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Super Mario (a Little Golden Book)

Little Golden Books have been around as a children's book series long before the Mario series came about, so it's quite a surprise that we haven't seen any Mario-themed Little Golden Books until now! This book was released on May 25, 2021 and is authored by Steve Foxe. It also features colorful 2-D artwork akin to the early artwork seen on box art, instruction manuals, and strategy guides for the first Super Mario Bros. video games in the mid-to-late 1980s. There is no specific plot within this book. The "story" is just a short, high-level introduction to all of the major characters in the Mario canon, though I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Koopalings were actually included!


This is a bookmark depicting scenes from Super Mario Bros. 3. I got this from the book fair when I was in elementary school. Apparently, it was a gift type of bookmark because on the back it had "To" and "From" fields.

GameBoy Comics No. 1

This was the first issue of the GameBoy Comics System. However, I've never read it.

Super Mario World Unofficial Strategy Guide (1992)
This was an unofficial strategy guide to Super Mario World, and probably one of the best! It was part of the Secrets of the Games Series, and it offered not only a walkthrough for the whole game, but it also included a brief history on Mario, labeled maps, and super secrets such as how to gain access to the Special World!

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