraGuy> right after you left
<Toad> I thought that it might
> Well no I can bring it back
<AntiGuy> Hey Toad, it's me Boo
<tuffytheshihtzu> Did you guys see it I drug this silly head back, my master gooberfatchi told me
   to bring it here
<AntiGuy> I was here the whole time
<Toad> I thought it may be
<Bowser's Spirit> Jean!!!
<PhilTheExtraGuy> First Bowser came, then Luigi, who really was REgis Philben, then I died,
   then I came back
<tuffytheshihtzu> Do you want it?
<Bowser's Spirit> Help me get that head!
<Toad> I was enjoying talking to you anyway
> Thank you so much!
<AntiGuy> Gooberfatchi? I remember that name
<PhilTheExtraGuy> and Bowser was boo
<AntiGuy> Bowser wasn't Boo
<AntiGuy> I'm Boo
<tuffytheshihtzu> Gooberfatchi is my master
> Dad do you want me to put it on you?
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Oh, King Boo
<tuffytheshihtzu> I'm a Shih-tzu, you know the long haired dogs?
<Bowser's Spirit> :: Oh, first you need to open both doors on the machine.
> Where is gooberfatchi?
> Okay
<Toad> this is quite the crazy funeral
<AntiGuy> Toad, you missed all the action
<Toad> I did?
<Toad> what action did I miss?
<Bowser's Spirit> :: Than, put my head and the body in one of the doors.
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Well, maybe not...
<AntiGuy> It was one of the most insane battles after brought to MNM
> Okay
> Esh I can't watch
<AntiGuy> ever*
<AntiGuy> Not after
<Bowser's Spirit> :: Flies into the other door.:: Will you close that door for me?
[Sun Dec 30 19:01:06 MST 2001] Android15: I confused
<AntiGuy> Yo
<Toad> sorry I missed it
> THere you go
<tuffytheshihtzu> ::pants:: it's hot in here
<Bowser's Spirit> :: Than press the 'on' switch.
<AntiGuy> Bowser is being revived, Android15
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Well, funerals are scary....
<Android15> Y?
<AntiGuy> Because he died
> Are you alright in there?
<Toad> funerals are very scary
<Bowser's Spirit> ....
<AntiGuy> This is his funeral! Didn't you read about that at all?
<Android15> ...nop
<AntiGuy> But now his spirit is back
<PhilTheExtraGuy> yes
<AntiGuy> And he's got some funky machine
<Bowser's Spirit> :: The door on the left side flies open::
<Android15> How'd he die?
[Sun Dec 30 19:02:48 MST 2001] Bowser's has no profile.
[Sun Dec 30 19:02:55 MST 2001] Bowser has no profile.
> Dad!
<Bowser> Bwa Ha Ha!!!
<AntiGuy> And we've just created the most interesting copyright infringement ever
<Android15> yea but.... how did he die?
<Bowser> :: Gives Jean a hug.::
<AntiGuy> Luigi's Mansion
> :::hugs Bowser:::
<Android15> Where's my hug?
<AntiGuy> King Boo kills him
> :::hugs Android:::
<Bowser> Your not my kid, scram!
<AntiGuy> That reminds me...
> :::hugs everybody::::
<Android15> Aww thank you
<AntiGuy> I'm toast!!
<tuffytheshihtzu> Bowser your back! I must go tell gooberfatchi
<PhilTheExtraGuy> well, I've had plenty of funerals for a while...
> Dad can I ask you a favor?
<Android15> ~sticks tongue out at Bowser~ No huggie-poo and your not cool!
<Bowser> Sure.
[Sun Dec 30 19:04:28 MST 2001] bigmouth_koopa: WAAAH
<AntiGuy> I'm gonna ne severely injured because I can't get killed under normal cirumstances!!
> Can you be nice to the Boos?
<AntiGuy> be*
<PhilTheExtraGuy> I think I'll leave, so until next funeral, see ya'll later
> Please?
<Bowser> Yes, as logn as one never posesses me again!
<PhilTheExtraGuy> power to the Boo's!
<Android15> ~rolls around on floor~
<PhilTheExtraGuy> See ya!
> See you Phil!
<Toad> I am getting kind of frightened because I don't know what's going on
<Bowser> By,
<Toad> see you Phil
<AntiGuy> Well, I will have a lot of trouble with King Boo, Bowser...
<bigmouth_koopa> well I'm gonna go
<PhilTheExtraGuy> oh, and incase you want to knwo something...
<AntiGuy> He'll be even more furious now that you walk the earth again
> I promise I'll have a chitchat with King Boo!
<PhilTheExtraGuy> My website is
<bigmouth_koopa> Arevwaista
<Toad> Don't leave yet Big Mouth
> He'll never bother you again!
<PhilTheExtraGuy> That's all I wanna say
<PhilTheExtraGuy> bye
<bigmouth_koopa> what's your site about?
> Bye bye!
<Bowser> If he does, I wil be forced to be mean to Boo's forever and foreverr..
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Comix
<Android15> Can I lick some buddies feet?
<Bowser> :: Breathes fire on Android 15.::
<bigmouth_koopa> Bye!
<PhilTheExtraGuy> bippedy bye
> Who are you really Android
<PhilTheExtraGuy> ::sniff::
<Bowser> AntiGuy, Will you inform me if Kign Boo does something to my daughetr?
<Android15> Psh simple, dinosaurs, Fire doesn't affect me, I'm an Android.
<Android15> I am-
<Android15> ANDROID15!!!
<PhilTheExtraGuy> I just gotta say it again!
> Boo I promise to come visit you every month!
<PhilTheExtraGuy> bye
<PhilTheExtraGuy> n ow
<PhilTheExtraGuy> now
<PhilTheExtraGuy> there
<PhilTheExtraGuy> bye
<Android15> So.....
<Android15> How's everyone today?
<Bowser> :: Bowser walks off with Jean.
<AntiGuy> Goodbye!!
<Android15> ~follows~ I ASKED A QUESTION!!
[Sun Dec 30 19:08:40 MST 2001] Magma Yoshi has no profile.
<Magma Yoshi> Well, that was exciting.
<AntiGuy> Android, you are so late it's not even funny
<Android15> MISTER "I'm too good to talk to Androids!!~
> What?
<Android15> I am not that late!
<Magma Yoshi> Jean, you were supposed to walk off with Bowser..
<Magma Yoshi> Maybe 2 hours late.
<AntiGuy> Oh, the copyright infringement!!! Lawsuits!! Aaaagh!!
> I did
> Well I'm still here now
<Magma Yoshi> Well, than that's a rap!
<AntiGuy> That was a long speech Toad
<Android15> WHAT'S GOING ON!!
<Toad> it was?
<AntiGuy> You missed it, Android
> Are you being sarcastic?
<AntiGuy> I'm talking about Magma's
<Toad> It was a very long speech
[Sun Dec 30 19:10:39 MST 2001] PhilTheExtraGuy has no profile.
[Sun Dec 30 19:10:40 MST 2001] Magma Mario has no profile.
<PhilTheExtraGuy> haha
<AntiGuy> It's Phil!
[Sun Dec 30 19:10:47 MST 2001] Magma Mario has no profile.
> w/b
<PhilTheExtraGuy> just looking
<AntiGuy> Got any lemon drops, Phil?
<PhilTheExtraGuy> bye
<PhilTheExtraGuy> ya
<Magma Mario> What did I miss?
<PhilTheExtraGuy> I'll stay a minute
<Toad> did Kamek ever show up?
<AntiGuy> Bowser is alive
<Android15> Humans sicken me!
<AntiGuy> And he's left the building
<PhilTheExtraGuy> You missed REgis philben, I died, then came to life
> No
<PhilTheExtraGuy> and alot of other stuff
<Toad> was he supposed to?
<Magma Mario> Oh, I see...
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Luigi was REgis
> Android you should've met Sargo
<AntiGuy> I didn't miss anything
> Humans sicken him too
<PhilTheExtraGuy> *Regis....
<Android15> Sargo's cool
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Oh ,and the ghost busters
> You know Sargo?
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Stuff happened.. the end!
<Android15> niopoe
<AntiGuy> I'm tired...
<PhilTheExtraGuy> niopoe?
> I'm seein dots
<Android15> Yes!!
<Android15> niopoe!
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Something smells like feet....
<Toad> sorry about that
<Toad> that is my fault
<Magma Mario> It was probaly that amazing stench Bowser left in here.
<Android15> ~licks toads head~ Hmmm close enough to HUMAN.
<Toad> Yip!
<PhilTheExtraGuy> ::eats toad:: yum! j/k
> brb
<Magma Mario> Stop attackign Toad you maniac!
<Magma Mario> Your'e worse than a yoshi!
<Toad> yeah maniac!
<PhilTheExtraGuy> mmmm..... mushrooms....
<AntiGuy> Yeah, you wanna fight!?
[Sun Dec 30 19:16:27 MST 2001] I am the Cocoa Bean: I used to be AntiGuy
<PhilTheExtraGuy> Anti-Guy, you co-webmaster of MNM?
<Android15> ~eats shoe~ TOO LATE!!
[Sun Dec 30 19:16:36 MST 2001] SorceressHanmyo: you talk to me and ill tell you
<I am the Cocoa Bean> No
<I am the Cocoa Bean> I'm co-webmaster if KCU
<SorceressHanmyo> gwhahahhahahah!
<Magma Mario> No!
<PhilTheExtraGuy> co-webmaster of what?
<Android15> muahahaahahaha!!!
[Sun Dec 30 19:16:54 MST 2001] Toad has no profile.
<I am the Cocoa Bean> Kirby's Crystal Universe
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