Chat Transcript- Thursday, August 9, 2001

The 3rd Chat has been awesome! No mishaps this time, with the exception of a few flame wars!

[Thu Aug 09 17:55:34 MDT 2001] Max Jones: I scream when displeased
<Max Jones> Hey Pruple
<Max Jones> I mean Purple
> Hi max!
<Max Jones> sorry I was late
> N/P
> No one's even here yet!
<Max Jones> how long have you been waiting?
> Not all that long
> Maybe a couple mins.
<Max Jones> oh
<Max Jones> let's make an effort to talk about Mario this time
[Thu Aug 09 17:56:43 MDT 2001] Magma Yoshi has no profile.
> Okay, sure thing
<Magma Yoshi> Whasup?
> Hey again
<Max Jones> again?
<Max Jones> so what does everyone want to talk about?
[Thu Aug 09 17:57:37 MDT 2001] Mario500 has no profile.
> Hey, welcome!
<Max Jones> now the people are starting to come
<Mario500> Hello everyone.
> Let's talk about Mario's nose
> lol
> j/k
<Magma Yoshi> Well, first we have to let people show up.
<Max Jones> LOL
[Thu Aug 09 17:58:18 MDT 2001] Toadie: Loyal to Kamek
<Max Jones> yeah, we can't skip someone's opinion about MArio's nose
<Magma Yoshi> Mario Nosetalgia Mania
<Toadie> Presenting.........
> Hey welcome!
<Mario500> Hello Toadie
[Thu Aug 09 17:58:34 MDT 2001] Kamek: You guessed it.....The Magikoopa!
<Mario500> Hello Kamek
<Toadie> Lord Kamek!
> Hey Kamek!
<Magma Yoshi> Woow! So many people!
<Max Jones> already
<Kamek> Good job Toadie.  Now go away.
> And we still have NN, and Mike to come
<Toadie> Okay.
> Have no idea where the others are
<Max Jones> who's nn?
> Nick and Nate
<Max Jones> oh
> N & Ns
<Max Jones> they didn't come last time did they?
<Magma Yoshi> I know mike just got on after having  war with his bro.
> Yup
[Thu Aug 09 17:59:36 MDT 2001] Boo: KCU staff and webmaster of BEL
> Oh lol
> Hey Boo!
<Mario500> Hello Boo
<Kamek> Boo
<Magma Yoshi> Whasup my old riend.
<Max Jones> is that you co-webmaster Mike?
<Magma Yoshi> friend*
> Uh oh, Boo faded away
<Max Jones> too much welcoming I think
> lol
<Magma Yoshi> Don't worry, Boo promised me to act like Mike.
[Thu Aug 09 18:00:21 MDT 2001] Koopaskingdom: webmaster of
> Hey NN!
<Koopaskingdom> hello
<Mario500> Hello
<Magma Yoshi> nick or nate?
<Koopaskingdom> Nick everyone
<Kamek> Hey Nick  or nate
<Max Jones> or both
<Max Jones> hello Nick!
<Kamek> Hey Nick.
<Mario500> Does anyone have a topic for tonight's chat?
<Koopaskingdom> Hey wassup all
<Max Jones> let's try Mario
<Max Jones> for once
> Well, we could talk about the Koopa Kids
<Magma Yoshi> for a change.
<Koopaskingdom> Let me go get someone
> Since it seems like an interesting subject lately
> ~k~
<Magma Yoshi> I hate the koopa kids.
<Kamek> Koopa Kids?
<Kamek> Thats my speciality!
<Max Jones> I want to learn more about them
<Magma Yoshi> Theyre so bratty.
> Magma Yoshi, can you tell us why you hate the Koopa Kids?
> :::hands microphone to MY:::
<Magma Yoshi> Because....
<Koopaskingdom> Mikes coming
<Max Jones> all kids are bratty
> ~k~ good
[Thu Aug 09 18:02:04 MDT 2001] Boo: KCU staff and webmaster of BEL
> Hey again
[Thu Aug 09 18:02:10 MDT 2001] TsunaWolf: Ummm.. I don't know!! "HI"
> Hey TsunaWolf!
<Boo> Let's hope I have no more setbacks
<Mario500> Does anyone have an idea of what happened to them? My theory is that they all got
   killed in Yoshi's Safari.
<Kamek> Hello whoever you are!
<Max Jones> is that you co-webmaster MIke?
<Boo> Yep
<Koopaskingdom> I do beleave I have never met you tsunawolf
<Mario500> Hello Wolf
<Boo> Hi Max!
> They've been replaced by Baby Bowser
<Boo> Wolf
> Which is kinda stupid
<Max Jones> hey co-webmaster Mike
<Max Jones> I don't like baby Bowser
<Koopaskingdom> whats up mike
<Boo> Hey Kamek, you're a new face
<Magma Yoshi> They are soo bratty, they come up with the stupidest plans, and I can't
   remember who's name belongs to who.
<Boo> Nothin' much
<Magma Yoshi> Baby Bowser's cool.
<Mario500> I was saying hello to TsunaWold
<Koopaskingdom> How ya doing man?
<Kamek> They live in a funny looking tower.
> Does anyone understand why Baby Mario and Mario exist at the same time?
> I.E. in Mario Golf
<Koopaskingdom> lol
<Boo> Hold guys, let me meet the new people I haven't met yet
<Magma Yoshi> I have an idea.
<Max Jones> and in Mario tennis
<Mario500> Mario is Baby Mario
> Kamek is the staff member
> of Kinopian Press
<Max Jones> so is Mario
<Magma Yoshi> Cuz Mario got married!
<Max Jones> but you know that
<Mario500> I'm also a staff member
<Koopaskingdom> No in Mario tennis there is big mario and baby Mario
<Boo> Hey Kamek, care to give me a  mail contact?
<Magma Yoshi> j/k
> And so is Magma oshiJ
> *Yoshi
> Hey everyone
<Magma Yoshi> What about me?
<Koopaskingdom> ...........
<Max Jones> I think it has something to do with the old game Mario's time machine, or they're just
   not creative
<Kamek> I hated that game.
<Boo> Here's mine.
<Koopaskingdom> ....................................................
> >>>If a guy named Dinko or XBox2K comes in here, you must all type "We Dinko" and then F11
<Koopaskingdom> lol
<Max Jones> why?
<Magma Yoshi> Let Lena announce her announcement!
<Boo> Ka ha ha ha!!
> I already did
> That was it
<Magma Yoshi> Cuz Dinko is a jackass.
<Koopaskingdom> I went to school with that peace of crap
<Koopaskingdom> lol
<Boo> Hey, censor that!!
> I guess everyone knows him
<Max Jones> YOSHI!< that is rude
> I guess he is infamous
<Koopaskingdom> I went to school with him
<Magma Yoshi> Dinko is ruder than rude.
<Koopaskingdom> you got that
<Koopaskingdom> right
<Magma Yoshi> He called one of my buds a faggot.
<Max Jones> what is F11 do ?
<Koopaskingdom> Think if you had to go to school wit him
<Magma Yoshi> I'll show you.
<Max Jones> does it put people on ignore?
<Magma Yoshi> MagmaYoshi slaps MaxJones around with a large trout.  Heh heh
> What was he like in school?
<Koopaskingdom> we slaps dinko around with a large trout.  Heh heh
<Max Jones> that is what co-webmaster Mike does
<Koopaskingdom> what was he like.. rude domb
> It is our secret weapon
<Koopaskingdom> and a whole lot more
> Oh I see
<Max Jones> oh
> Figures
<Koopaskingdom> He cheat in school
> lol j/k
[Thu Aug 09 18:06:50 MDT 2001] TsunaWolf: Hello everyone.. I'M NEW bwah ha ha ha
<Max Jones> co-webmaster Mike used it often last time
> Welcome back
<Kamek> Hi again.
<Boo> Hey, who's Tsunawolf?
<Magma Yoshi> Yikes, its starting to get crouded.
<Koopaskingdom> :)
<Boo> Care to give me a mail contact wolf?
<Koopaskingdom> j/k
<Mario500> When does everybody go back to school? I go back next Monday, but its
> Where the heave is Chris, Qeomash, and Lokken Lokken?
<Boo> September 7
<TsunaWolf> i'm tsunawolf :)
> Next Wednesday
<Kamek> September 5th I think.
<Max Jones> and why doesn't Magma Mario ever come
<Koopaskingdom> I go back on um.........
<Koopaskingdom> two weeks from now
<Boo> Yeah, but can i get a mail contact?
<Kamek> I don't wanna think about it.
<Magma Yoshi> Hey! I'm Magtma Mario!
<Mario500> Queomash came to this last time after it ended
<Magma Yoshi> Magma*
<TsunaWolf> Whata?
<Max Jones> I didn't know that
> Yeah
<TsunaWolf> I'm just brand new so.. BLAH!
<Max Jones> why didn't you write Magma Mario than?
<Koopaskingdom> blah is right
<Boo> Oh yeah, well...
<TsunaWolf> Exactle "blah"
<Magma Yoshi> Cuz I'm better known as Magma Yoshi
<Max Jones> oh
<Boo> :::makes scary face form paper Mario::: Broooaargh!!
<Boo> from*
<Koopaskingdom> What is everyone going to get here gamecube or xbox?
<Magma Yoshi> And Mike is better known as Boo.
<Boo> So there!!
<Boo> Gamecube
<Mario500> Gamecube
<Max Jones> I think Mike is better known as co-webmaster Mike
> All the way
<Kamek> GameCube
<Magma Yoshi> I dubt I'll get either or a long time,.
> What about you?
<Koopaskingdom> kewl
<Magma Yoshi> I would choose gc though,
<Koopaskingdom> dont know
<Koopaskingdom> probably gc
<TsunaWolf> gamecube come out nov. 5?
<Kamek> XBox looks pretty bad.
<Mario500> Yes
<Koopaskingdom> cause I heard microsoft
> Can't wait
<TsunaWolf> just making sure
<Boo> Yeah, i'm tyring to mix it up in your forums Koop.
<Koopaskingdom> at e3 got like now one
<Koopaskingdom> AND
<Boo> Get something going
> I probably won't get it 'till Christmas though
<Mario500> Z-Box is not going to have a lot of games people would be interested in
<Magma Yoshi> Hmm....
<Mario500> I mean Z-Boz
<Magma Yoshi> Z?
<Boo> ???
<Mario500> No X-Box
<Kamek> What?
<Magma Yoshi> You are corrected.
<Boo> Hey, you're making my head spin!
<Koopaskingdom> gameinformer mag RATEd microsoft a c+ at E3
<Boo> Make up your mind!!
<Max Jones> does anyone know any Mario games for gamecube that will be coming out besides
   Luigi's Mansion?
<TsunaWolf> they won't have mario games GWAH HA HA
<Koopaskingdom> while gamecube got a A+
<Magma Yoshi> BOO! You don't have a head, or a body, your just a boo.
<Mario500> Sorry about the Z, its just those typos
<Boo> Hey, wolf, what is with the attitude?
> Mario Sunshine
<Koopaskingdom> BRB
> Mairionette
<Max Jones> that's okay Mario
<TsunaWolf> what attitude?
> But they're games that they're not sure of
<Boo> You won't givee any straight answer here.
<Boo> And why wouldn't Mario have a game on Gamecube?
<Boo> give me*
<Koopaskingdom> im downloading photo shop trial ver.
<TsunaWolf> he will
<Kamek> Mario seems to introduce every new system.
<Koopaskingdom> who will?
<Max Jones> Mario will
> They should make a Super Mario All-Stars
<Boo> Hey, Nick or Nate?
<TsunaWolf> i don know
> For Game Cube
<Koopaskingdom> oh
<Koopaskingdom> NICK man
<Kamek> MArio Bros. SMW SM64 , SMA
<Mario500> Mario will have his own games. Wait until Spaceworld.
> With more games though of course
<Magma Yoshi> I know the release title for gamecube.
<Boo> Hey Purple
> Yeah?
<Boo> I uploaded those icons
<Koopaskingdom> Mario will have quite a lot of games for gamecube
<Boo> Doesn't work
<Magma Yoshi> Its Luigi's Mansion/.
<Kamek> BRB
> The Bomberman ones
<Koopaskingdom> brb
<Koopaskingdom> in 4 mins
<Boo> Yep. I had Magma try it out
> ~k~
<Magma Yoshi> Too many people!
<Boo> No, wait...
<Boo> It was nick or nate
<Magma Yoshi> Have me try out what?
<Boo> I don't remember
<TsunaWolf> too many? i say very little
<Max Jones> is this more than last time?
> I wonder when this room is considred full
> Way more
<Boo> Hmm...
<Max Jones> I thought so
<Koopaskingdom> brb back in 8 mins
> Okay, so now it's double?
<Magma Yoshi> I'm confused.
<TsunaWolf> it can?
<Max Jones> I will have to leave soon so that will leave more room
> Oh yeah, one more thing, everyone who doesn't know already
<Magma Yoshi> Yeah, That

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