Super Mario Bros. 3

This was probably the most popular Mario game of all time!

# of Players1-2
# of Levels8 worlds with 6-10 stages in each.
Controllable CharactersMario and Luigi
StoryWhile Mario and Luigi were taking a break from their last adventure, they had found out that Princess Toadstool was kidnapped again by Bowser! This time he wasn't alone, though. He brought along his seven kids as well! Looks like Mario and Luigi have another journey on their hands!

Graphics7This was a big contrast compared to Super Mario Bros. More detail was put in the making of each character and enemy.
Sound10All the familiar Mario tunes are back in this game, and were slightly modified to sound a lot better! You'll love the new and improved version of the underground music!
Challenge10With so many levels that range from easy-very difficult and no save option, you'll be playing this game for hours! That is, if you don't use any warp whistles at all, and even those things are a chore to find on your own!
Replay Value10Another great classic, not only does it offer many hours of fun gameplay, there's also a 2-player minigame within this game that'll remind you of Mario Bros.