Superstar House

This section provides a floor plan and description of all areas of the Superstar house.

The Front Yard

The Front Yard is usually sealed from the houseguests. They enter the house here, and are only allowed to leave when evicted. The final eviction ceremony is also held here under a live audience, who sit in the stands. The yard also features a cobblestone path into a studio overlooking the entrance where Miss Jolene waits.

The First Floor

The first floor is where most of the political action takes place.
-After coming through the front door (which stays locked throughout the game), houseguests are greeted by a vast fishtank.
-The house's east wing is where the living room is. The Power of Veto and Eviction ceremonies take place here. There is also a screen on the wall which reminds houseguests of events taking place that day. Jolene also uses the screen to speak with houseguests.
-Next to the living room is a short hall that leads into the diary room. The diary room is where houseguests can let it all out to the cameras and the only private room in the entire house.
-Further up the east wing, is the memory wall. It features a portrait of all houseguests. A houseguest's portrait is grayed when they are evicted.
-East of the memory wall is the storage room, where supplies are kept.
-At the end of the east wing is the bedroom. Beds are small and tight, and most houseguests must sleep in cramped space.
-To the right of the bedroom is a secret room which must be unlocked.
-In the west wing, to the left of the door, is the nomination table. The nomination ceremony is held here. Houseguests also use this table to play card games, among other things.
-In the southwest corner is the kitchen, where food can be prepared. A microwave, refrigerator, and oven is available to houseguests.
-Past the kitchen is the door to the backyard (covered below).
-A spiral staircase leads up to the second floor, which is the Supershine area.
-Further up the hall is a locked door that leads into the recreational room (the gym).
-At the end of the west wing are the bathrooms and showers.

The Second Floor

The second floor is used primarily by the Supershine.
-After coming up the spiral staircase, houseguests are on a landing balcony overlooking the first floor. There is a long table here.
-A lockable door leads to the Supershine room. This room is locked until a Supershine is declared. The Supershine is treated to a large bed, and several small beds for their friends. They also get their favorite foods and letters from home.
-Perhaps most importantly, the Supershine room features a screen which the Supershine can use to spy on the other houseguests.
-Finally, the Supershine gets a spacious bathroom instead of having to share the small ones downstairs.

The Back Yard

The back yard is where most recreational activities and competitions take place. At certain times, the houseguests are locked out of the back yard so that it can be set up for competitions. The back yard does not feature a roof, but does have four walls.
-After coming out onto the patio, houseguests can sit around at the table in the corner. The washer and dryer are also on the patio. Finally, a hot tub sits at the end of the patio, but it must be unlocked.
-A large, round table is also in the yard.
-The yard also features a foosball table, weight set, hammock, outdoor shower, and small swimming pool.
-Finally, a camera pylon is set up in the center of the yard.

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