Chat Transcript- Thursday, August 9, 2001 (Cont.)

<Magma Yoshi> I'll slap everyone with very large trout if there is swearing and profanity, then I'll
   go crazy and take boo hostage.
> Dinko really should be here to make things interesting
<Lokken> i only say shit,merde in real life
<Starwind> Did you know that there is a verry large bazooka on my back?
<Mario500> A lot of children at my school were cursing a lot
<Lokken> TAKE BOO HOSTAGE!!!! YAY!!!!!
<Starwind> That Magma can use instead of a trout.
<TsunaWolf> lol
<Magma Yoshi> :: Goes crazy Grabs Boo and points a gun to em'::
<Lokken> HOTAGE!!!
<TsunaWolf> lol!!!
<Boo> :::fades out:::
<Lokken> :: Helps magam yoshi
<TsunaWolf> this is the best chat lol
<Magma Yoshi> MagmaYoshi slaps Everyone around with a large trout.  Heh heh
<Starwind> *Slaps Magma with a very large trout*
<Boo> :::fires paranormal hyper beam:::
> Can't wait to make up something for the summary
> I think someday
<Boo> :::combines the 6 stars:::
> We may need
<Kamek> **Eats the trout**
> To have a RPG chat
<Starwind> EWW
<Kamek> RPG chat!?
<Kamek> Cool!
<Magma Yoshi> Magma slaps Starwind around with an infinite numberlarge trout.  Heh heh
<TsunaWolf> that'd be sweet
> If Chris were here
<Mario500> I have an idea, lets have a trivia game tonight
<Starwind> *Uses Starbeam Wave to attack all enemies.*
<TsunaWolf> ~bonks magma with a hammer "very lightly" and runs for dear life~
> Where's Chuck Quizmo when you need him
<Magma Yoshi> Sure thing, but I'm crazy now so i probabaly have no more intelligance.
[Thu Aug 09 19:05:39 MDT 2001] Lokken: ht`p
[Thu Aug 09 19:05:53 MDT 2001] Chuck Quizmo: hi
[Thu Aug 09 19:06:06 MDT 2001] Lokken:
<Chuck Quizmo> Mario, you called?
<Magma Yoshi> Did i tell you I know how to throw firestorms around.
<Lokken> stupid braveneyt
<Mario500> Yes
<Lokken> chuck is the same person a  starwind
<Magma Yoshi> Like, duh.
[Thu Aug 09 19:06:41 MDT 2001] Starwind: hi
<Lokken> lol
<Starwind> How did you know?
<Magma Yoshi> I think I'll turn into Pommy so i can bother bomberman.
<Kamek> Lets start
[Thu Aug 09 19:07:31 MDT 2001] Bomberman: KCU staff and webmaster of BEL
<Bomberman> Forgot the 'r"
> What's going on here?
[Thu Aug 09 19:07:41 MDT 2001] wassup:
<Mario500> Question 1. What year was the NES released in the US?
<Bomberman> I don't know
<Magma Yoshi> Oh no! Lena turned into her true form.
<Starwind> uhh 2001?
> Wasn't it like 1984
<Kamek> TRUE FORM?
> 1986
<Kamek> Whats that?
[Thu Aug 09 19:08:23 MDT 2001] Pommy: Hello, I like to bother bomberman
<Bomberman> ???
<Mario500> Your're correct Purple
<TsunaWolf> lol
> Which one?
<Bomberman> Heym what are you doing here?
<Pommy> I'm here to bother you bomberman!
<Mario500> You're*
<Bomberman> Go watcjh the site Pommy
<Starwind> TRANSFORMATION!!!!!
<Mario500> 1986
<Pommy> NO!
[Thu Aug 09 19:09:04 MDT 2001] Starwind Koopa has no profile.
<Bomberman> Magma has a request
> Oh
<Starwind Koopa> Ha. I'm a Koopa.
[Thu Aug 09 19:09:22 MDT 2001] Lokken:
> Are you a Koopa Kid?
<Pommy> Besides, that wouldn't be a site at all if you didn't have me.
<Lokken> stupid msm explrer!!!!!1
<Mario500> Question 2. Who was the true inventor of video games?
<Starwind Koopa> I'm not a Koopa Kid, I'm a Koopa Kid.
> Some doctor
<Lokken> shigeru miyamoto
<Pommy> Sheguro Miyamato.
<Lokken> lol
[Thu Aug 09 19:09:57 MDT 2001] Dr Topper has no profile.
> I was disowned by my father, Bowser
<Mario500> Wrong!
<Dr Topper> DR TOPPER!
<Bomberman> My full name is Shiro Yogeki
<Starwind Koopa> Jean...?
<Pommy> NO! Everyones transforming!
<Lokken> hey, waht was hte first question?
<Dr Topper> Yeah.
<TsunaWolf> ~stays the same~ :)
<Bomberman> If you didn't know
<Dr Topper> I'm Kamek
<Mario500> That correct answer is Ralph Baer.
<Pommy> Bomberman...
<Bomberman> What Pommy?
> No it's some doctor
<Pommy> Can I have some of your bombs?
> Who used his one machine to play a premature version of Pong
<Lokken> WUT IS 1ST QUESTION!!!??
[Thu Aug 09 19:10:56 MDT 2001] Max Jones: I scream if I am displeased
<Bomberman> What kind you want?
<Max Jones> I'm back
> Max we're all mutating
<Pommy> And I like to bother bomberman!
<Max Jones> oh
<Dr Topper> Dr Tooper wants some trivia!
<Starwind Koopa> When I'm angry I use Starbeam Wave to attack all who make me angry.
<Dr Topper> I didn't become Dr Topper for nothing!
<Mario500> The first question was "What year was the NES released in the US?
> Sheizburgers, Dinko's On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<TsunaWolf> it penut butter jelly time!!!
<Bomberman> I have fire, ice, wind, big explosion, black hole, light, and electric
<Pommy> And I want some of bomberman's bombs!
<Pommy> NOOOO!!!
<Bomberman> What kind of bomb you want Pommy?
> Everybody prepare your weapons!!!!
<TsunaWolf> 1985?
<Pommy> Any kind.
<TsunaWolf> lol
<Mario500> 1986 is the correct answer
<Pommy> Don't ell him about chat!
<Bomberman> Ok :::hands you Navarm bomb:::
<Max Jones> this is confusing me greatly
<Bomberman> That bomb makes a big explosion
<Dr Topper> Lokeen is having some troubles with the chat.
<TsunaWolf> WHO'S FIGHTING!?
<Pommy> :: tapes bomb to Dinko::
<Dr Topper> Lokken*
<Bomberman> Ha ha!!
<TsunaWolf> I WANNA FIGHT tshh never let me fight
> what kind of troubles
> Too late
<Bomberman> Wer could suck him up with a black hole bomb Pommy
<Starwind Koopa> *Starbeam Wave starts to form from a gold diamond in the palm of each of
   his hands.*
<Dr Topper> Dunno he didn't say
<Pommy> Why?
<Bomberman> I don't know
<Pommy> Can I have three more bombs?
<Bomberman> What do you want to do with him? Keep the Navarm bomb?
<Mario500> Question 3. What month marked Mario's 20th annaversary?
<Bomberman> What kind?
<Pommy> Any..
<Max Jones> last time everyone was talking about Kirby and this time it's Bomberman
<Dr Topper> March?
<TsunaWolf> nov?
> Ho brother
<TsunaWolf> november
> *Oh
<TsunaWolf> ?
<Bomberman> :::gives Pommy an electirc bomb:::
<Pommy> I need two moe.
<Bomberman> electric*
<Max Jones> Ho brother makes it sound like you are in pain out of bordom
<Mario500> Wrong! The correct answer is June
> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BAD ANNOUNCEMENT~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Starwind Koopa> *A star-shaped glow surrounds Starwind Koopa, when he starts radiating with
   pure star energy.*
<Bomberman> :::gives Pommy an ice bomb and a light bomb:::
<Pommy> Wha?
<TsunaWolf> grrr impossible questions!!
> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dinko wants all of us to get our butts over to his chat room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Pommy> Annoiunce Jean!
<Pommy> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
> If we do
<Pommy> I thought I destrotyed him!
> We must arm ourselves
<Max Jones> which one of you people are Dinko?
<Bomberman> Yeah, Pommy wired him
<Max Jones> I can scream real loud
<Bomberman> with my best bombs
<Max Jones> that is as good as a weapon
> Lets' vote on it
[Thu Aug 09 19:15:44 MDT 2001] Lokken:
<Max Jones> vote on what?
<Pommy> We met a monster on our journeys who could roar reeal long!
<Starwind Koopa> HYPER STARBEAM BLAST!!!!! *A huge star-shaped stream of light comes
   flying at Pommy, detonating the bombs in Pommy's face.*
<Max Jones> I'm lost
<Lokken> wasup
> If we want to move
<Lokken> wut have i missed?
<Bomberman> Yeah
> To Dinko's dunegeon
<TsunaWolf> i can go crazy and sit on the floor and cry and do lots of other neat things!!
<Pommy> O hno!
<Mario500> Question 4: When was Super Mario Bros. 3 released?
<Lokken> hey
> 1989
<Pommy> I was going to use those on dinko.
<Dr Topper> Year?
> I think
<TsunaWolf> 1990!
<Pommy> :: Falls down::
<Dr Topper> 1990
<Max Jones> I am confused
<Lokken> WUT HAVE I MISSED!!!!?????
<Max Jones> again
<Pommy> dead::
<Bomberman> Huh?
> You've missed evil
<Starwind Koopa> *Starwind Koopa falls to the ground from tremendous loss of star energy.*
> Dinko waits for answer
<Mario500> Correct! It was 1990
> What do I say to him?
<TsunaWolf> BWAH HA HA HA!!!
<TsunaWolf> I AM SMB3 MASTER!!
<Pommy> Why does he want us to come to his dirty chat room, its so big and ugly.
<Max Jones> tell Dinko no
<Lokken> where's purp?
<Max Jones> if he gives anyone any trouble than I'll have a private chat with him
> Purp is here
<Starwind Koopa> ....must.....*faints*
<Pommy> Bomberman, help, I wanted to tell you. cough*
<Max Jones> Jean Koopa is Purple
> Purp is I
<Bomberman> :::makes a pumped Navarm bomb:::
<Bomberman> I'll keep this on hand
<Bomberman> Ha ha ha!!
<Mario500> Question 5: Where is the street that was named after Mario? (Hint: It's somewhere in
<Max Jones> let me talk to Dinko
<Pommy> WHY!!!
<TsunaWolf> micrate!?
<Bomberman> He's kidding
<Max Jones> I want to talk to Dinko and show him who's boss
<Pommy> Tell him to come here instead , and tell him hes a jerk,j/k.
<TsunaWolf> Mario Drive!!
> oKAY
<TsunaWolf> lol
<Bomberman> I'll take him. i
<Max Jones> what?
<Pommy> Bomberman, you must, get revenge on Dinko and Starwind *cough*
<Starwind Koopa> *wakes up for a few seconds, enough to gain a bit of star energy... and dies.*
<Bomberman> Pommy, what happened?
<Mario500> I'm talking about which country the street is located?
<Dr Topper> Switzerland or Sweeden
<Pommy> Starwind blew up those three bombs you gave me you idiot!
<Dr Topper> One or the other
<Max Jones> hey Purple, can I yell at Dinko?
<Pommy> In my face.
<Max Jones> do you know how I can
> If ya want Max
<Lokken> me working on the site brb
<Bomberman> Don't you know how to handle high explosives?
<Max Jones> he is being very rude
<Mario500> Wrong! The correct answer is Italy.
<Max Jones> is he in this room?
<Pommy> But! Starewind blew them up, nopt me!
<Starwind Koopa> *Starwind's spirit rises to the sky, and dashes into Starwind, who then wakes
   up fully energized.*
<Pommy> not*cough*
<TsunaWolf> LOL
<Starwind Koopa> Ha! Thought I was dead, eh?
<Bomberman> Pommy, i ca use the power of the elemental stones to revive you
> Dinko is not present
<Pommy> K, do so,
<Dr Topper> Come on Dr Topper loves Trivia
<Max Jones> how is he forcing you then?
<Max Jones> I would like to show him what's what
<Starwind Koopa> STARWIND HEALING WAVE! *Pommy is revived, fully energized.*
> He said for me to tie you guys up and drag you there
<Bomberman> :::uses the elemental stones t restore Pommy:::
> But he was just kidding
> I hope
<Max Jones> is there any way of me talking to him?
> Do you have AIM?
<Max Jones> I would like to scream, then he'll be sorry
<Max Jones> no
<TsunaWolf> i have aim :)
> Oh I'm not sure then
<Pommy> Hey, destroy Star wind!
> You could email him
<Starwind Koopa> My Star energy comes from Star Road, I am not like Bowser, I am Allied with
<Mario500> Question 6: Why did Square brake up with Nintendo?
<Max Jones> tell him to come into this room for a private  chat with me
<Dr Topper> 1996!
<Pommy> DUH, YES~
<Bomberman> Hold up
<Max Jones> that way I will show him who's boss
> Okay
<Max Jones> LOL
<Max Jones> thank you
<Bomberman> :::leaves and comes back with Guardian Armor:::
<Bomberman> Ha ha!!
<Mario500> I said "Why did they brake up"?
<Starwind Koopa> Pommy, I saved your life, why would you want to destroy me?
> Because they didn't like N's cartridges
> They preferrede CDS
<Bomberman> Hey, i can do that with the elemental stones Starwind
<Mario500> Correct!
<Pommy> BUT! ???
<TsunaWolf> cd's scratch so easily
<Max Jones> I don't like CDS
<Pommy> You blew up those bombs in my face!
<Max Jones> my screams are more deadly then any bomb
<Pommy> yo, dinkos being nice.
<Starwind Koopa> I need to control my powers more.
> He is
<Dr Topper> Lokken says: tell wolf to go to to get my HTML editor that
   helped me
<TsunaWolf> you know SNES has really good graphics if you think about it :P
<Bomberman> Hey Max, it'll take that bet
> Dinko says: "Wait a sec"
<Pommy> Pommy help bomberman.
<Bomberman> :::makes a pumped dark bomb:::
<Starwind Koopa> I'm only a newbie with these powers!!!
<Max Jones> I don't bet
<Dr Topper> Was 1996 correct?
<Max Jones> no one dares hear my screams, it will even hurt you if I scream in the chatroom
<Pommy> :: Slaps duct tape over Max's mouth.::
<Max Jones> Max eats ducktape
[Thu Aug 09 19:25:29 MDT 2001] hi has no profile.
<Bomberman> Hey Max, I could suck you up with this dark bomb
> Hi hi
<Mario500> I have to go now, but I'll be back. People are telling me to get off the Internet.
<Bomberman> They have the powers of a black hole!!
<Max Jones> Purple, that is funny
<Max Jones> is hi Dinko?
<Pommy> dudes, dinko is all :: I'm begging you! com to my chatrroom::
<Bomberman> Hi has just left
<Starwind Koopa> Bomberman! You wouldn't dare! *Starts to glow with Star Energy*
> I don't know are you
<Bomberman> Yeah, i wold kill us both...
[Thu Aug 09 19:26:23 MDT 2001] Lokken:
<Pommy> At least, max jones can't scream.
<Max Jones> Pommy, tell Dinko to come to this chatroom and I will discuss business with him
<Lokken> have to go very1
<Bomberman> :::disarms bomb:::
<Lokken> ...
> Oh darn
<Lokken> so bye...
<Pommy> Yes sir mister ducyt tape.
<Max Jones> I can but I don't want to, it is much to dangerous of a weapon
<Lokken> ...
<Dr Topper> C`ya!
<Starwind Koopa> *Stops glowing*
<Lokken> maybe i,ll make a chat on my site soon
<Dr Topper> Not like you have't left a lot already tho
<Max Jones> what is TTYA?>
<Bomberman> Max, have you been listening?
<Max Jones> listening to what?
<Max Jones> I don't want to scream because I don't want to hurt the inocent
> Talk To You Again
[Thu Aug 09 19:27:31 MDT 2001] TsunaWolf: go to my personal page :)
<Starwind Koopa> Bomberman, you better be careful when I glow. I could release a powerful
   energy blast at any time.
> I wonder if hi was Dinko
<Bomberman> You're saying that your scream is more powerful than a black hole bomb that can
   xuck you up in 2 seconds and than that's the end of you?
> And he left because o fyou Cody
<Pommy> But I put duct tape on your mouth max, you can't scream.
<Bomberman> auck*
<TsunaWolf> I'M BACK AND BETTER THAN... well i'm the same :)
> I asked Dinko to speak to someone
> And he's all "WHO HICKMAN?"
<Max Jones> if you tape my mouth I eat the taoe
<Max Jones> I mean tape
<Starwind Koopa> ....which one of you is Kamek?
<TsunaWolf> tape?
<Max Jones> I don't understand what you're talking about bomberman
<Dr Topper> Hickamn is here???
<Max Jones> yup, eat tape
<Bomberman> You see.
<TsunaWolf> yummy :)
<Dr Topper> I'm Kamek
<Starwind Koopa> k
> THis is what Dinko told me:  "hey tell Max Jones to come to my chat because urs doesn't load"
<Bomberman> You say your scream is powerful, correct?
<Max Jones> I'm Max
<Dr Topper> I'm just being Dr Topper from SMRPG
[Thu Aug 09 19:28:58 MDT 2001] lokken has no profile.
[Thu Aug 09 19:29:00 MDT 2001] Kamek has no profile.
<lokken> i forgot
<Max Jones> tell him I don't know how to get to his chatroom
<Starwind Koopa> *Takes off mask to reveal Kamek*
<lokken> look at my new adress...
<Max Jones> tell him to forget it
<Bomberman> Hey, who's Pommy?
<lokken> wait
<Max Jones> I don't want to talk to him anymore
<Bomberman> I need to nkow the identity of my side kick
<Max Jones> I think he learned his lesson
<Bomberman> know*
<Kamek> Ta Da!
<Bomberman> And my personal pain in the butt
<Starwind Koopa> *Starts glowing*
<Bomberman> Who's pommy?
<Bomberman> Is that you Cody?
<Starwind Koopa> *Runs out of star energy and faints*
<Max Jones> I'm thinking about giving myself a nickname
<Max Jones> what does everyone think of the name Skunk would that be a good nickname?
<TsunaWolf> What will it be Max?
[Thu Aug 09 19:31:19 MDT 2001] Kristmas Kamek: Every Wednesday is Kristmas at the Koopa
<Kristmas Kamek> Merry Kristmas
<Max Jones> I'm thinking Skunk, because showers do not work on me
<Bomberman> Hey, i'm there!!
<Starwind Koopa> Hey, I'm Pommy
<TsunaWolf> I wanna go to the koopa kastle :(
<Bomberman> No
<Kristmas Kamek> The Koopa Kastle sux
[Thu Aug 09 19:31:55 MDT 2001] lokken has no profile.
<Bomberman> Starwind can't be Pommy
<Kristmas Kamek> Its dead.
<Kristmas Kamek> It is the worst site in existance.
[Thu Aug 09 19:32:05 MDT 2001] Starwind Koopa has no profile.
<Max Jones> I'll be right back, only with my new nickname!
> Okay
<Bomberman> I went there once Kamek
<Kristmas Kamek>
<Bomberman> I got lost
[Thu Aug 09 19:32:25 MDT 2001] Skunk: aka Max Jones
[Thu Aug 09 19:32:34 MDT 2001] Starwind Koopa: Don't make me angry, I have the strongest
   energy wave in the universe.
<Skunk> how does everybody like it?
<Kristmas Kamek> See Bomberman.  Doesn't it suck?
<TsunaWolf> Skunk!?
<Skunk> yes
> LOL Dinko still wants to talk
<Starwind Koopa> *Blasts the skunk while holding his nose*
<Bomberman> I didn't see much
<Skunk> because I stink even after showers
> But he left to restart AOL
<Bomberman> But it looked pretty bad
<Bomberman> I need requests!!
<Skunk> does everyone like the new nickname?
<TsunaWolf> Who has AIM!?
<Skunk> I sure hope so
<Kristmas Kamek> Okay lets take a vote.....does my site suck?  Honestly.....
> I do
<Bomberman> I'm an AOL member
<Kristmas Kamek> I have Aim
<Skunk> I've never seen it
[Thu Aug 09 19:33:37 MDT 2001] Lokken:
<Lokken> bug...
<Lokken> the new aderss for my site is
> What is your AIM SN?
<TsunaWolf> Cool if anyone wants to Instant Message me my AIM is... TsunaWolf dun dun dun
[Thu Aug 09 19:34:40 MDT 2001] Bomberman: I am powered up with the Guardian Armor and
   can make various bombs with the elemental stones
<Kristmas Kamek> DOES MY SITE SUCK?!
<Bomberman> Yes it does!! Are you happy?
<Kristmas Kamek> Hellooooooooo?
<Skunk> I would answer you Kristmas, but I've never seen your site
<TsunaWolf> lol sorry :)
<Kristmas Kamek> I did
<TsunaWolf> Yeah i know you did
<Bomberman> Hey, you didn't give me an IM wolf
<Kristmas Kamek> Thank You Bomberman.
<Skunk> >_< I don't understand what's going on!
<TsunaWolf> it's TsunaWolf!!!
<Bomberman> Ok
<TsunaWolf> TsunaWolf no !!
<Kristmas Kamek> Mine.......Kamek73, Kamek74, KamekKoopa, KristmasKamek, KubanKamek,
   Takeshi073, OminousDestiny2
<Skunk> I have to go again, but this time I think it will be for good
<Kristmas Kamek> Whew....there.
<Skunk> so bye bye everyone
<Kristmas Kamek> Bye
> No don't leave
<Kristmas Kamek> Too late
<Bomberman> See ya
<Bomberman> May Mihaele protect you on your way back to the castle Kamek
<Kristmas Kamek> Now its too quiet
<TsunaWolf> i guess no one else has AIM :(
> This is the normal load
<Kristmas Kamek> What did you say?
<Bomberman> Dudes and dudettes, i still don't know who Pommy is!!
<TsunaWolf> what?
<Bomberman> Who is Pommy?
<TsunaWolf> lol neither do i
<Bomberman> Cody, is that you?
> Yeah is it
<Kristmas Kamek> It must be.
<Kristmas Kamek> I don't know who else he could be
<Bomberman> Ooh...
> Cody just sigend of
<Bomberman> He having problems
> *signed off
<TsunaWolf> Ok if anyone really cares my true name is Courtney (you can call me Cordy LOL)
   sorry i'm bored :)
<Kristmas Kamek> I see.
<Bomberman> I know
> Coolage
<Bomberman> Hey, what about Yoshi Dude out there?
<Bomberman> Why doesn't he come in?
<Kristmas Kamek> Lots of people left
<TsunaWolf> why everyone leave :(
> He can't come in for some reason
<Bomberman> Ok. Bomberman's full name is Shiro Yogeki, but my real name is Mike
> He said that the chat doesn't load at all
<Kristmas Kamek> KoopaTroopa is coming back
<TsunaWolf> Hi Mike!
<Bomberman> Hi Courtney
<Bomberman> Am I spelling that right?
<Kristmas Kamek> What about me?
<TsunaWolf> Yep
<Bomberman> This is getting so slow...
<Kristmas Kamek> Damn.
<Bomberman> We need a topic
<Kristmas Kamek> Or oops.
<TsunaWolf> ....what's your name?
<Kristmas Kamek> Darn.
<Kristmas Kamek> Sorry
<Bomberman> Yo, watch it there
<TsunaWolf> lol
<Bomberman> Censorship people
<Kristmas Kamek> Kamek
> Jean slaps Kamek around with a large trout.  Heh heh
<Kristmas Kamek> IRL....Trevor
<TsunaWolf> oh ok
<TsunaWolf> just wonderin
<TsunaWolf> :P
<Bomberman> Oh!! I remember that I just tested a new bomb at Bombr Base
<Bomberman> I am a professional tester
[Thu Aug 09 19:45:33 MDT 2001] Starwind Koopa has no profile.
<Starwind Koopa> I'm back
<Kristmas Kamek> SPEAK PEOPLES!
<TsunaWolf> ..Oh HI STARWIND
<Bomberman> Bomberman hits everyone  with a large trout bomb.  Heh heh
<TsunaWolf> Not nice :(
<TsunaWolf> lol
> ow
<Kristmas Kamek> **Eats the trout**
<TsunaWolf> slow reaction lol
<Kristmas Kamek> Good trout!
<Bomberman> o(=)
<Starwind Koopa> HYPER STARBEAM BLAST!!!!! *Bomberman is reduced to a leaky piece of
<TsunaWolf> is that a halo above your head bomber?
<Kristmas Kamek> **Eats meat**
<Bomberman> Sgh!!
<TsunaWolf> shiny halo... ~grabs halo and puts it on her head~
<Starwind Koopa> Dosen't  Grade A Bomberman loin tasted good?
> GG Everyone
<TsunaWolf> 0(=)
<TsunaWolf> lol
<TsunaWolf> gg?
> So bye bye!
> Gotta Go
<TsunaWolf> oh okay
<Starwind Koopa> TTYL: Talk To You Later
<Starwind Koopa> I  figured that out easy
<Starwind Koopa> I didn't even know it
<TsunaWolf> byez!!
> What happened to Bomberman
<Kristmas Kamek> I ate him
> ~k~ bye everyone!
> I'm back
<Starwind Koopa> JEAN KOOPA! your back!
<Kristmas Kamek> I see
> Hey Qeomash!
<Qeomash> Jean?  Are you the one who e-mailed me awhile ago?  Two messages?
> D2 msgs?
> *2
<Kristmas Kamek> This is becoming lively again.
> So commence 3rd MNM Chat the 2nd wave
<Qeomash> Yeah...why did Purple leave?
<Pommy> Kamek! How could you!
<Kristmas Kamek> Is this still part of the transcript?
> Yeah
<Starwind Koopa> n hj/m,.ilop';=nnmjmjmjj
<Pommy> I heard you ate bomberman.
<Kristmas Kamek> Yup.
<Kristmas Kamek> He was good!
> Get him back!
<Pommy> Why?\
<Qeomash> My wisdom?  Use Photoshop for images, and a Macintosh for everything else.
[Thu Aug 09 19:57:13 MDT 2001] Mario Planet: Mario Planet
[Thu Aug 09 19:57:18 MDT 2001] Bomberman has no profile.
> Hi Mario Planet
> Hi Bomberman again
<Kristmas Kamek> **barfs him up**
<Bomberman> Forget it!!
<Mario Planet> SUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Starwind Koopa> *Goes back to looking out the barred window, staring at a vision of Shoyru
<Bomberman> Eww...
<TsunaWolf> ...i've tried but no avail. master i need more wisdom!!!!
<Pommy> Pommy slaps KristianKamek around with an infinite number of  large trout.  Heh heh
<Kristmas Kamek> Yuck
<Mario Planet> hey is my name there
> Yeah
<Kristmas Kamek> You taste good Bomberman
<Qeomash> So why did Purple leave?  This is her chat room, afterall.
<Bomberman> Hey Qeo?
<Mario Planet> k
> Shhh
<Qeomash> Hey
<Kristmas Kamek> ask her
<Bomberman> What's the word?
<Starwind Koopa> I can see it now...  Star Koopa... my son....
<Pommy> Bomberman's alive!
> Dont tell Qeomash
<Bomberman> I was regurgitated
<Qeomash> Alive...and holding a bomb...
<Qeomash> Hey!
> Who's Purple
<Bomberman> Huh?
<Pommy> ::crys::
<Bomberman> What?
<Pommy> I thought you were dead!
<Qeomash> Purple: being who runs MNM.
<Kristmas Kamek> I ate Purple too.
<Bomberman> Oh
> Thank you for clearing that up Gamer Extreme
<Pommy> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Bomberman> Kamek through up Pommy!!
<Qeomash> Kamek!  You ATE her?
> lol
<Kristmas Kamek> Purple was yummy.
<Pommy> Can someone please eat Kamek, hold... I know who can defat Kamek!
<Qeomash> Kay, call me Master.
[Thu Aug 09 19:59:29 MDT 2001] Magma Yoshi has no profile.
<Bomberman> Hey Qeo, why'd you turn me down?
<Qeomash> Magma Yoshi?  Better not touch.
<Magma Yoshi> Now I can defeat you kamek!
<Starwind Koopa> I am the only one capable of defeating Kamek.
> Qeomash can you help me?
<Kristmas Kamek> Realy?
<Qeomash> Turn down?  Did you try a private chat?
<Kristmas Kamek> No.
<Qeomash> Nuttin came up.
<Mario Planet> Dude cool
<Kristmas Kamek> The only one cappable is Master Bowser.
<Magma Yoshi> Yoshis are the ultimate downfall of magikoopas!
<Bomberman> Hey Qeo, I am Boo and the cocoa bean
<Kristmas Kamek> Wait.........
<Qeomash> They'll eat them magic koopas.
<Kristmas Kamek> Yoshis like to eat too.
<TsunaWolf> cocoa?
> I know where Purple is
<Qeomash> Hot cocoa good.
<Qeomash> Where?
<Bomberman> I am known as 3 people thus far (possibly 4)
> Hold on let me go get her
<Mario Planet> ya right jean koopa
<Bomberman> Alias#3 Kirboo
> YHey I'm back
<Qeomash> Purple?
> What's going on
<Qeomash> Much.
<Bomberman> Alias#4 Boo
[Thu Aug 09 20:02:25 MDT 2001] Shoyru Koopa: hello! im shoyru koopa.
<Shoyru Koopa> hello...
> Shoyru?
> Like Neopet Shoyru?
[Thu Aug 09 20:02:43 MDT 2001] Boo has no profile.
<Shoyru Koopa> nah
<TsunaWolf> lol
<Boo> Ka ha ha ha!!
<Mario Planet> ;d
<Shoyru Koopa> anyone seen starwind koopa?
<Mario Planet> but it's me a mario
<Mario Planet> nope not me
> Where did oh never
> mind
[Thu Aug 09 20:03:22 MDT 2001] PirateQueen: Ahoy Matey! Join my crew. Go to my site:
<Boo> Huh?
<Shoyru Koopa> i need to talk with starwind about this "love" thing
<Qeomash> How to make website...get idea...type lots of HTML....
<Boo> What?
<Mario Planet> why you in love?
<Shoyru Koopa> im not, he is
<Qeomash> ...
<Qeomash> SMRPG
<PirateQueen> u people mario freaks?
<Mario Planet> who is he in love with?
<Qeomash> That was my idea.
<Mario Planet> ya
<TsunaWolf> uh huh Mario stuff
<Mario Planet> why
<Boo> Boo wants to know who is Pirate Queen!!
<Shoyru Koopa> starwind is in "love" with me
<PirateQueen> Tsuna is my best friend
<PirateQueen> loser
<PirateQueen> s
<Mario Planet> ha ha ha
<Mario Planet> you like him?
<Boo> Hye, i'm a Boo freak
<TsunaWolf> NO CALL ME LOSER!!
<PirateQueen> I like luigi
<Boo> Ka ha ha ha!!
> OH shoot
<Shoyru Koopa> he's cute as a boyfriend, thats it
<TsunaWolf> I like the Mario'
> lol
<Mario Planet> ok
> Speaking of bfs
> I forgot to call mine
<Qeomash> Do not, underestimate...the powers...of the emperor.
<Mario Planet> bfs?
<Mario Planet> whatever
<Qeomash> what bfs?
> boyfriend
<PirateQueen> Mario's body is short and stubby and wouldn't shut his mouth so i kicked him in
<Qeomash> Oh I know..
<Boo> Leave me out of this conversation..
<TsunaWolf> MASTER i mean LOL
<PirateQueen> i don't remeber the rest
<Qeomash> Ka ha ha ha
<PirateQueen> LUIGI RULES
<Boo> Hey, you're no Boo!!
<Qeomash> Get out while you can, boo!
<Mario Planet> LUIGI STINKS!
<Shoyru Koopa> sigh
<Boo> Boo will stay
<Qeomash> Hisssssssss you Planet!
<PirateQueen> Luigi can kick ur ass
<TsunaWolf> sorry i mean BUTT!!
<PirateQueen> Courdy
<PirateQueen> SHUT UP
<TsunaWolf> you shut up mario is cool!!!
<Shoyru Koopa> where did starwind go???
<Boo> Hy people, simmer down!!
<Qeomash> Ya know' I'm going to just sit back and watch this interesting conversation....
<Mario Planet> Don't know
<Boo> hey*
> Wow, it's already 8
<PirateQueen> Luigi will make Mario a new butt hole
<PirateQueen> lol
<Mario Planet> ha ha ha
<Boo> It's 10:10 here
<Boo> Surpriesed I haven't been icked off
<TsunaWolf> HEY THAT'S MEAN!
<Mario Planet> it's 1:ll here
<Qeomash> O_o !  There may be youngesters in here!  Censor yourselves!
<Shoyru Koopa> magma yoshi, wheres starwind?
<PirateQueen> its 10:10 here
<Qeomash> Wait...who the F#$@ cares?
<Boo> I care!
<Mario Planet> ya
<PirateQueen> F***?
<Qeomash> Oh, good.
<Boo> :::fades out:::
<TsunaWolf> about what?
<Qeomash> Boo to you to, boo.
<Qeomash> I just had to say that.
> Purple slaps everyone around with a large trout.  Heh heh
<Boo> :::fades in:::
<Shoyru Koopa> grr.
<TsunaWolf> Stop yelling Henna
<Qeomash> Ow!  Don't hit me~!
<Boo> That doesn't make sense in my head Qeo
<PirateQueen> what
<PirateQueen> huh
<PirateQueen> im lost
[Thu Aug 09 20:08:25 MDT 2001] Starwind Koopa has no profile.
<Qeomash> You don't have a head to make sense!
<Mario Planet> SHUT UP THEN!
<Starwind Koopa> GRR
<Starwind Koopa> YOU ALL SHUT UP!!!
<TsunaWolf> LOL @ MASTER
<Boo> I will get you Qeomash! i am a Monty Python junkie!!
<Qeomash> Wow..I've moved to nearly the top of the list over there!
<Boo> We can start an e-mail war Qeomash
<Boo> See who wins...
<Mario Planet> HA E-MAIL WAR
<Qeomash> Don't speak in riddles, for it will make everyone think of fiddles.
<Mario Planet> cool
<Boo> That was just plain dumb
> Whoa there
<Boo> Doesn't mean anything
<TsunaWolf> Geeze
<Qeomash> Means more than meaning.
<Boo> Right, i gotta go
<Starwind Koopa> *Gets hit with a trout and wakes up*
<Mario Planet> ha ha ha
<Starwind Koopa> Oh, sorry there
[Thu Aug 09 20:10:02 MDT 2001] Bowser: Kamek's Master
<Boo> See ya people
<Starwind Koopa> bowser
<Starwind Koopa> i know its you
> TTYL Mike!
<Starwind Koopa> bowser you are kamek koopa
<Bowser> Bwa hahahah!
[Thu Aug 09 20:10:31 MDT 2001] Kamek has no profile.
<Starwind Koopa> shaddap
<TsunaWolf> Smells like popcorn ::P
<Kamek> I'm right here
<Starwind Koopa> OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!
> Or not...
<Bowser> Kamek!
<Bowser> What are you doing here?!?
[Thu Aug 09 20:11:02 MDT 2001] Lawewe: Ahoy Matey! Join my crew. Go to my site:
<Kamek> Sorry sir.
<Starwind Koopa> i know, kameks using another computer as Bowser! LOL
<Lawewe> I'm Luigi number 1!
> GG again
> This time for good
<Bowser> You should be at the Koopa Kastle
<Kamek> Hehheh  ooops.
> bye bye everybody!
> And may the trout force be with y'all
> lol
<Kamek> Bye
<Qeomash> You to.
<Bowser> Leave

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