2005 NDS Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

NAME: Kylie Koopa
OCCUPATION: Journalist
AGE: 18
ORIENTATION: Female, Single, Heterosexual
HOMETOWN: Koopa Village, Mushroom Kingdom

Actor, comedian and talk show host Kylie Koopa can currently be heard on Toad Town's 97.1 KKKK FM talk radio station, co-hosting "Toad & Kylie Uncut." Previously, she took the reins as the lead host of the nationally syndicated radio talk show "Radio Girls." Kylie originally hails from Koopa Village, where she was bitten by the reporter bug at an early age. Later came a long journey of writing and performing through many cities with various theater companies, improv troupes and sketch groups and flying solo as a stand-up comedian. Kylie currently lives in Koopa Village and is thrilled to be hosting House Calls for a second season.

*Remember that most information in these character profiles are purely fabricated.

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