Bobble Heads

During the bobble head craze, Mario and his friends did not miss out! These things were fun to keep on your office desk.

Corgi International Figurines

As a follow-up on the report from 2007 on these figurines, here are some that I have purchased! The first picture shows two Luigi and Mario figurines that are 2 centimeters (cm) tall, and the second shows Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Yoshi figurines that are 15 centimeters (cm) tall.


These little figurines came out in the late 80s/early 90s. The two Raccoon Marios at the top came with McDonald's Happy Meals. The Raccoon Mario on the right was the special "Under 3" version. The Luigi below was a cake decoration, and the Mario climbing a vine on the right below was bought at Sundial Cards & Gifts.

Mario Kart 64 Figurines

These figurines featured the characters from Mario Kart 64, and came with the character, go-kart, and some unique items that are from the game.

Super Mario Bros. Trophies

Pictured here is one of a few trophies made by Hasbro, Inc. These were used to show off your Mario-fandom and game expertise. The sticker on the trophy can be filled out with your name, date, and high score. Other trophies like this one depict the following scenes: Mario hurling a fireball, Mario stomping Goombas, Bowser guarding Princess Toadstool, Mario running from Bullet Bill, and Blooper chasing Mario.

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