The long lost Mailbag #10! -Unknown

Have YOU ever eaten a raw potato?- 3/5/02

The responders decide to join in the fun!- 11/22/01

Warning: Insane insanity...- 10/18/01

Time to break out the gray matter!- 10/1/01

Confusing questions, confusing answers- 8/11/01

MNM goes bilingual and Pilotwings 64 cameo- 8/9/01

Jill croons a familiar old song, and there's a special guest appearance!- 6/15/01

Luigi corrections, and more site questions- 5/25/01

Our 1st mailbag is here! -4/11/01

Send all your Mario/MNM site-related questions to Purple or just use the form below, and I will answer them and post them on here! Depending on the load of questions I get, this mailbag will be either a weekly or monthly thing. Also, MNM reserves the right to edit questions for spelling and grammar. Questions that are hard to understand, filled with jibberish, or excessive in profanity will be deleted.

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