Super Mario Bros. 2 Review

# of Players1
# of Levels7 worlds with 3 stages and 1 boss stage in each.
Controllable CharactersMario, Luigi, Toad, Princess Toadstool
StoryMario had a dream one night that he entered a cave, and in this cave there was a long staircase leading up to a door. So he climbed up the many steps and opened the door. He was welcomed by a whole different world! He then woke up from his dream and told his friends about it. That very day, they all had a picnic, and they found a cave so they all went it. Just then, they found a staircase and the door that was in Mario's dream! They went through the door and ended up in Sub-con, the world of dreams!

Graphics5As low-tech as the NES was, it could've done better with the scene backgrounds. Also every time a character stepped in front of the door, it looked as if their eyes were blinking, when it really was a graphics glitch.
Sound6The sound is alright, but there aren't really any songs that you'll be playing over and over in your head, though. Since this game used to be Doki Doki Panic, there aren't any Mario-themed songs with the exception of the familiar subspace music.
Challenge10It's pretty difficult to play through the whole game without warping.
Replay Value10Despite this game's theme abnormalities, it was a great classic. There are always new warps and items to discover.