Chat Transcript- Thursday, March 14, 2002

This chat was really something else. Although it wasn't the most energetic or the longest, we still had some good times!

[Thu Mar 14 18:02:05 MST 2002] Mr. X has no profile.
<Mr. X> Hey
> Hey Mr. X, welcome to MNM Chat
<Toad> hello Mr. X
<Mr. X> Hey
<Toad> are you co-webmaster Mike?
<Mr. X> No
<Toad> then who!
<Kamek> Who are you.
<Toad> I think it's Co-webmaster Mike with his new secret identity
<Mr. X> This is Van
<Kamek> Van?
> Van!  I should've known!
> Hey Van!
<Toad> I'm sorry Van
<Kamek> Nice to meet you Van.
<Mr. X> You too. Im Lenas friend.
<Toad> I apologize for my stupidity
> brb
<Mr. X> Who is everyone?
<Toad> I am Max Jones, aka Toad and aka Lemmy Koopa
<Mr. X> Cool nice to meet ya Max
<Toad> pleasure to meet you Van
> Okay I'm back
<Toad> where were you?
> I just had to tell my mom something
<Toad> oh
<Kamek> I am Kamek.  The Number 1 Koopa!
<Mr. X> Is Sean coming, Lena?
<Kamek> Is there a Mini-Van?
<Toad> that is hurtful
<Mr. X> ha ha ha nope
> He should be, he said he might be a little late b/c of work
<Mr. X> O I C
<Toad> who is Sean?
<Mr. X> My best friend.
<Toad> should we begin a conversation? any ideas?
> He was Koopatrol/King Boo/Sargo at Bowser's funeral, remember?
<Toad> oh yeah
<Mr. X> Ya hes the crazy one
> lol Van
<Toad> we'd better not let Sean see this or he'll cry
<Mr. X> He'll kill us all
> Why do you think he'd cry lol?
<Toad> holy cats!
<Kamek> Cats?
<Toad> because people most of the time don't appreciate being called 'crazy ones' behind their
<Toad> and i can't stand to see Sean cry
<Toad> it makes me want to cry too... if though I've never met him or seen him
<Mr. X> Sean knows hes crazy. Hes proud of it
<Kamek> **Shrug**I don't mind it.
<Toad> he still might cry, you never know
> lmao, that would be rich to see
<Kamek> Toad your crazy.
<Kamek> LOL
<Toad> now I am going to cry
<Kamek> Sorry, man.
<Toad> that's okay
<Toad> is crying manly?
<Kamek> Nope.
<Mr. X> I cry mentally
<Toad> ohman
<Kamek> Nor is it Koopaly.
<Toad> how do you do that?
> Well Mallow cried so much in SMRPG
<Toad> than I suppose I shouldn't cry, I should stick to miserable fits
> And Toad cried a lot in Luigi's Mansion
<Kamek> Ugh.
<Toad> I don't think of Mallow as manly though
> He's Mallowy
<Kamek> Ha
> Marshmallowy!
<Toad> lol
> Oh that reminds me...
<Toad> marshmellows aren't manly
[Thu Mar 14 18:12:05 MST 2002] Sonic the Hedgehog has no profile.
> Whatever you do, don't mention marshmallows in Sean's presence
<Kamek> Sonic!
> Hey Sonic!
<Kamek> Holy Cow!
<Sonic the Hedgehog> sup'?
<Toad> how are you Sonic?
<Toad> holy cats!
<Mr. X> Hey Sonic
<Sonic the Hedgehog> fine
> You Magma Mario?
<Kamek> Well, I don't mind Sonic as much now that hes working more for Nintendo than Sega.\
<Sonic the Hedgehog> hi
<Sonic the Hedgehog> nope
<Toad> who are you?
<Kamek> Hes Sonic, not Magma!
<Kamek> Wait a minute...are you Magma Sonic?
> Confusin'...
<Toad> are you Sean?
<Sonic the Hedgehog> who's that?
<Toad> Sean is crazy
<Toad> right Mr. X?
<Mr. X> Just wait til Sean gets here
<Kamek> You ppl should enter profiles man, it really helps stupid ppl like me out.
<Toad> will he cry?
> Let's not trash-talk about Sean
> Let's trash-talk about XBox and PS2!
<Toad> or he'll cry
<Mr. X> He might or he just might kill you
<Toad> holy cats!
<Sonic the Hedgehog> Iv'e been wanting to come to these chats for a long time now, but sega
    wouldn't let me
[Thu Mar 14 18:14:58 MST 2002] Cheese has no profile.
<Toad> I you called him crazy not me! You made me!
> Hey Cheese, welcome
<Toad> it's Cheese!
<Mr. X> Who me
<Mr. X> Hey Cheese
<Toad> yes
<Cheese> Yo man wassup?
<Mr. X> You dont know Sean hes out of this world
<Kamek> Hello, Mr. Cheese.
> Are you Magma Mario?
> Or Sean?
> Or Mike?
<Toad> but yet I tal about him more than anyone
<Kamek> Heya Cheese, whats ur favorite cheese?
<Toad> or Lexington?
> American
<Sonic the Hedgehog> cheese is gross
> B/c I remember Sean posting a message on MHHQ titled, "Become the cheese"
<Cheese> wha?  no, i'm cheese
<Sonic the Hedgehog> it slows  you way down when your trying to run
<Toad> is that you Sean?
<Cheese> my fav. cheese cheese
> Say cheese
<Cheese> i said I AM CHEESE!  not no sean
<Sonic the Hedgehog> why couldn't he have been a chili dog?
<Kamek> Good cheese is good.
<Toad> because then you'd eat him
> lol
> Okay hi Cheese
<Toad> good cheese is very good
<Cheese> don't eat me dude
<Toad> are you good cheese?
<Toad> or garbage cheese?
<Cheese> so what is this anwyas
<Mr. X> A chat
<Kamek> A chat....duh.
<Mr. X> Its called cheese chat
> "Behold the power of CHEESE!"
<Cheese> whatever dudes
<Mr. X> ha ha ha
<Cheese> you dudes are pretty cool
<Toad> we know
<Kamek> especially me
<Mr. X> Im the coolest
<Toad> I'm the manliest
<Sonic the Hedgehog> Not to take all the credit...
<Sonic the Hedgehog> but I'm sure that I'm the ife of the party
> You visit this site a lot, Cheese?
<Toad> I think that Cheese is because he renamed the chatroom, according to Mr X
<Cheese> a party?
<Cheese> nope
> lmao
<Cheese> you gotta have more cheese on it man
[Thu Mar 14 18:20:13 MST 2002] Link has no profile.
<Kamek> I have to agree with him
> Welcome Link
<Kamek> Hiya Link.
<Toad> yeah...not enough cheese on there
<Link> Thank you.
<Mr. X> We need to have a party
<Sonic the Hedgehog> Ain't that guy one of those nintendo guys?
<Link> Yes.
<Cheese> hey link dude
<Link> brb
> Are you Sean/Mike/Cody?
<Cheese> you like cheese
<Toad> he comes and he goes just like that!
> Who does?
<Kamek> Link is cool
<Toad> or Lexington?
<Link> No...
<Mr. X> Me confused
> Okay hi Link
<Toad> Link does, he came then he left
<Cheese> link, you like cheese????!!!
<Toad> he'll be beack though
<Sonic the Hedgehog> way past cool
<Link> Yes!
> This is supposed to be a chat about Mario
> But we get sidetracked easily
<Toad> not cheese
> Just some ground rules:
<Cheese> hey link your my type man
> That's all, thank you and enjoy the chat
> lol
<Mr. X> Whats cussing
<Mr. X> jk
<Cheese> link how bout some cheese?
<Link> No
> So cheese it teh topic for the night I guess...
<Kamek> **Cussing**
<Toad> you should not offer cheese to someone, because if you do you will be bitten
[Thu Mar 14 18:22:17 MST 2002] Boo: Better late than never. Ka ha ha ha!!
> 'Tis Boo!
<Toad> it's Co-webmaster Mike!
> Welcome Boo!
<Link> Who's Mega Girl?
<Mr. X> Oh thats Mike? Hey Mike!
> I am Mega Girl
> Are you Wiggy???
<Sonic the Hedgehog> me and mario used to be fierce rivals
<Link> Yeah
> Hi Wiggy!
<Cheese> hey boo you like cheese like me and link here?
<Boo> Yeah, Sonic was SEGA's answer to Mario
> lol
<Kamek> Hiya Boo.
> Boo do you know who Mr. X is?
<Mr. X> It is I van
<Link> No, Sonic was SEGA's answer to me!
<Link> Muahahaha!
<Cheese> link you need some cheese
<Toad> holy cats! Link went crazy!
<Boo> Link is cool, yes
> Holy cats?
> lol
<Cheese> some GOOD CHEESE
<Link> Yes!
> Link is the best on SSBM
> Oneof the best
<Kamek> Not as good as Samus
<Link> Yep.
<Toad> I've never played it :(
> Marth is cool too and Roy
<Link> Agh, I'm terrible with Samus.
<Cheese> yeah cuz link likes cheese
> Mouser likes cheese too
<Sonic the Hedgehog> If Sega was a little quicker, I couldv'e been on smash bros. melee
<Boo> Samus is also a rounded out person though
<Cheese> Hey purple, think you could make a page of cheese on your site?
> lol
<Boo> Link has power and weight
> Sure
> What would be on it?
<Link> It's true.
<Link> Baby.
<Link> You want some of this?
<Kamek> Quit insulting Samus!
<Link> Heh.
<Link> Samus is a babe.
<Toad> it would be hard to find something to go on a page with cheese
> Who is the worst chair actor on SSBM in your opinion?
<Boo> I know, Link
<Kamek> SHUT UP!
<Link> Chair actor?
> Well you can have pics of cheese
> And cool people who like cheese
<Boo> I never played, so I wouldn't know
<Cheese> yeah
> Yeah chair actor
<Toad> that is madness! Who would put cheese on a cheese website? LOL
<Boo> I saw a player's guide, which is why I knew about some stats
<Kamek> Samus is mine!!!
<Link> What's that?
<Kamek> All mine!
> That's juts rich
<Boo> I'd use Ganondorf, he's cool
<Toad> I'll return shortly
<Cheese> i would
<Mr. X> Why are fighting over Samus
> Yeah, why?
> lol
<Link> Cause' she's a babe.
> ~k~ Toad
<Kamek> Cuz shes my girlfriend!
<Mr. X> Ooooh fight
<Boo> A Magikoopa and a human?
<Mr. X> Fight fight fight!
<Kamek> This is between me and Link
<Boo> Ka ha ha ha!!
<Sonic the Hedgehog> Ganondorf sucks in that game
<Cheese> link use the cheese on kamek
<Link> Shut up boo.
<Link> Ganondorf sucks
<Link> Badly.
<Sonic the Hedgehog> woah, this fight wil be way past cool
<Boo> Boo can't laugh now?
> No fighting
<Link> Shut up fast boy.
> In teh chat room
<Kamek> Yeah, I like cheese
<Boo> Cheddar
<Mr. X> Yeah no fighting only I can fight
<Cheese> cheese
<Link> Sonic has cool shoes.
<Cheese> good cheese
<Cheese> yeah
<Cheese> i love
<Cheese> good
<Cheese> chesse
<Cheese> man
<Cheese> dude
<Link> Shut up Cheese!
<Cheese> it so darn good
<Kamek> Really!
<Link> lol
<Sonic the Hedgehog> thanks
<Boo> Cast a spell, Kamek
<Kamek> Sure@!
<Boo> Show me your expertiece
<Sonic the Hedgehog> a spell?
> So what does everyone think of Miyamot's retirement?
<Toad> I'm back
> W/b Toad
<Boo> Tis a sad thing...
<Kamek> **Turns Cheese into a toad**
<Toad> what does w/b mean?
[Thu Mar 14 18:29:29 MST 2002] Cheese Toad has no profile.
> Welcome Back
<Boo> Ka ha ha ha!
<Cheese Toad> darn man
<Kamek> Yes!
<Toad> we already have a toad thank ya very muich
<Boo> Do you wear a cheese hat?
<Sonic the Hedgehog> Miyamoto retired?
> Are you Swiss Cheese?
<Cheese Toad> but not a cheese toad
> No be he's going to
<Cheese Toad> IM TOAD CHEESE!
<Toad> I'm guessing Kamek turned hi mto Limburgh
<Sonic the Hedgehog> what thee
<Kamek> No way!
> Thee?
<Kamek> That stuff smells!
> Thou art
<Kamek> Do you really wanna smell that crap?!
<Boo> You jest at scars that have never felt a wound
<Toad> all the more reason you turn your enemy into it
<Sonic the Hedgehog> i thought we were going to chat about mario
> So how come you're not on your SN Van?
<Toad> me too
<Mr. X> Im on a different screen name
<Mr. X> One that no ones knows
<Cheese Toad> toad cheese is good
> Yes we'll hat about Mario
<Kamek> What is Toad Cheese?
<Boo> Do you mean Mr. X as in "Mr. Mega Man X?"
<Boo> Just wondering
<Mr. X> Yup
<Boo> OK, it figures
<Mr. X> Very good Boo
<Mr. X> You deserve a cookie
<Mr. X> ha ha ha
<Toad> so why is he retiring?
<Boo> Can't eat it, sorry
> I don't know
> It was on aninterveiw
<Toad> what?
<Cheese Toad> cuz the cheese
<Toad> oh
<Cheese Toad> the toad
<Cheese Toad> cheese
<Boo> By the by, you've got a female counterpart in my town, Mr. X
<Cheese Toad> is good
<Toad> did you see the interview?
<Cheese Toad> Toad you make good cheese
<Boo> She carries a guitar
<Sonic the Hedgehog> i can't believe miyamoto retired
<Toad> or read it?
<Mr. X> huh
<Kamek> Shut up cheese!
<Toad> that is rude Kamek
[Thu Mar 14 18:33:19 MST 2002] The Muffin Man: im the muffin man of chicago
<Cheese Toad> you tell him toad
> Hey Muffin Man, welcome
<Toad> it's the muffin man!
<Boo> Do you know...the Muffin Man?
<Boo> The Muffin Man?
<Cheese Toad> we'll all go toad cheese on him
<Boo> The Muffin Man...
<Kamek> WHAT!
<The Muffin Man> will you tell the muffin man the muffin man the muffin man will you tell the
    muffin man to bake me a cricket pie
<Cheese Toad> How about a cheese muffin?
<Sonic the Hedgehog> I think I met him somewhere in between the Windy Valley and Wild
<Boo> Who lives own Jewelry Lane?
<Boo> She's married to the muffin man!!
<Boo> Eat me!
> lmao Muddin Man
> *Muffin
<Cheese Toad> later
<Mr. X> ha ha ha
<The Muffin Man> yep
<The Muffin Man> its the muffin man the muffin man the muffin man do you see the muffin man?
<Toad> now we are talking about muffins!
<Boo> Cranberry muffins
<Boo> Yum
<Kamek> Muffins!
<Kamek> Yummy
<The Muffin Man> bet youll never guess who i am
<Boo> Qeomash!
<Toad> is it Sean?
[Thu Mar 14 18:35:59 MST 2002] Supa' Mario has no profile.
<The Muffin Man> good guess toad
<The Muffin Man> youre right
<Supa' Mario> It'za me, a Mario!
<The Muffin Man> its sean ga ha ha
<Supa' Mario> Hello!
<Toad> Mr. X said you were crazy, Sean
<Boo> Darn, where is Qeo then?
<Supa' Mario> *Music goes off
<The Muffin Man> i am
<Mr. X> Sean kill them all
<Toad> I thought that you were going to weep if you heard them
<Toad> I said nothing of the sort
<The Muffin Man> me weep hah
<Sonic the Hedgehog> It's Supa' Mario!
<The Muffin Man> i weep at nothing
<Sonic the Hedgehog> way past cool!
<Toad> I was trying to get them to stop talking trash about you but they wouldn't
<Toad> lol
> Hey Sean
<The Muffin Man> hey
<Toad> where did Supa' Mario go?
<Mr. X> I ate him
<Toad> how could you!
<The Muffin Man> no i did
<Toad> how coud YOU>
<Mr. X> I ate him first
<Sonic the Hedgehog> he used an invisibility block
<The Muffin Man> i ate his hat
<Toad> poor Supa' Mario
<Toad> was it tasty?
<The Muffin Man> yep
> Stop hey what's that sound?  Everybody looks what's going down?
<Toad> I thought it might be
<Toad> are you singing Purple?
<Mr. X> Im appalled
> Yes
<Toad> you have quite the singing voice
<Sonic the Hedgehog> Boo kidnapped him!
> Thanx ^_^
<Kamek> "Voice"
<The Muffin Man> i can sing too!
<Kamek> Oh no.
<The Muffin Man> will you tell the muffin man the muffin man the muffin man the muffin man will
    you tell the muffin man to bake me a cricket pie
[Thu Mar 14 18:39:56 MST 2002] Knuckles the Echidna: I live on Angel Island
<Sonic the Hedgehog> oh i can sing too
> Hello peoples
<Sonic the Hedgehog> who want's to hear sonic's theme song?!
[Thu Mar 14 18:40:15 MST 2002] Knuckles the Echidna: I live on Angel Island
<Sonic the Hedgehog> Knuckles?
<Toad> why did Knuckles come and then leave?
<Knuckles the Echidna> Whoops
<Knuckles the Echidna> My bad
<Toad> and ten come again?
<Sonic the Hedgehog> My old buddy!
<Toad> he was your enemy as well
<Knuckles the Echidna> Ah, Robotnik was a tricky man
> Interesting
<Knuckles the Echidna> Made me think Sonic was the enemy
<Toad> and hefty
[Thu Mar 14 18:41:09 MST 2002] Zero: The very dashing red reploid
> Hey it's Zero!
<Toad> It's Zero! AND HE'S DASHING!
<Boo> No more muffin man?
<Zero> you know it
<Toad> yeah really, where'd he go?
<Knuckles the Echidna> When was there a muffin man?
<Kamek> before
<Toad> perhaps before you came
<Kamek> Before you came
<Sonic the Hedgehog> did everyone just go mute?
<Mr. X> That does it Im undergoing a transformation too
<Knuckles the Echidna> Taking him long enough there
<Toad> say wha?
[Thu Mar 14 18:42:49 MST 2002] Bowser:
[Thu Mar 14 18:42:51 MST 2002] Megaman X: The awesome out of this world blue Reploid!
> Hey! Look everyone!
<Sonic the Hedgehog> hello?
<Toad> my goodness!
<Boo> Blue Bomber!
<Megaman X> ha haha did ya miss me
<Toad> yes,
<Toad> I wept
<Bowser> No hellos for me!
<Toad> hello Bowser!
> Hey Bowser!
<Bowser> I'm a king, he's not!!!
<Toad> are you Sean?
<Boo> Yo Koop!
<Bowser> Thats better!
<Toad> no ganster talk in here Boo!
<Zero> i am sean
<Toad> oh
<Toad> I'm sorry
<Boo> I took it from that car commercial way back when
<Bowser> Boo!  Kamek!  What are you doing here!?!?
<Kamek> Ack!
<Megaman X> x did you see sigma anywhere
<Kamek> Its you!
<Toad> it is not
<Zero> i mean zero
<Sonic the Hedgehog> creepy
<Bowser> ....Kamek.....
<Zero> you mean zero?
<Bowser> Did you have my permission to come here?!?
<Toad> maybe
<Boo> Bum bum buuum!!
> Okay n/m
<Sonic the Hedgehog> if noone is here
<Sonic the Hedgehog> i can sing my theme song!
<Kamek> No....I had ummm....Lemmy's!
<Sonic the Hedgehog> Ok here it goes
<Knuckles the Echidna> The theme song has words?
<Sonic the Hedgehog> Well I don't show off, don't criticize
<Sonic the Hedgehog> I'm just livin' by my own feelings
<Bowser> Lemmy said it was okay so fine...just don't annoy me
<Knuckles the Echidna> It does in Sonic CD anyway
<Megaman X> i G2G BYE LEAPERS
<Toad> I am going to have to go pretty soon
<Kamek> Okay Master Bowser.
<Toad> goodbye Megaman
<Knuckles the Echidna> And Sonic R has a lot of vocals
<Toad> I am going to weep when you leave
<Zero> its just me the dashing red reploid
<Boo> Who killed his girlfriend...
<Boo> Ka ha ha ha!!
> I would undergo a transformation myself but it would interrupt the logging
<Zero> you are logging this chat?
<Kamek> That stinks.
<Toad> it's nothing but muffins and cheese
> I have been ever since the beginning of time!
<Zero> i like marshmellows
<Sonic the Hedgehog> And I won't give in
<Kamek> Muffin Flavored Cheese
<Boo> Correction
<Sonic the Hedgehog> won't compromise
<Kamek> or Cheese Flavored Muffins
<Sonic the Hedgehog> i only have a steadfast heart of golf
<Boo> You didn't log the chat when Qeo was actually here
<Sonic the Hedgehog> i don't know why, i can't leave though it might be tought
<Toad> I have to go ladies and gentlemen It was a pleasure speaking with you all again
<Boo> And there was a lot of lemonade
> I did, but I lost it
<Toad> ga'bye
> Okay bye bye Toad!
<Sonic the Hedgehog> but i ain't out of control, just livin' by my word
<Boo> Marshmallows*
<Sonic the Hedgehog> don't ask me why, i don't need a reason
<Zero> same difference
<Boo> Hardly
<Boo> You were waaaay off
> Wonder if Mallow is a marashmallow
<Kamek> Later Lemmy
<Kamek> Or Toad
<Sonic the Hedgehog> i got my way
<Sonic the Hedgehog> my own way
<Sonic the Hedgehog> it doesn't matter
<Sonic the Hedgehog> now what happens
<Kamek> Isn't he a cloud?
<Boo> He's a Tuff Puff that's not evil, I say
<Sonic the Hedgehog> i will never give up the fight
<Sonic the Hedgehog> there is no way i wil run away from all my frights
<Zero> they all taste the same. if mallow is a marshmallow (see i spelled it right)then tell me
    where he lives
<Sonic the Hedgehog> long as the voice inside me says go, i will keep on running
<Boo> Nah, Tuff Puffs don't have arms or legs
<Sonic the Hedgehog> there is no way to stop me from going to the top
<Kamek> Time for me to say....
<Sonic the Hedgehog> it doesn't matter who is wrong and who is right
<Kamek> C~ya!
<Sonic the Hedgehog> well i don't look back, don't need to
> Well TTYL Kamek
<Boo> Goodbye, Kamek
<Sonic the Hedgehog> time won't wait and i got so much to do
<Boo> It's been a pleasure
<Zero> you shouldnt leave so soon kamek
<Sonic the Hedgehog> where do i stop, it's all a blur and so unclear
<Kamek> Later Guys...and Koopas.
<Knuckles the Echidna> Wow, this is a long song, Sonic
> Is Kunckles a guy or a girl?
<Kamek> Why shouldn't I
<Sonic the Hedgehog> well i don't know, but i can't be wrong\this fight is not for anybody
<Knuckles the Echidna> I'm a guy
<Sonic the Hedgehog> \this is purelyu for myself
<Kamek> ?
<Sonic the Hedgehog> there is now way i'm gonna give up till' the very end
<Zero> youre needed to carry out the experiment
<Sonic the Hedgehog> i can't tewll what is wrong and what is right
<Sonic the Hedgehog> iv'e got to find the answer
<Kamek> Sorry can' can do it!
> Stop scaring away teh visitors, Zero!
<Sonic the Hedgehog> but i do there's no way i will ever give up
<Zero> im only helping you
<Sonic the Hedgehog> place all your bets on the one you think is right
<Sonic the Hedgehog> ::bows::
<Knuckles the Echidna> Impressive
<Zero> if you have time post a message at
<Zero> anybody out there
> :::Echoes::: "Anybody out there?  Out there? OUt there?
<Boo> Yeah, but things seem to be moving very slow
<Zero> cool
> Well that's just peachy keen
<Knuckles the Echidna> Half the people in the room left
> Barely an hour has passed by
<Knuckles the Echidna> And now the utter silence begins...
<Zero> my bad i scared everyone off sorry. ill never do it again i promise
> It's not your fault, it's The Muffin Man's fault
<Zero> yeah
<Sonic the Hedgehog> eek
<Sonic the Hedgehog> no applause
<Knuckles the Echidna> Hm?
<Zero> >screams bloody murder<
<Boo> Don
<Boo> Don
> Brandon is coming,
<Boo> Don't*
<Zero> whos brandon
> Brandon is goober maneuver or the burger dude
<Zero> oh
<Boo> The Goobster
<Boo> Goober alla mode
> lol
<Zero> zero is getting tired of talking. someone else take over
> Let's go back to the original topic...
<Knuckles the Echidna> You haven't said much, you were just screaming
<Zero> which is
> Miyamoto's returement and possible results of it
<Zero> can i say something
<Boo> The end is near, we don't have a prayer!
> Hurry, say something
<Boo> Nintendo as we know it will be wiped from the face of the Earth
> Oh ha ha, that's belly0achin' hilarious, Sean
<Zero> i know im so funny i crack myself to pieces
> Did you know that Atari is coming out with anew console possibly?
<Zero> i used to have an atari
<Boo> Atari? How long ago did they make their last system?
<Zero> i loved that bowling game
> Like late 70s/early 80s
<Boo> Isn't Atari pretty ancient?
> THe basketball one made me laugh so much for some reason
<Zero> yeah its ancient
<Boo> I forget what that console was though
<Sonic the Hedgehog> this is annoying
<Sonic the Hedgehog> i'm fixign to juice it
<Knuckles the Echidna> Yawn... :::shadow boxes:::
> The Atatri is supposed to be better than GCN PS2 and XBOX
> The new one I mean...
[Thu Mar 14 19:05:37 MST 2002] BigMouthKoopa: Hi I'm BigMouth and I can fit both fists in my
    mouth, along with three of my toes!
<Zero> its bigmouth
> Welcome BigMouth!
<Boo> What, is it going to have 256 bits of graphics?
<BigMouthKoopa> what's an Echidna?
<Boo> I see it all now...
<Knuckles the Echidna> An Echidna is a monotreme. There are only two species of echidna and
    they inhabit Australia and New Guina
<BigMouthKoopa> cool!
<Knuckles the Echidna> I know I spelt that other country wrong
<BigMouthKoopa> Where can I see a real picture of one?
<Knuckles the Echidna> Ecidnas are also known as "spiny anteaters"
<Knuckles the Echidna> Echdinas*
<BigMouthKoopa> do they look like Knuckles?
<Knuckles the Echidna> Not really, I'm just SEGA's character based on the animal
<Knuckles the Echidna> Just like how Sonuc doesn't really look like a real hedgehog
<Knuckles the Echidna> Sonic*
<BigMouthKoopa> ohhhh
<BigMouthKoopa> ok cool
[Thu Mar 14 19:08:40 MST 2002] Sonic the Hedgehog has no profile.
> W/b Sonic
<Zero> ZzZzZ
<BigMouthKoopa> I thought we were gonna talk about Shigeru retiring...
> Yeah we were
> WHat does everyone think of it?
<Zero> ZzZzZ
<Knuckles the Echidna>
<Knuckles the Echidna> Here's a live echidna for you, BigMouth
> Weake up Zero
<Zero> i was having a nice dream about marshmellows
<Boo> Oh, Boo has spoken his mind
<Boo> But here's how I see the rest of the future
> Say what's on your ghostly mind again
<Zero> be right back everyone. dont move
[Thu Mar 14 19:13:34 MST 2002] King Boo: KA HA HA HA HA
<King Boo> ka ha ha ha
<Boo> Sony and Microsoft will continue to try and best eachother, and one day a system will be
    developed that has so many bits of graphics that it'll blow out every TV known to man!
> Hey King Boo
<Boo> My liege! :::bows:::
<King Boo> where is that koopa bowser
<BigMouthKoopa> Nintendo won't end
<BigMouthKoopa> I don't think so
<BigMouthKoopa> They may keep making GB's
<King Boo> greetings boo diddley
> He said that none of us were talking when we were
> Oh no!  Chat reset!
<BigMouthKoopa> who did sorry.....
<King Boo> wha
<King Boo> chat reset?
<Boo> Ah, I thought he was just pretending that no one was there
> Sonic
<King Boo> king boo is royally confused
<Boo> Sting Chameleon has cool stage music
<Boo> The Metal Forest
<King Boo> sting chameleon rocks
<BigMouthKoopa> Mega Man?
> Yeah man
<King Boo> precisely, megaman x
<BigMouthKoopa> I like that game it's cool
<BigMouthKoopa> I'll be lurking
<Boo> Where?
<BigMouthKoopa> I may be back may not...
<BigMouthKoopa> C ya
> Oh okay TTYL
<King Boo> talk later bigmouth
<Boo> Goodbye
<King Boo> ka ha ha ha
<King Boo> a haunting i will go
<Boo> I thought King Boo had some other laugh?
<King Boo> does he
<Boo> According to Purple, yes
<King Boo> it sounds more like la ha ha ha to me
> It just sounds disgusting, like gagging and choking
<King Boo> yeah
> Maybe we should call it a night...what does everybody else think?
<King Boo> my wish is your command
> Diddn't know I had power over a ghost king!  Coolage!
> j/k
<King Boo> king boo must rest
<Boo> All we're getting is a whole load of nothing, might as well call it quits
<King Boo> king boo is tired
<King Boo> and king boo has a headache
<Boo> But this was a very boodacious chat!
<Boo> Pun intended
<King Boo> very boolicious
> Take some Boonadryl
> Wait is that headache medicine or no?
<King Boo> king boo only has tylenol
<Boo> Benadryl, King Boo
> Then take Tylenol and rest, your higness
<Boo> What's a hig?
<Boo> Ka ha ha ha!!
<King Boo> king boo bids all farewell. "uneasy lies the head that wears a crown"
> Oh he left
> lol I didn't even hear the sound
<Boo> I haven't been hearing the sound for anyone who's left
> There was this sound that played whenever people left, it was the same chirping sound when
    you click on someone's name
<Boo> Must be malfunctioning
> Let's call the maintenance man
<Boo> You do it. If I went, he wouldn't want to come do his job after seeing a ghost
<Boo> Ka ha ha ha!!
> He won't recognize your voince don't worry
> *voice
> Do you have plans on Friday?
[Thu Mar 14 19:31:51 MST 2002] Shadow has no profile.
> I thought we could go bowling or something
> Welcome Shadow
<Boo> Friday? Nope
<Shadow> Thank you...
> lol
<Boo> Why dost thou ask?
<Shadow> Wiggy.
> Just bored
> Hey Wiggy!
> Sorry to burst your bubble
<Shadow> Hehe.
<Shadow> Hi.
> But we declared this chat over already
<Shadow> Darno gun!
<Shadow> (Klobb, worst gun in 007)
> lol/
<Boo> Your session has been terminated!! Ka ha ha ha!!
<Shadow> (I call it the Darno Gun. Ka hahaha!)
<Shadow> Hehe. I took Boo's saying.
<Boo> Klobbs are cool-looking despite how bad they are
<Shadow> Yeah.
> Well, technically it is over but I"m still logging lol!
<Shadow> Are you now?
<Shadow> Hmm?
> Yes
> If you want me to stop I will
<Boo> Shadow as in Shadow from Final Fantasy VI, Jeffwiggy?