Mailbag #7- 10/18/01

Now on with the messages:

why is it that mario's picture is the biggest on every mario product? -david lewis

Purple: Well, who else do you expect???

Boo: Ka ha ha ha!! Of course Mario would have the biggest picture on his merchandise, he's the actual star. Mario is the main focus on his series, so to speak, so it just works out that way.

Yoshi Dude: I have no idea. It would make more sense to have a giant picture of a potato, huh? :P

Magma Mario: This seems familiar, probably because he's the main character! I can't all but help from going crazy with the stupid questions we get sometimes.

Gamer Extreme: I don't know.

Kamek: He is the star.....I am the poor neglected loser.

Qeomash: I never noticed that! But, you're right! He's quite large even on the Super Smash Bros. box! Who knows? Maybe he's getting a swelled head from his popularity...

Toad: That is because Mario is the most popular character. Possibly not the favorite, but he is the most popular. So that will tell everyone that it is a Mario product.

Where exactly do you get the lazy shell and armour in Mario RPG. Please help!! -Cianan

Purple: I haven't gotten that far in the game yet, so I'm sorry, but I can't help you out there.

Boo: Boo can't help you on this one. I haven't played Super Mario RPG. Check out Qeomash's site, Secrets of the Seven Stars, and maybe you'll find some information on it.

Yoshi Dude: Find a lazy Koopa. Har har har.

Magma Mario: Okay, first, you must have defeated Valentina and Dodo in Nimbus Land. Go back to where you defeated Megasmilax in Bean Valley. Read the note to receive a seed. Than, at Nimbus Land, take a leap of faith on the southeast side of town and run on the edge of the cloud, if you're in the right spot you'll walk right into thin air, keep walking in that direction to find Shy away. Talk to him to get the fertilizer. Go to Rose Town and go to the back of town, there will be a new path that leads to a gardener's house. Talk to him twice and give him the seed and fertilizer . Jump on to the beanstalk and climb up into the clouds to find the chest that contains the Lazy Shell armor which should go to Toadstool, and the weapon for Mario.

Gamer Extreme: Well, I really don't I'll have to ask my friend he might know

Kamek: This is more like it! In Nimbus Land walk off to the far right off the cloud and talk to Shyster. He will give you a fertilizer. Go to the man at the end of Rose Town. Give the fertilizer to him and he will give you the lazy shells. They are the best armor and weapons in the game, and congrats, you now have them.

Qeomash: You got the right person! Either visit SOTSS ( or just do this: go to Bean Valley where the vine grows up into Nimbus land. Get the seed off the note, then go to Nimbus Land. Walk along the SE wall until you walk off into space and get the Fertilizer from the shy away. Go to Rose Town. Walk to the NE wall, and follow the path on that side. Give both items to the man in the house then climb the vine...

Toad: I think you should let someone else handle that question. I don't know the first thing about any Super Nintendo game.

how come princess toadstool is called peach now? -sandman

Purple: She was always called Peach by the Japanese. I guess they wanted it to be consistent, so they starting calling her that in the U.S., as well.

Boo: This one's a breeze...Princess Toadstool is called Peach in Japan, so we just used that as her first name in America.

Yoshi Dude: Well, toadstools started to taste very nasty.. actually, I think her full name is Princess Peach Toadstool. I just like calling her Peach.

Magma Mario: There's really no reason. Toadstool's name has always been Peach in Japan. The first game that even gave a clue was in SMRPG when a big hampster named Belome says, "tastes peachy" right after he eats Princess. The first game she was changed to Peach was in Tetris Attack but it was more noticed in SM64.

Gamer Extreme: I think Peach and Princess Toadstool were two different people or they just call her Peach cause Princess Toadstool is too long of a name.

Kamek: I think Nintendo got screwed up. In Yoshi's Safari: Mario payed a visit to Princess Toadstool's friend Princess Peach to save Prince Pine in Jewelry Land. Then was Yoshi's Island, no princess in that game and then Super Mario RPG which Nintendo didn't make. Next came Tetris Attack which didn't really have Princess either. Then was Super Mario 64 (Finally!) which was when they started calling her Peach. Between a new princess, three games without a Princess, the N64 project and trying to finish Super Mario 64 to beat Sony to realease the system I think Nintendo forgot about Toadstool somewhere along the line. Hehehe kinda funny when you think about it.

Qeomash: In Japan, all the Mario charactors (save Mario& Luigi) are named after a fruit. Peach has been Toadstool's name over there since the beginning of Mario, but Toadstool over here. Slowly, Nintendo converted the name over to Peach. So, I and many others refer to this as her first name, Toadstool her last.

Toad: Well, her first name is Peach. Plus now she isn't just the damsel in distress. She is now a playable character in many Mario games.

Who is clawdia? -sandman

Purple: I don't know, you tell me.

Boo: Clawdia? This name is foreign to Boo...Sorry, but that question went right through me. Ka ha ha ha!! (Might as well make a joke.)

Yoshi Dude: Good answer. Now you're up to $2500. You can either pick "Weird names" for 500, or "Singing fruits" for 100.

Magma Mario: Sorry, no idea.

Gamer Extreme: What?

Kamek: Let me guess, your from Lemmy's Land. There is a million fanfics about Bowser's wife there. Try reading some or asking Lemmy.

Qeomash: I have no idea who Clawdia is.

Toad: I read on a Koopaling page that Clawdia is the Koopaling's mother.

How come the Nintendo Power reviews said that Super Mario 2 on Super Mario Advance was like Super Mario Bros.2 but had more SNES graphics and had more specail things because I played the oringinal Super Mario Bros.2 on Super Mario All-Stars but it does have the same SNES graphics but why does it say that? -Mario

Purple: You are right, except for one thing. The Super Mario All-Stars version of SMB2 is not the original. The original SMB2 came out in 1988 for the NES, and it had crude graphics. To see screenshots of that game, go here.

Boo: Well...Boo doesn't really know. I only played Super Mario Bros. 2 on NES. But, I've seen the GBA's graphics and I remember seeing the SNES version of Super Mario Bros. 2. I'd say that they aren't much different. Nintendo is probably making the GBA sound so awesome so they can sell it easier.

Yoshi Dude: I had to read that a few times to get it. o.o; I don't know why it says.. I didn't write the stupid magazine. :P Why the heck did you buy the All-Star version and the Mario Advance version? Isn't that redundant? o.o;

Magma Mario: Well, because the reason is, I guess they didn't think it was possible to get those graphics into a tiny machine like that.

Gamer Extreme: I do not know.

Kamek: I've never played Super Mario Advance so I don't know how it differs from SMB2 (American).

Qeomash: It would help me out if you a bit more coherent. (I count one sentence.)Personally, I think it has the same graphics as the SNES version, but theyjust added a few things to make it "better", in their vision.

Toad: I would have someone who knows what he's talkingabout answer that.

How come Mario won't have his own game on the Gamecube but Luigi will!In "Luigi's Manson"!What is up with that?! -Mario

Purple: Nintendo has confirmed that there will be a Mario game for the Game Cube. It's called Mario Sunshine, and little is known about the game at the moment. It probably won't be released until next year.

Boo: Erm...I recall that Mario will have a game, he just didn't start the first Game Cube game. Just chill out and hold tight until it comes out.

Yoshi Dude: He will. Mario Sunshine.. :P

Magma Mario: For one thing fans have been raving and screaming about Luigi not getting enough attention. However, Mario is in Luigi's Mansion (not 'till the end though) and look for Mario in these upcoming Game Cube games: Mario Sunshine and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Gamer Extreme: Ya what is up with that? Probably because Luigi really ain't that popular and they wanna make him popular.

Kamek: Luigi has been "forgotten" by Nintendo since like Yoshi's Island. Nintendo probably noticed how it upseted Luigi fans. I personally think its a great idea. That's the opinion of a koopa though!

Qeomash: I only learned about it afew weeks ago, but Mario will have his own game onthe GCN. I really don't know anything about the game, but it's tentativelycalled "Mario Sunshine". Go to The Mushroom Kingdom to get some more info(the place where I first learned about it).

Toad: I've heard that they are making a Mario game. It is asequel to Super Mario 64. And if that is not true,than I guess the reason they have one with Luigi, isbecause Luigi only had one game that he starred in.And the maker had a good idea, so he decided to makeone starring Luigi. If they are not planning on makingone starring Mario, then I am sure they will shortly.

Bah. -Bah

Purple: Thank you, Mr. Scrooge.

Boo: You've just inspired Boo to sing part of a song Bah, but it'll be an altered version of the song I'm singing. Ka ha ha ha!! Ahem... "Bah, bah, bah. I don't love you you don't love me. Bah, bah, bah, I don't love you, you don't love me. Bah, bah, bah..."

Yoshi Dude: In examining a character such as Mr. Bah, it is important thatthe superficial characteristics of its deceptively simple personshould not be allowed to blind Purple to the more substantialfabric of its deeper motivations. With this, I plan to discuss the sociological implications of family pressures sogreat as to drive an otherwise idiotic mailbag waster to perform acts of annoyance in which he consciously knew were against the rules. I also hope to explore the personality of Mr.Bah in his conflicting roles as a waster of my time.

Magma Mario: It's people like you who make me want to slam the computer against concrete. Hey, are you Cranky Kong or sumtin?

Gamer Extreme: Bah right back at ya.

Kamek: And this comment was even accepted! Geez Purple how desperate are you for mailbags (j/k)! I'm ashamed of whoever wrote this. This is a one byte of space in my e-mail! Mr. Bah of your getting a message from me....wait there is no I think you misspelled your e-mail address pal.

Qeomash: Aaaah! We've got some sheep trapped in here! Quick! Get some shears!We'll have wool blankets yet!

Toad: Bah.

Are you getting a Gamecube? I'm sure you are, but I'm don't think I am. I'll play someone elses'. I've never been a fan of games on discs. There is not even a Mario platformer coming out on launch! I'll just stick with my NES,SNES, and N64 -Cameron

Purple: I'm definitely getting a Game Cube, maybe not right when it comes out, but hopefully soon after. If you're wanting a Mario platformer, wait 'till you see Mario Sunshine!

Boo: Well, Boo isn't very fond of discs either, so I see where you're going with that. And, I've also got my own NES hooked up, so it's cool that you're a fan of oldschool. Boo is happy! Ka ha ha ha!! Nevertheless, you may want to consider getting the GameCube, as the graphics are twice as better than N64 and that the N64 itself won't have many good games coming out for it in the future.

Yoshi Dude: Yes there is.. if you bothered to look it up. :P

Magma Mario: Well, there is a Mario platformer on launch if you count Luigi's Mansion, where Luigi will try to take care of the Boos and ghosts in a haunted mansion to save his brother Mario. As for me, I'm most likely not getting a Game Cube. If it was DVD and computer-compatible like the Playstation 2, but kept its price, than I'd get it. Otherwise, it doesn't seem like enough for 200 bucks.

Gamer Extreme: Me too.

Kamek: I might wait a while. I'd rather not go blow all my money on GameCube just yet. I'll wait a while until the price lowers or the suspense drives me crazy.

Qeomash: I plan on pre-ordering a Game Cube, so I will get one. I'm not too fond ofdiscs either, but the data holding ratio (I think this was the number) is3/1 (that's three carts into one disc).But, I will also keep my two N64s, two Supers, five NESs, two Game Boys...

Toad: I think I am doing the same.

Anybody know the reason why in Super Mario Bros. 2 instead of jumping on enemies and defeating them you have to pick them up and toss them around? Boo really think it defeats Mario's jump-based attacks he's so famous for. Of course, Super Mario 64 gave him about over a dozen new moves, but you could still jump on enemies and defeat them. Why break tradition?? (Boo also wants to know if it's legitimate to ask a question when he's supposed to be answering them.) -Boo

Purple: Well, I suppose I'll let you ask a question since I let Yoshi Dude in the last jailbag! Anyway, Super Mario Bros. 2 breaks a lot of traditions, because it was originally a game called Doki Doki Panic. (To see screenshots of this game, go to the Doki Doki Panic Review page.) What they did was change some of the characters in DDP, and make them Mario-related. Thence, calling it Super Mario Bros. 2.

Boo: Boo kind of finds it hard to answer his own question. Ka ha ha ha!!

Yoshi Dude: Well, Super Mario Bros 2 was really not Super Mario Bros 2. Before it was released in America, Super Mario Bros 2 was made in Japan, but a totally different game (the Lost Levels game you see on Super Mario Allstars). They thought it was too hard, so they made Super Mario 2 for America, but just as the take off of the Japanese game Doki Doki Panic. I believe difference are shown at There never was really a tradition in the first place, since in Mario's first appearance, Donkey Kong, he used a hammer..

Magma Mario: Err.. here you go again with your silly questions. You can't send questions in if you answer them already. And, let me tell you sumtin. The second Mario Bros. was a recreation of a unreleased Japanese game called Doki Doki panic. The original version was too hard so they turned that game into a Mario game.

Gamer Extreme: Probably 'cause they were tired of one tradition and made another one

Kamek: Nintendo thought that Super Mario Bros 2, in Japan (The Lost Levels), was too hard for Americans (Ha! Thats a laugh!). So instead they wasted a lot of time and money and just edited another Nintendo games sprites. This game was Dream Factory (Doki Doki Panic). They shipped it to America and just called it Super Mario Bros 2. It wasn't an actual SMB game. Check out for more.

Qeomash: Super Mario Bros. 2 (US) is actually the US version of a game called DokiDoki Panic. It was about some guy named Doki in a turban. The whole gamewas exactly the same, just a few small differences: characters and such.Nintendo just changed a few things, and they had SMB2. The Japanese SMB2 wasconsidered too "hard" for a US port.

Toad: The reason Super Mario Bros. 2 didn't have Mario jumpon the enemies is because it was not supposed to be aMario game. I think it was supposed to be called DokiDoki Panic. They just put Mario characters on insteadof the real characters.

Why is Luigi neglected!!! HE KICKS MAJOR @$$!!!! 10,000 wins in my SUPER SMASH BROS.!!!!!! The 2nd place is ony 2,796!!! SO HA!!! TAKE THAT GAY @$$ BOO!!!!!!! MARIO IS A GAY& @$$ F*GG*T!!!!!!! NO MORE MARIO!!! TOOO MUCH MARIO!!!! -Ralph

Purple: You can never have too much Mario. But I do agree that Luigi should appear more.

Boo: Well let me tell you something Ralph, this was uncalled for! You shouldn't need to insult Mario in the manner that you did, and nobody cares that Luigi has almost 10,000 wins because you just use him over and over again. I know because this guy that wrote the mail is my bro.

Yoshi Dude: In my Super Smash Bros game, Fox has way more than 10,000 wins.. and Mario has more than Luigi. Therefore, I am commanding the world to revolve around me and my game. Hah!

Magma Mario: Hey, no swearing!!! Anyway, look at Mario's upcoming game, Luigi's Mansion. Where the player takes control of Luigi in a haunted mansion. It would be on Game Cube.

Gamer Extreme: Calm down.

Kamek: Why am I neglected???? I kick major @$$. I don't know. I like Luigi too, ask Nintendo and also dude lay off the caffeine.

Qeomash: I agree Mario is getting all too much fame, and Luigi is neglected...ButI could beat your green plumber @$$ with either Kirby or Samus (or, just tobe cruel, Mario)...

Toad: The reason Luigi is neglected as little ashe is-is because most people like Mario. I'm notsaying that liking Mario is the right choice, but itis how most people feel. There is no right or wrong asfar as opinions go. I personally don't think Luigi isthat neglected. There is only two Mario games whereLuigi isn't a playable character. And now he even hashis own video game.