Chat Transcript- Sunday, July 30, 2006

> Welcome to the MNM Grand Reopening Chat staff members!
<Magma> Literally...Nobody's here...
> After an almost three-year long hiatus, we are back on our feet and bringing the best Mario info on the web!
> Enjoy the celebrations, everyone!
<Magma> So, what should we do until people show up (IF they show up)?
<King Boo> I dunno.
<Magma> We could do like one of those roundtable discussions (professional) sites do.
<Magma> At least until guests get here.
<Magma> (IF they get here)
> Back
<Magma> Hey there, Purple. Read the last few lines.
> Okay sure
<King Boo> what are we gonna discuss?
> Well, I'd personally like to know what you guys think I should focus on most on MNM
<King Boo> what do you mean?
<Magma> What, are you gonna get two votes? Me and King Boo better agree on it then. :)
<King Boo> =P
> Like which section should I put the most effort and time in?  ATM I seem to be putting a lot of time on screenshots, music, and icons
<King Boo> oh ok
<King Boo> it doesn't matter to me. those seem to be the most popular
> How do you know?
<King Boo> I don't know. I'm just taking a wild guess. people like to download music and screenshots I guess
> lol you guess...well okay, fair enough
> Magma?
<Magma> Well, I don't think screenshots are that important, unless it's for games that haven't been released yet.
> Okay
> What will be my sources for that?
<Magma> I don't know, actually...They usually have watermarks on them.
<Magma> I used to have a login to Nintendo's press page, believe it or not.
<Magma> But I forgot...
> Oh that bites
<Magma> Let's see...One important thing that needs to be done: reviews of Mario games from the past year or two.
> Does anyone have E3 access?  lol
<Magma> Starting with the newest ones.
<King Boo> what's E3?
> Electronic Entertainment Expo, it's an annual conference where new stuff gets shown off like new games and consoles and neat stuff like that
<King Boo> oh E3! duh
<King Boo> don't you have to have connections in high places to get in?
<Magma> Wow, you just made yourself look like an idiot Your Majesty.
<King Boo> sorry
<King Boo> I just had a mind blank
<Magma> It's okay; did you see what I said about reviews, Purple?
> And you're right Magma, I'd like to get a review of DDR Mario Mix very soon, probably starting tomorrow
<King Boo> what about movies? you dont have any movies that work on the site
<Magma> Alright, and I'm having a hard time deciding what I should write a review of.
> I know.  Stupid Ionichost removed my SMB2 Ending movie
<Magma> There's always New Super Mario Bros., so I'll probably do that.
> And recording on DScaler isn't as good as I thought.  The files end up being hundreds of MBs even just after a few mins.
> Okay good!
<King Boo> isn't there a way to compress them?
> Probably, and I'll try to figure it out
<Magma> You should download Ashampoo Movie Shrinker.
> What exactly does it do?
<Magma> The trial's only a month, but I think it costs 30-50 for the full program. It compresses files.
> Oh okay
<Magma> I've got files that were several GIGABYTES huge down to 100 or so MB
> Awesomeage
<Magma> With almost no quality loss.
> Windows Movie Maker had a thing to reduce the resolution, I could try that too
<Magma> Anyways, other than reviews, we need to focus on things only MNM has that made it so popular in it's prime.
<Magma> its*
> Yeah
<Magma> Other than 'The Glitch'...What DID make MNM popular?
> The comic-Maker, The Kinopio News
<Magma> And you know this for certain? Like from actual feedback?
> Yes
> Not recent feedback though
> But way back when the comic-maker was converted to Flash, lots of people complained
<Magma> Well the comic-maker is back up now, and off Flash. So that's one problem solved.
> Yeah
> But I'd like to expand it
> I think I may add a Paper Mario theme next
> Since I already have the backgrounds, and a few sprites
<King Boo> the comicmaker is awesome. I'm playing with it right now
<Magma> Paper Mario sprites are hard to rip, though.
> Yeah
<Magma> I think it would be cool, but you need to enhance the one we have now.
> What about Mario & Luigi?
> Enhance it?  How so?
<Magma> I know, King Boo....Back in my hay (hey?) day, I would play with it all the time. And now I can make them for real.
<Magma> Like add to the sprites and backgrounds available.
> Oh okay, yeah I definitely will
<Magma> Also, an M&L theme would be awesome, especially since I already have TONS of backgrounds and sprites from that game.
> I think that would be better then
> We seem to be getting a lot of hits but no contribution
> We have no fan fiction at all, no new fanart for almost a year, and only one mailbag "question", which turned out to be spam
<King Boo> yeah. when are we going to start the mailbag?
> It's already started.  We're just waiting for some people to ask some questions
<King Boo> oh
<King Boo> can staff members ask questions?
> Yes, but not all the time
<King Boo> ok
> And we also don't have anybody joining the Mushroom Banner Exchange nor the Mario Graphics Webring
> I had to start those over from scratch
<Magma> Yeah...It sounds like people see MNM, but they don't participate.
> Which makes me conclude that the internet is a different beast nowadays
> Oh and no real forum activity either
<Magma> I was going to say that. The internet is much different than it was than when MNM started up.
<King Boo> you should convert MNM into a myspace site focused on Mario
<Magma> There are more people aware of it, more people familiar with it...
> lol what do you mean?
> Yeah it is
<Magma> People just aren't fascinated with crap like they used to be (no offense).
> lol yeah
<King Boo> well sites like myspace are popular. what if you made a Mario themed myspace? people can network with each other based on their favorite games and trade
    secrets and stuff
<Magma> I think the only people that will really put any time into MNM nowadays are pre-pubescant (sp?) kids.
> But people already do that on myspace.  And they'd still be superior to anything that MNM comes up with
> lol yeah I think so too
> No offense to our fans out there
<King Boo> I dunno. It was just a suggestion
<Magma> Oh yeah, people are gonna be reading this (maybe). >_<
> lol
<Magma> And megasites like TMK just make it harder for everyone.
> Not bad of a suggestion.  In fact it goes right in line with mine and Cody's ideas about having some kind of online RPG thing on this site
> lol yeah
> Which is why I'd like to put as much unique content on MNM as possible
<Magma> How does myspace go along with online RPG?
> People networking
> lol that's pretty much it
> But to me, it would be more like Neopets than Myspace
<Magma> Ha ha. Well, what about those RPG Maker programs? Are they hard to use?
> I have no idea; never used one
> But on the note about the internet being different...
<Magma> I think an episode-based game would be cool.
> If that's the case, then MNM has to keep up with the times!  What do you think MNM should do about it to cater to this "new" audience?
> Like The Glitch?
<Magma> No, like an actual RPG, like you were talking about.
> Oh okay
<Magma> Well...what does this new audience want?
> I don't know lol
<Magma> Entertainment...?
<King Boo> online girlfriends
> lmao
> Well, what are the most popular website nowadays?
> *websites
<Magma> Mario-wise?
> No, in general
> I mean we've got myspace and all of its incarnations
> Blogs are also popular
<King Boo>
> Yeah sites where you can watch "outrageous" videos like King Boo's example
<Magma> I'm at a loss.
<King Boo> me too
> Well, we can agree that this "new" audience is much more computer-savvy
> And at younger ages
<Magma> Yes. What we think the site needs is not neccessarily what it should have.
> Do you think there are less or more Mario fans than before?
<Magma> About the same...What do you think?
> Yeah, I guess so
<Magma> What we do know is that Mario has been WHORED out as far as a commercial license goes.
> lol yeah
<Magma> Possibility: not taken as seriously as it used to be?
> It is a possibility
> But maybe this lull is b/c no new REAL Mario games have come out
> Recently that is
<Magma> New Super Mario Bros. I think that counts.
> I mean, New Super Mario Bros. is great, but it's not like it's a brand new thing
> I don't know, to me, it seems like a remake
<Magma> A remake? It's a brand new game, and better than most of the old ones (in my opinion).
<Magma> That'd be like saying SMB3 was a remake of the first SMB.
> Well, I guess so, but one things for sure, I can't wait until the Wii comes out
> lol
<King Boo> Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
<Magma> New games? What do you consider the last REAL Mario game then? Super Mario Sunshine?
> No, Paper Mario 2
<Magma> The only games I don't always play are the in the Wario series and the sports games. I play all the parties, but they aren't 'REAL'.
<Magma> Don't forget that you haven't played M&L2.
> lol
> Right
<Magma> You need a DS.
> Then probably then
> *that
> I know lol I want one
> But for now, you are my DS consultant
<King Boo> what am I?
> My layout consultant, I guess?
<King Boo> =)
<Magma> I had a coupon for a 120 dollar DS Lite that came with a game, but it expired.
<Magma> That was a good deal, but it's off-topic, so I'll shut up now.
> That sucks
<Magma> I want a Lite. :(
> Me too
<Magma> So, do you think Encyclopedia Mushroomica is a big waste of time?
> Well, considering TMK already has a full Mariopedia...
> No
> lol
> We will make ours different
<Magma> Their Mariopedia is quickly becoming irrelevant and out-of-date.
> Really?
> Oh, and also Super Mario Portal has a similar database
<Magma> And how will ours be different? Are you talking about how I said it would be in-depth?
> Yeah
<Magma> I haven't seen Portal's, but TMK's hasn't updated for new games in, like, FOREVER.
> ANd it may be useful to include pictures of characters from every game so people could see how they evolve
> Oh wowage
<Magma> Characters from every game? What do you mean?
> Like for example, in the entry for Goomba, we could have a picture of a Goomba from SMB1, another from SMB3, SMW, and so on
<King Boo> why did you skip SMB2?
<Magma> Oh, I was already going to do that. And doesn't TMK plan on doing that as well?
> B/c there aren't any Goombas in that game
<Magma> er, already does it*
> I dn't know are they?
<King Boo> why not
<Magma> Actually, that's what's taking me so long. Collecting pictures of everything from every game is what's taking me so long.
> B/c SMB2 is a very different beast than the other SMBs (I'll explain it to you one day)
<King Boo> oh ok
> Well, then I say stop focusing on the pictures for now
<Magma> I don't know HOW I'm going to get pictures from the DS and Wii though...
> Just try to get some entries done first
> That's a good question
<Magma> Unless I can get the Wii to run on the computer, like the GCN. It IS supposed to go online whether you want it to or not...
<King Boo> yeah SMB2 was kinda weird
> I don't see why it wouldn't be possible
<Magma> The reason I haven't done some actual entries is because it would be much simpler to do one entry at a time, instead of going back to update an entry every time.
> Oh okay
<Magma> Here, you go, King Boo:
<Magma> I believe its the fourth or fifth question.
<King Boo> ?
<Magma> It's one of our mailbags from so long ago.
<King Boo> what am I supposed to see?
> Oh yeah, read the question that Boo sent in, King Boo
<King Boo> oh ok
<King Boo> you misspelled mailbag
> Huh?
<King Boo> "in the last jailbag"
<Magma> Sent in by Boo? My page says it was sent in by Mario...
> Ohhh lol that...
<Magma> Oh, nevermind, Boo asked the same question.
> Yes, and Boo's is more relevant
<King Boo> wow so they changed a preexisting game?
<King Boo> is that legal?
> Nintendo made DDP, they can change their own game if they want to
<King Boo> oh ok
> Oh and BTW, "jailbag" was intentional
<King Boo> what? why?
> Every once in awhile, I would put a running gag in a mailbag, for no particular reason at all except out of boredom
> Mailbag 6 was called Jailbag 6
<King Boo> oh
<King Boo> weird
<Magma> Hilarious, Purple...
> Yeah, and also I believe in Mailbag 8 or 9, I changed everybody's aliases
<King Boo> you did? lemme see
<Magma> My name was Blunt Dude...
> lol yeah
<Magma> Because I always was straight and to the point with my mailbag answers.
> Check Mailbag 8 or 9
<King Boo> haha
<King Boo> ok
> My next gag was supposed to be everybody trading personalities, but the mailbags had stopped by then
<King Boo> cool
<King Boo> I can't wait to answer my 1st mailbag
> Hopefully you will soon
<Magma> We need to advertise the sections on MNM in the updates
> What do you mean?
<Magma> Like advertise the various sections...Tell people so they know it's there.
> I already do that every time I update a section though...what exactly do you mean
<Magma> Like say--the Mailbag section is up and running again! If you have ANY question that involves Mario or Nintendo in some way, send it in. Trust us--we have
> Oh okay
> Yeah I will definitely do that once the site reopens, which I will do tomorrow
> I'm going to put a huge update and officially open it tomorrow
<Magma> A huge update?
> Yeah
<Magma> Like how?
> It'll welcome back old-timers, introduce new-comers, issue a formal apology for letting the site rot for three years, and then the usual updates
<King Boo> some celebration. is Boo coming?
> I doubt it
<Magma> That's Cyrus, now.
<King Boo> oh
<Magma> We gave him a name for the Legend of Boo series.
<Magma> Or, as you call it, LoBster.
<King Boo> oh haha
> Hey Cody do you want me to create you an account on Cutenews?
<Magma> I'd imagine you'd have to eventually.
<Magma> We're actually kind of hoping cynical Cyrus doesn't show up, so he can't throw it up in our faces that no one showed up.
<King Boo> haha
> This technically was originally supposed to be a staff members only chat
> But I figured that was too exclusive
<Magma> It might as well have been. :-/
> lol yup
<Magma> I would say something about our affiliates, but they might read this.
> lol well I did tell not to worry about RSVPing
> +them
> Next chat I'll try to get more publicity out
<Magma> I just hope we aren't all wasting our time with this...
> What do you mean?
<Magma> That we can revive MNM. It doesn't matter if we actually update it if nobody looks.
> True
<Magma> If we don't have a fanbase.
<Magma> For example, even though we're not in their league, TMK has tons of people that check for an update every day.
> Yeah
> And they don't update everyday
<Magma> I know, it's more like once every couple of weeks. :-I
> Nobody has signed the guestbook still, how sad
<Magma> Does ANYBODY sign guestbooks anymore?
<Magma> Oh wait, people did at my old comic site, M&L2.
> No, not really lol.  It's just an asylum for spam really
> But I really am curious if actual human beings come to MNM
<Magma> Who else would?
> Bots
<Magma> Forgive my ignorance, but what do you mean.
[Sun Jul 30 19:38:38 MDT 2006] Daisy Girl
[Sun Jul 30 19:38:46 MDT 2006] YoshiLovesMelons
<Daisy Girl> Woah, sorry I'm late everyone!
> Welcome Daisy Girl!  Welcome YoshiLovesMelons!
> N/p
<Magma> We actually didn't think people were going to show up...
> Wow where'd you guys come from?
> Seriously
[Sun Jul 30 19:39:59 MDT 2006] Toadsworth#3
<YoshiLovesMelons> THIS IS A COOL SITE1
<Daisy Girl> I found your site through Daisy Land.
<King Boo> hi I'm King Boo
<Daisy Girl> And I saw that there was a chat going on!!
> Oh awesomeage
<Toadsworth#3> Yagh blargh blah blah!
> Well, welcome!
[Sun Jul 30 19:40:31 MDT 2006] Cyrus
> We are celebrating the grand reopening of MNM, have you guys been to MNM before?
> Hi Cyrus!  Welcome to MNM Grand Reopening Chat!
<Toadsworth#3> I'm this a fansite?
<Cyrus> I'm surprised there are more than just the regulars here
> Yes, MNM is a general Mario information website
<King Boo> hey Cyrus
<Daisy Girl> So what did I miss?
> We were just talking about what MNM is going to do to keep visitors happy lol
<Cyrus> Magma why are you trying to have people incessently click that link to Galbadia Hotel
> Oh yeah!  Does anybody have any announcements they'd like to make?  Site promotions?  Etc.
<Magma> Because I need Galbadia Hotel links...visitors, would you please click on the link in my info?
<Cyrus> Otherwise known as SPAM
<Toadsworth#3> Yeah, it's spam. ^_^; But it helps me.
<YoshiLovesMelons> NOT YET UP
> Oh neatage, let us know when it's up maybe we can affiliate ^_^
<Toadsworth#3> Magma told me about it.
<Cyrus> Really though downloading one file at a time isn't as horrible as you make it out to be
<YoshiLovesMelons> OKAY
<Cyrus> Especially because you can just pick and choose
<Toadsworth#3> I work there at Ninbit with him.
> Oh neatage
<Cyrus> Don't type in all caps, please. Internet Etiquette
> Yes, please Yoshi
<Daisy Girl> So who are all your favorite Mario characters? I bet you can guess mine. =P
<Cyrus> Come on you, where's the moderating *pokes Purple*
<YoshiLovesMelons> r u a moderator 2?
<Magma> Technically, he is staff.
<Cyrus> Sort of. And I shall wield the moderating trout!
> He is a staff member
<Magma> That reminds me.
<King Boo> I'm a staff member too
<Cyrus> Cyrus slaps Magma around with a large trout.  Ka ha ha ha!!
> lol oh no not this again
<Magma> Crap, I was looking for the right F key...
<Cyrus> I am wielder of the trout
<Cyrus> F11, Quickdraw
<Magma> Oh, okay
> Me slaps King around with a large trout.  Heh heh
<Daisy Girl> Let me try.
> Er oops
> Purple slaps KingBoo around with a large trout.  Heh heh
<Daisy Girl> Daisy Girl slaps Purple around with a large trout.
<Cyrus> Oh look what I started =P
<King Boo> what the hell is up with the trouts?
<Cyrus> So how old are you people I don't know, 12?
<Daisy Girl> I'm fifteen, I'm a regular over at Daisy Land.
<YoshiLovesMelons> im 13
<Magma> I hate Daisy. :-\
<YoshiLovesMelons> u?
> lol uh-oh
<Toadsworth#3> woah, i can't keep up with you guys!
<King Boo> Daisy screwed me over in Mario Party 4
<Cyrus> It's hard to give ghosts an age
> lol yeah that was funny
<Cyrus> But anyhow I'm 19
<Cyrus> And should be one with eternity anyway! Ka ha ha ha!!
<Magma> I used to like Daisy as a character, but then she got retarded in Double Dash when she was shouting "Hi! I'm Daisy!" I've hated her ever since.
<YoshiLovesMelons> wow ure old
> King Boo is the eldest.  He is 22
<Magma> I was seventeen when I first started working at MNM, but now I'm 15.
<YoshiLovesMelons> WOW @_@
> lmao
<Cyrus> You travelled back in time
<Magma> And getting my learner's permit Tuesday. :)
<King Boo> that's right. so no backtalking young unz
> I can =P
<Toadsworth#3> I'm 14.
<King Boo> well I'm 2nd in command
<Cyrus> We're too old for this, staffers
<Magma> Hey, I still count...
<YoshiLovesMelons> dont feel bad :(
<Cyrus> I feel so ancient being unburied with this site from the sands of time
<Daisy Girl> Wait...did someone say they HATE Daisy>?
<King Boo> Magma did
<Magma> Uh, yeah, where have you been?
<Magma> And thanks, Your Majesty. :-O
<King Boo> does Yoshi love marshmallows too?
<Daisy Girl> Well, in that case...
<YoshiLovesMelons> Yoshi loves everything
<Daisy Girl> Daisy Girl slaps Magma around with a large trout.   Hi, I'm Daisy!!
<Cyrus> If it's edible, Yoshi will eat it
<YoshiLovesMelons> but melons are his favorite
<King Boo> oh. sounds like my kinda dinosaur then
<Cyrus> And if it isn't that particular thing will only be eaten once and then avoided
<YoshiLovesMelons> Yoshi doesn't like ghosts
<King Boo> to eat? or what?
<Magma> Yoshis HATE chili peppers. I don't know if that means anything. And now I hate Daisy even more.
<YoshiLovesMelons> Yoshi is afraid of ghosts
<Cyrus> I might still have that choose your own adventure book loosely based on Super Mario World
<Magma> I have a couple of those, Cyrus.
<King Boo> oh. don't be afraid of me. I only haunt Bowser
<Cyrus> He ate nails without a problem. Castiron stomach
<Magma> What about Luigi, King Boo?
<King Boo> him too
<Cyrus> No Boo fears Luigi, just that darn Poltergust!
<Magma> I remember that King Boo had Luigi imprisoned in Super Mario 64 DS.
<Cyrus> Except for the King apparently
<YoshiLovesMelons> omg luigi's mansion is so fun
<Purple> We were just playing it today
> I'm conflicted on whether a sequel would be nice.
<Cyrus> Don't overdo it, I say
<Purple> I was highly disappointed with the Hidden
<Cyrus> Frankly I couldn't really tell the difference
    between the two
<Toadsworth#3> whats the hidden mansion?
<Purple> It's the mansion that you unlock after
    beating Luigi's Mansion, but it's the exact same
    as the first mansion
> Isn't it inverted or something?
<Purple> No
<Cyrus> Not at all
<Cyrus> I can tell you what inverted is
<Purple> The only difference is, the ghosts have
    shorter stun times but less pulling power
<Cyrus> Walking on ceilings
<Cyrus> Like in Symphony of the Night
> Oh yeah, I remember now. That's stupid
<King Boo> what? really? you told me that you get
    to play as Mario
<Cyrus> Who's spreading rumors
<Purple> King Boo = PUNKED HEE HEE HAHA
    HO HO
> You're so cruel, Purple...How's he ever going to
    learn Mario 101 if you pull that kinda stuff?
<King Boo> ooh youre gonna get it. just you wait
    King Boo will get you
<Daisy Girl> How about...DAISY'S PALACE as a
<Purple> lmao, sorry
<Cyrus> As if that's required
<YoshiLovesMelons> Or Yoshi's Island
<Cyrus> Save what little brain power he has left for other stuff
<King Boo> whose
<Cyrus> Yours. Ka ha ha ha!!
<King Boo> hey. it's not my fault I'm ignorant on Mario matters. Purple keeps feeding me lies
> That was the only thing I lied about
<Cyrus> And I say there are more important things you could learn
<King Boo> no doubt I do
<Magma> Oh, I just thought of an interesting question.
<YoshiLovesMelons> wait wait wait wait wait wait wait. Is Cyrus a Boo? shouldnt u be worshipping King Boo?
<Magma> Who here had the guts to play Super Princess Peach?
<King Boo> yeah. kiss me feet subject
<King Boo> my*
> lol
> I would, but I don't have a DS
<Cyrus> Who wants to worship a painting? And you have no feet ka ha ha ha!!
<Magma> I almost did, I had it in my hands and everything, but I just couldn't do it.
<Cyrus> Anyone I couldn't put my masculinity aside and get the game
<Cyrus> Anyhow*
<Magma> So then I went on eBay, and it was expensive on there.
<King Boo> I'm not a painting. ok then kiss my crown
> But just give me a DS
<Daisy Girl> I did. It was pretty good, but it should've starred Daisy. Who cares about Peach?
<YoshiLovesMelons> im a guy so no
<Daisy Girl> Daisy is way more down-to-earth.
<Cyrus> Makes sense since you don't have a ring, but I wasn't part of your illusory mansion
<Magma> I would say at least Peach isn't an idiot like Daisy, but Peach is pretty stupid sometimes...
<Magma> She's only smart in RPGs.
<King Boo> it doesn't matter. I'm still King of the Boos
> lol
> Except Mario & Luigi
> God she annoyed the heck out of me in that one
<Magma> She was okay in M&L, I think...
<Magma> At least she didn't stay kidnapped the whole game.
<King Boo> why what did she do?
<Magma> She was gone for almost ALL of M&L2...I think. Am I right, Cyrus?
> Kept running straight into enemies in that one desert level that I forgot the name of, it was a hassle getting her safely out of there
<Magma> Teehee Valley
> Yeah lol
<Cyrus> You can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart throws a sword at you
> I almost just went, "Oh let the villains take her...let's just move on already!"
<King Boo> watery tart? sword? what are you talking about?
<Cyrus> I rest my case
<Magma> Ha ha, what would've been cool is if in PM2, she gunned down a few X-Nauts, blew up their base, and went on the run for a couple of chapters.
<Cyrus> Anyhow I don't remember much from Partners in Time
<King Boo> ?
> lol
<Cyrus> I could've done without the infamous realization that the computer was spying on her
> ANNOUNCEMENT:  The MNM Grand Reopening Chat is officially over, but if you'd like to stick around, you are more than welcome to!