Magazines (Cont.)

Vol. 52 September 1993
This NP magazine featured the game Super Mario All-Stars in it but it only explained The Lost Levels in detail. The cool thing about it though was the contest. You had to mail in a screenshot of you playing on World 9 (which is nearly impossible to achieve!) and you would win an exclusive patch!

Unsure of date (maybe 1996)
Since I've never read this magazine, I'm unsure of the content in it.

This is Nintendo's Player's Guide for Super Mario 64. Basically, it gave you all the information that you needed to collect all the secrets in the game. It provided maps, as well.

I think that this was the best Super Mario 64 strategy guide that I've seen. It was put out by GameFan, and it had everything from maps to screenshot-by-screenshot walkthroughs on how to achieve the various goals in the game. As an added touch, they added glitches, fun stuff to do in the game if you're bored, and an art rendering section.

I don't own this magazine but it has a lot of good info since it is the Official Nintendo Players' Guide. It showed maps of every stage in Yoshi's Story including all secrets from hidden coins to the black and white Yoshies.

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