News icon Update: New Mario toys to be released and new affiliate
Here is a sneak preview of the figurines! Click on the images to view the full-size version. The first is of Mario, sure to be a collectible for anyone:

Here is a Bob-omb (yes, there will be classic enemies, too!):

Next is a tough-looking Yoshi:

Below is a mean-looking Bullet Bill:

Another definite collectible is Luigi:

Finally, below is a picture of a Paragoomba:

And this is just 5 of the figurines that will be released next year! Corgi International plans to release 24 of them total! So I wonder what the other 19 will look like? Bowser? Professor E. Gadd? Koopa Kids?! I guess we will see once they hit the shelves!
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Posted on 03 Nov 2007 by Purple