Super Mario World Review

# of Players1-2
# of Levels8 Worlds
Controllable CharactersMario, Luigi, and Yoshi
StoryThe Mario gang took a vacation from their adventures by visiting Dinosaur Land, but they couldn't relax for long though, because Bowser and his turtle troop had come along and snatched the Princess Toadstool away again while Mario and Luigi took a nap. When the two brothers woke up, they went out in search of the Princess, and they found a huge egg in the forest. The egg hatched, and out came a dinosaur named Yoshi. He told them the story of how his other friends were kidnapped by Bowser, as well. So the three of them set off together in search of the missing Yoshis and the Princess.

Graphics10When this game came out, it surprised many people with its awesome graphics, since it was the first of its kind on a new gaming system. Everything is very colorful, and a lot of objects are 3-D-looking.
Sound10This was also the first game to come out with stereo sound, so it was a hit in the sound department, as well. There are great sound effects, including the echoing of the caves.
Challenge10Not only was it a challenge just to get to Bowser alone, but there were a lot of courses with more than one goal! Only the sharp-eyed (or strategy guide-readers) are able to find the Special World and unlock its secrets!
Replay Value10This game is a classic and a modern game, which makes it fun to relive over and over, yet it doesn't get boring.