Grant's Mario Game Idea

My Name's Grant "Programmer" (If You Need A Last Name) And Here's My Idea:
(I Hope This Idea Sounds Original)

Shyguy 64 (Or GC) (Ya Know Game Cube)

That's Right!
Shyguy Rules And So There Should Really Be A Shyguy Game!
Mario Tennis Really Shouldn't Count.
There Is A Plot (And Moves) In The Game Of Course (You Play As A Red Shyguy)
The Other Shyguys Can Be Unlocked, First Yellow, Then Green, Then Blue, Then
Black, Then Metal, Then Ultimate Shyguy (A White Winged Shyguy), And Finally
There Is One More Secret Character I'll Mention Later. Characters Are
Collected In The Displayed Order (Red Gets Yellow, Yellow Gets Green).

The Storyline:
Soon After Mario Defeated Bowser In Mario 64, Mario Eats Cake And All The
Sudden, Wario Appears From A Dimensional Portal In The Castle And Says That
Sub-Con Shall Consume This Dimension And The Mushroom Kingdom Shall Be
Destroyed. Mario Does Not Believe Wario, Until He Sees Sub-Con Consuming Part
Of The Castle Slowly, And Yells Mama-Mia! It Is Too Late, And Mario And Wario
Disappear Into Nothing As Sub-Con Continues To Spread. Peach And Toad Go
Through The Portal, And Before They Vanish, Manage To Ask A Red Shyguy For
Help. Then Peach And Toad Disappear, Along With Some Other Shyguys As Well.
Red Shyguy Must Save The Other Shyguys, And Save The Mushroom Kingdom.


Up: Enter Door, Fly Up (White Shyguy).
Down: Charge Ability, Descend (White Shyguy)
Left/Right: Move Left/Right
A: Jump, Flap Arms (Mecha-Flyguy)
B: Punch
Z: Use Ability

Each Shyguy Can Jump And Punch, But They Have Unique Abilities.
It Costs Special Energy Energy You Can Slowly Charge, With A Maximum Of 30.
It Takes 5 Seconds To Get A Point Back
It Is Shown On A Little Bar To The Right Of Your 10 Energy Points.

Red Shyguy: Fire Hands (Shoots Fireballs) 1
Yellow Shyguy: Electric Ball (Jumps, Curls Up, And Uncurls, Making A Shield) 5
Green Shyguy: Growth Potion (Grows 4 Times Normal Size For 20 Seconds) 10
Blue Shyguy: Ice Wave (A Wave Of Water That Freezes Enemies) 7
Black Shyguy: Dark Power (Ride An Enemy And Control Them For A Minute)15
Metal Shyguy: Earthquake (Shakes The Ground And Destroys Nearby Enemies) 7
Ultimate Shyguy: Flashbomb (Drops A White Ball That Makes Enemies Vanish) 2
Snifit: Bullet (Shoots A Bullet That Pierces Multiple Enemies) None!
Mecha Flyguy: None (Available In The Bonus Level) 0
???: ??? (Mention Later, Beat Game For Ultimate Mario 2) ???

Beating The Game With Snifit And Part Of The Kingdom Is Back To Normal!
Enough To Get More Help!

Mecha Flyguy Bonus Level:
It Shows Toad Winding Mecha Flyguy In The Mario Party 2 Game Scene.
It Says Start, And Then You Fly Into The Clouds In A Back View.
You Have An Ability Meter Lowering, And You Have To Collect Windup Keys.
Each One Charges 5 Points, And You Lose Points For Whatever Speed Your Flying.
Keep Pressing A To Flap Your Arms To Fly Upward And Stop To Descend.
You Lose Ability Power From This Though, But You Have To Stay In The Air.
Land On The Platform At The End To Get A 1-Up!
Just Avoid The Smoke Clouds That Take Away Your Ability Power And Collect
If You Run Out, You Become Powerless, And Since You Can't Flap Your Arms, You
Will Fall Out Of The Sky In A Few Seconds And Fail The Bonus Game.
You Get To Play Every 5 Levels.

The Secret Character:
When You Beat The Game With Snifit, Part Of The Kingdom Returns To Normal.
It's Enough Of The Kingdom That Mario Reappears!
For Some Reason, Sub-Con Affected Mario, And He Appears With A Shyguy Mask!
Thus, You Play As The Final Character, Masked Mario!
The Mask Has Given Him A Special Shyguy Power He'll Need To Save The Kingdom!
Here Is His Power!

Masked Mario: Shyguy Powers (Automatic Powers That Don't Use Energy!) 0

Fire Swimmer: He Can Go Through Fire And Swim In Lava!
Super Speed: He Can Move, Run, Attack, And Dodge Really Fast!
Stretch: He Can Punch And Kick Far!
Water Walking: He Can Move On Water, But Will Go In If He Falls Onto It!
Resistance: He Can Reduce Damage Occasionally With A Dark Barrier!
Metal Boots: He Can Increase Damage If He Kicks Or Jumps Sometimes!
Floating: He Can Jump High And Descend Slowly!
Metal Fire: Send Out A Metal Fireball When You Tap Z Twice!
Mario Has All His Super Mario 64 Moves Too!

Beat The Game With Masked Mario, And The Kingdom Will Return To Normal!
Mario Loses His Mask, Everyone Is Back, And Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, And
The Shyguys Destroy The Portal!
Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Peach, Toad, And The Shyguys Celebrate In The
The Shyguys Return To Sub-Con, And The New Portal Turns Into A Paper.
The Paper Reads "A Great Legend Rests In The Mask Of The Shyguy. It Is Said
That If All The Shyguy Return From One Dimension To Another At Once, A Mask
Shall Be Created. A Mask That Grants Its Mighty Power To Whomever Is Most
Worthy. If The Mask Is Used For Good, More Good And Evil Are Revealed." Then
The Credits Scroll And It Says "The End!"
You Can Now Play The Original Super Mario 2 U.S.
It Is In NES Graphics And Is Like The Original Only With More Characters!
The Characters Are:
If A Name Has A * Then The Plumbers, Peach, Toad, And Shyguys Can Be This!
Keep In Mind That You Can't Use Special Abilities!
Like Fire Mario Can't Use Fireballs.
With All This Stuff, If Nintendo Were To Accept An Idea, It Would Be On
Thus, Different Controls.

Peach (Brown Hair)
Peach (Blonde Hair)
Dr. Mario
Koopa Troopa (Green)
Koopa Troopa (Red)
Vampire Wario
Red Shyguy
Yellow Shyguy
Green Shyguy
Blue Shyguy
Black Shyguy
White Shyguy
Ultimate Shyguy (Any Listed Color And Snifit)
I Hope You Like My Idea!
I Would Love It If They Actually Did Make This Game Though!