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Welcome to our Encyclopedia! This book is used for reference for all our Mushroom citizens, but currently, we haven't got everything on computer yet. When we do have it up, these links below will work, and you can look up anything that has to do with Mario and his friends!

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DK = Donkey Kong
SMB = Super Mario Bros.
SMB2 = Super Mario Bros. 2
SMB3 = Super Mario Bros. 3
SMW = Super Mario World
YC = Yoshi's Cookie
YSf = Yoshi's Safari
SMAS = Super Mario All-Stars
YI = Yoshi's Island
YS = Yoshi's Story
MParty = Mario Party
MParty2 = Mario Party 2
SM64 = Super Mario 64
SMBD = Super Mario Bros. Deluxe
MIM = Mario is Missing!
MTM = Mario's Time Machine
SMRPG = Super Mario RPG
SMRPG2 = Super Mario RPG 2
SML1,2,+3 = Super Mario Land 1,2,+3
SMK = Super Mario Kart
MK64 = Mario Kart 64
SSB = Super Smash Bros.
MT = Mario Tennis
MG = Mario Golf
SMB2J = Super Mario Bros. 2 Japan (Lost Levels on SMAS)

Special thanks to: MCHAPMAN2000 for the Blooper pic!
Nick for info on some SMRPG characters!

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