Paper Mario Info


  • To find Luigi's diary, you have to have the Super Boots. Go to his and Mario's house and into the room that they share. Do a ground pound, and you'll open it up and fall into a secret room. Walk to the table on the right and press A when you see the ! over Mario's head. Here you can read Luigi's secret diary! Every once in a while, Luigi writes two pages in it at a time. There are 12 pages in all in the whole game. Here are the entries:

    Page 1:
    Once again, my brother went on an exciting journey. Once again, he went alone. It's so unfair! I remember the carefree days when we played Golf and Tennis and had Parties. I remodeled the house and made a secret basement. My brother has no idea! It's the perfect place to write in you, my secret diary.

    Page 2:
    I heard that a ghost appeared in Toad Town today. It was big, really big. And it had red eyes, a giant, gaping mouth and a mustache...........Because you're my secret diary, I'll tell the truth: Yaaaah! I hate ghosts!! What will I do if it appears at night! Come back, Mario! I'm scared! Yikes! I can feel something behind me. Ahhh! I'm sure it's there, but I can't look back! No! No! Get away! I think I'll be safe if I don't freeze with fear. I'll just shut my eyes and take five steps back, and I'll jump and dash into bed. Here I go!

    Page 3:
    A Shy Guy appeared at my house the other day. I found it asleep in my bed! Can you believe it? I ran after him, but he was way too fast for me. I heard that a lot of Shy Guys also appeared in Toad Town. Supposedly, they came from Shy Guy's Toy Box. It must be somewhere in town. A Toy Box... I wouldn't mind seeing that. Maybe they have a Nintendo 64!

    Page 4:
    The whole Goomba family visited me today. They said that Goombario is in the care of my brother, then they gave me a souvenir! It was a Goomnut, a special treat from Goomba Village. It looked so yummy I ate it without telling my brother! My FP increased by 3..........You think he'll notice?

    Page 5:
    I heard that my brother went to Lavalava Island on a tuna. Unbelievable! So unfair!! I... I... I wanna ride on a tuna, too!

    Page 6:
    I heard that some Yoshi kids on Lavalava Island got lost and my brother saved them. I bet Yoshi kids are just about the cutest things around. I'm a bit jealous of my brother.

    Page 7:
    I heard a rumor that I actually have lots of fans. Wow! What great news! To live up to their expectations, I want to play the lead in an adventure! Of course, my name would have to be in the title. That'd be sweet...<3 But I know it'll never happen...

    Page 8:
    I heard that a door appeared in Toad Town. They say it leads to Flower Fields. I guess lots of Flower Spirits live in that flowery place. Flower Spirits... I bet their souls are as beautiful as the prettiest flowers...

    Page 9:
    Somebody said to me that a way will open when you use a scarf and bucket... What? A scarf for a snowman? Wouldn't it melt him?

    Page 10:
    Yesterday, I got stuck in the trapdoor when I was entering my secret room... Have I been using it too much? Or am I putting on weight? I'd better oil it to make it open easier.

    If anyone can send me a copy of Pages 11 and 12, I would greatly appreciate it and give you credit!
  • Give items to Tayce T. and she'll bake something delicious for you that can help you on your adventure! If you give her the cookbook which is found in Shy Guy's Toy Box, then she'll be able to use two items at once to bake!

    Single Ingredients
    CakeCake MixRecovers 15 FP
    Fried EggEggRestores 10 HP
    Fried ShroomFire Flower/Super Shroom/Dried ShroomRestores 6 HP and 2 FP
    Hot ShroomVolt ShroomRecovers 15 HP and 5 FP
    Koopa TeaKoopa LeafRecovers 5 FP
    Nutty CakeGoomnutRestores 10 FP
    Potato SaladIced PotatoRestores 10 HP
    Shroom SteakUltra ShroomRecovers 30 HP and 10 FP
    SpaghettiDried PastaRecovers 6 HP and 4 FP
    Special ShakeMelonRecovers 20 FP
    Spicy SoupFire FlowerRestores 4 HP and 4 FP
    Super SodaApple/Jammin' Jelly/Red/Yellow/Blue Berries/Honey SyrupCures poisoning and shrinking, and restores 5 FP
    Tasty TonicLemon/Lime/Bubble Berry/CoconutCures poisoning and shrinking
    Yummy MealWhacka's BumpRecovers 20 HP and 20 FP

  • In Boo's Mansion, jump into the vase in one of the rooms and you'll come back out as retro Mario, and the NES music will play! Jump back in the vase or leave the room to return to normal.