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Jenga: Donkey Kong Collector's Edition

It's Jenga with a Donkey Kong-style twist! The blocks have pictures of red girders and like in Jenga, you first stack them all up and take turns pulling one out at a time until the tower falls over. In this game, though, each player also has a Mario game piece which is inserted into the bottom block at the start. Within their turn in addition to removing a block, each player spins the spinner and moves their Mario game piece up a girder. The player who reaches top of the tower wins, or if the tower falls apart before anyone can get to the top, then the player that was at the highest girder wins.

Monopoly: Nintendo Collector's Edition

Monopoly: Nintendo Collector's Edition features your favorite Monopoly gameplay with a Nintendo twist. Instead of buying property, you buy Nintendo characters (with Mario and Luigi being the most valuable, as they are equivalent to Boardwalk and Park Place in the original!), and instead of houses and hotels, they're called power-ups and invincibility, respectively. The pewter game pieces are as follows: Mario hat, NES controller, DK barrel, Koopa shell, Link's shield, and Link's boots. This game is fun whether you're a Monopoly fan, Nintendo fan, or both! Now, I can only hope that they will eventually come out with a real-life board game edition of the Mario Party series!

Gottlieb Super Mario Bros. Pinball Machine

This Super Mario Bros.-themed pinball machine is from April 1992, manufactured by D. Gottlieb & Co. Since this was around the time that Super Mario World was released, naturally it features graphics from the game, including Cape Mario and Yoshi.

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