Good Guys

These are all characters in the Mushroom Kingdom who are good and helpful.



Bob-omb Buddies- These pink Bob-ombs are peace-loving creatures. Unlike their black look-alikes, they're out to stop Bowser from taking over the Mushroom Kingdom. Games: SM64

Bowser?- In Super Mario RPG, the Koopa King, after being forced out of his castle, joined Mario's team. Games:SMRPG,SMB,SMB3,SMW,SM64,and pretty much every single game I left out that has to do with Mario






Gaz- The son of the innkeeper of Rose Town.Games:SMRPG

Geno- Mario's ally who's an expert with projectile-type weaponry. Games: SMRPG






Luigi- The taller, skinnier, and faster brother of Mario, he usually wears green. Games: MB, SMB, SMB2, SMB3, SMW, YI, SMAS, SSB, MIM, MParty, MParty2, SMBD, SMRPG, MK64, SMK, MT, MG


Mallow - A valuable ally to Mario, he has the ability to control the weather and read enemies' minds and their HP. Games: SMRPG
Mario- He's short and fat, and he's Nintendo's mascot. As the star of the show and Luigi's brother, he's been seen everywhere! Games: DK, MB, SMB, SMB2, SMB3, SMW, YI, SMAS, MParty, MParty2, SM64, SMBD, MIM, MTM, SMRPG, SMRPG2, SMK, MK64, SSB, MT, MG
Miss Warp- An egg-like creature that is found asleep. If woken up, it will jump up and down, cheering, and you can jump on her to be transported to the next Miss Warp. Games: YS


Nessie- Friendly dark blue sea dragon who offers rides to anyone that butt-stomps on his back. Games: SM64



Pauline- Mario's ex-girlfriend from the 80s, she was captured once by Donkey Kong and was rescued by Mario. Games: DK
Peach (see Princess Toadstool)
Princess Daisy-
Princess Toadstool (or see Peach) - The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and the apple of Bowser's eye, her life has been an endless series of traumatizing events. She gets captured almost every time, but in SMB2, she participates in the adventure and can even fly! Games: SMB, SMB2, SMB3, SMW, SMAS, SMRPG, SM64, MParty, MParty2, MG, MT, SMBD





Toad- Mushroom retainer who remains loyal to Princess Toadstool. He helps the Mario brothers defeat Bowser in many different ways. Games: SMB, SMB2, SMB3, SMAS, SMBD, SM64, MParty, SMK, MK64, MParty2, MT, MG, SMB2J




Wario- Many sources claim that he is Mario's cousin, childhood friend, his dark-side twin, etc. But whoever he is, he dons a yellow and fuchsia uniform, has a wiry mustache, and is very pudgy, indeed. No, he's not evil, he's just avaricious!
White Shy Guy- A white-robed Shyguy that if freed, will venture out to Baby Bowser's castle and bring back one of the captured Yoshis. Games: YS



Yoshi- These dinosaurs come in many different colors and they all live on a tropical island together. They got to know Mario when he was just barely born, and they remain loyal friends to this day! Games: SMW, YI, YS, SSB, SMK, MK64, MParty, MParty2, YC, YSf, MT, MG, SM64, SMRPG


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