Yoshi's Island

# of Players1-2
# of Levels6 worlds, 8 stages in each.
Controllable CharactersYoshi, Baby Mario
StoryA stork carrying a pair of baby twins was flying through the dusky, predawn sky, on its way to deliver the twins to their parents. But suddenly, Kamek swooped through the air faster than lightning and snatched one of the babies. The other was knocked out of the stork's beak and fell downward towards the ocean. Kamek later realizes this and orders his Toadies to capture the other baby. So the Toadies go out in search for the missing twin. Meanwhile, the other baby has fallen safely into the hands of Yoshi on his home island. A map drops after him and he takes a look. He alerts the other Yoshis and they soon find out that the baby named Mario is trying to tell them of the his twin's location. So all of the Yoshis agree to set off and find his twin brother.

Graphics9This was the only Mario game that used the Super FX chip, and it looked great! The only disappointment though was that the rest of the game didn't look as sharp as the introduction.
Sound7The stereo sound couldn't sound any better on this game. However, as advanced as the SNES technology was at the time, they could've done better by adding more detailed sound effects and voices. Also, you might want to cover your ears when Baby Mario starts crying!
Challenge10Getting through the levels with minimal damage can be a frustration, indeed. But nevertheless, there's never a boring moment on Yoshi's Island with all the obstacles, challenges, and puzzles.
Replay Value10Thanks to its high challenge rate, this is a definite replay. If going through the levels undamaged wasn't enough, try getting a perfect 100 points on every stage!