Superstar Rules

Superstar is a reality show in which a number of strangers live in an isolated house and compete to win a cash prize. They are completely cut off from all outside communication--no TV, radio, phones, or internet. The Mushroom Kingdom version of Superstar has aired on TMK-TV every summer since 2000.

Since its second season, Superstar has adopted new rules. Viewers do not vote for eviction; all voting is done by the houseguests. There have been five complete seasons, with a sixth season being aired soon on Absolute Mario.

For all seasons, the eviction-night host has been Miss Jolene, also a co-host of The Mushroom Kingdom News's The Early Show.


Competitions have always been part of the show since every season, and the houseguests must compete together, against each other, or in teams to win them. The competitions in Superstar are:


Every week, after the eviction, the houseguests compete in the Supershine competition. The Supershine gets to nominate two people for eviction, and also gets their own private bedroom, things from home, and laundry service. The current Supershine is not eligible to compete in the following Supershine competition except for the final Supershine competition when there are only three houseguests.

When the number of houseguests are reduced to three in a given season, the Supershine competition is always a three part affair. The first part is usually an endurance competition, requiring a houseguest to hang on to their key in the face of some unusual circumstance, with the last person to hang on winning that stage, and advancing to the final stage. The two people who lost move on to the second part, usually a contest requiring the houseguest to answer what occurred during the season. The winner of those two parts move on to the third part, which usually is a guessing game as to what the departed houseguests thought of those remaining. Whoever wins the final part becomes the last Supershine, and is the sole decider as to which of the two remaining houseguests leave the game, and which moves on to the final vote to determine the season winner.


One of the tasks of being the Supershine is that they must select two houseguests to put up on the nomination block. The two houseguests fight for the Power of Veto so they can remove themselves. After the Power of Veto ceremony is over, and the new houseguest is put on the block, the remaining houseguests (excluding the Supershine and nominees) must vote to evict one nominee, with the Supershine only voting to break a tie.

The food competitions

In some weeks during the season, the houseguests compete together (or against each other) in the food competition. If a team or certain people win the competition, the houseguests win a variety of food for the week, or a given day. If they lose, they must live on peanut butter and jelly, condiments, milk, and water for the week, or that given day, depending on the rules of the respective competition.

On occasion, the house is split up into teams for the food competition, however. Whichever team wins gets the food, whichever team loses lives on peanut butter and jelly for the week.

The Power of Veto

In Season 3, a new rule was introduced. Each week, the houseguests would compete for the Golden Power of Veto. If they won, they could save a nominee from eviction, forcing the Supershine to nominate someone else (the Power of Veto winner was safe either way). Only six houseguests can compete for the Power of Veto, including the two nominees, the Supershine, and the three houseguests of their choices.

Luxury Competitions

The Luxury Competitions have always been a special treat for the houseguests, and have always given them some kind of Luxury. Almost always, the first Luxury competition has been the chance to unlock the hot tub.

Mushroom Kingdom's Choice

The Mushroom Kingdom's Choice offers the viewing public to select a houseguest to receive a special opportunity not available to other houseguests; voting is done through the TMK-TV website. Thought houseguests do not actively compete for the reward, it is essentially a reward based on viewers' opinions of the houseguest. The Mushroom Kingdom's Choice contests typically begin midway through a season and new contests are repeated weekly through the end of the season. Previous contests have allowed houseguests to take a mobile phone call to family, to have a walk-on-role in other TMK-TV shows, and to conduct an internet chat with fans. They also sometimes vote a previous evicted houseguest back into the house.

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