These are pictures with descriptions of all the magazines that I have that featured Mario and his friends.

This was the very first game magazine that I have ever gotten (hence the fact that it's all torn and ragged, but still readable!) It was the strategy guide to Super Mario Bros. 3, and the best one ever written I think! It had tons of pictures, tips, and screenshots that got you through the game without leaving any unanswered questions.

Unknown Date
Someone fill me in on this magazine!

Vol. 39 August 1992
This Nintendo Power magazine featured the game Mario Paint and explained all of its functions and even had a small Mario Paint Gallery in it. Also in this magazine was an episode of the Super Mario Adventures comics.

As the Mario Paint Player's Guide, this magazine was full of information on Mario Paint. The coolest thing about it was that it had examples of everything, from stamps to music pieces to professional-looking paintings. It also taught you how to make a music video!

This was the Player's Guide for Super Mario All-Stars. Not only did it show great tips and pictures to get you through all for four of the classic games on the game pak, it also showed the difference between the NES and SNES version of the game!

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