Nintendo System and Game Accessories

Mario Nintendo DS Holder

This 12-inch-tall Mario figure has one purpose and one purpose only- to serve as a holder for your Nintendo DS! The DS sits on top of his outstretched arms.

Nintendo 3DS XL: Mario & Luigi Dream Team Limited Edition

Source: eBay
This silver Nintendo 3DS XL system came with Mario & Luigi Dream Team pre-installed and features an image of the pair on the case in gold outlines.

Super Mario Odyssey Amiibos

These amiibos were released in 2017 and features Mario, Peach, and Bowser in white wedding attire. When used while playing Super Mario Odyssey, each amiibo causes certain special events to happen in the game. The Mario amiibo unlocks the Mario Wedding Outfit and grants temporary invincibility. The Peach amiibo unlocks the Peach Wedding Outfit and gives a Life-Up Heart. The Bowser amiibo unlocks the Bowser Wedding Outfit and reveals the locations of regional coins.

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