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These questions have been pondered by others and are unanswered. This section is no longer open, but it had some interesting questions and answers so I am leaving it up. From now on, questions like these are dealt with in the mailbag section.

In Super Mario Bros. 2, why do the blocks in the vases form faces? -Purple

Why are Super Mario games always missing the bros. on the end of the titles?
Um for that " Why are Super Mario games always missing the bros. on the end of the titles" guy this is why,Because its not with Luigi in it but there's Mario. -Bower Koopa

Why does Mario have a brick-theme? I mean, where did the bricks come from? -Ryan D.
For the "Why Bricks" question, I must answer by suggesting that nothing else can crumble like that, and still be sturdy enough to walk on. And, I sat and thought, and couldn't think of any possible alternatives anyway. -Kinopio Toadashi

Why is that Koopaling's name Morton Koopa Jr.? Who is Morton Koopa Sr.?
In response to the question about Morton Koopa Sr., I believe that's Bowser. After all, they are his kids. Maybe Bowser is just a nickname. So Bowser's real full name would be King Morton Koopa Sr. -Realgtx

When is Nintendo going to make a Super Mario Bros. Baseball game? - Dave
I see you've noticed the Mario Sports things. After much pondering, I came to the conclusion that Nintendo is trying to simply make more money by making sports games with Mario & Co. characters, as well as the Mario Party series. I highly doubt there will be a Mario Baseball for the N64, with Gameboy Advanced and Game Cube arriving, so I'm guessing Mario Party 3 will be the last Mario game. Possibly Mario Baseball will one day appear on Game Cube. -Ryan Lewis

Who are Mario's parents?- KoolKoopaKid
For the question about Mario's parents....Nintendo never made any specific identities for Mario's parents but you can see their feet at the end of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. -Kamek
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