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Specific Characters Sites:
The Bowser Shrine
Daisy Revolution
Daisy's Land
Lemmy's Land
The Luigi Awareness Society
The Peach & Daisy Lovers Website
Yoshi & Birdo Site

Specific Mario Games Sites:
Mario Kart World
The Sacred Planet of SMRPG
Super Mario Bros. 2 Worship- Doki Doki Panic/SMB2 info!
Super Mario RPG: Secrets of the Seven Stars
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Super Smash Bros. Melee Galaxy

General Mario Sites:
Big Boo's Haunt
Jelly's Super Mario Site
Luigi's Secrets
The Mario Headquarters
Mario Mania
Mario Mayhem
Project Plumber
Shyguy Kingdom- tons of sprites!
Super Mario 128 Central
Super Mario Bros. HQ- excellent Mario site!
Super Mario Bros. Super Homepage
Super Mario Legacy
Super Mario Royal Castle
The Mushroom Kingdom- EVERYTHING Mario.
Toad's Castle
The Ultimate Link & Mario Page
TsunaWolf's SUPER MARIO Site

Non-Mario Game Sites:
Donkey Kong 64 Central
Kirby's Rainbow Resort
Maverick Hunters HQ- My other site for my action story.
The Mega Man Homepage
Metroid Recon

General Nintendo Sites:
00Boo's Mansion
DS Ultimate
NES Horsemen
Nintendo Database
Nintendo DS Resource
The Unofficial World of Nintendo

General Gaming Sites:
Phantom 360
Galbadia Hotel- Download video game music and other media!
Videogame Ringtone Archive- Download Nintendo music for your cell phone!
Watler's World

My Other Sites:
Improvisation- My personal site.
Kinopian's Lilypad- My Neopet's site.

Friends' Sites:
About Cheese and Marshmallows

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