10 Nintendo stars from different games are swept away to a secret location. For four weeks they partake in mental and physical tests, trying to collect up to a $1,000,000 raise in their salary. But there is a catch: one of the contestants is actually a saboteur, a programming glitch, trying to keep the rest of the group from succeeding.Here's how it works: The ten players are taken to a secret location in a foreign land, where an amazing adventure begins. Cut off from friends and family, the group is given specific tests to complete. If successful, the group collects a bigger pay raise. However, one member is "The Glitch," put there to prevent the group's success.Every few days each player must take The Glitch Quiz: a quiz containing 25 questions about The Glitch, questions like: "Is The Glitch a man or a woman?" "Where is The Glitch's homeworld?" "What type of organism is The Glitch?" "How many games has The Glitch starred in?" "Who is The Glitch's main enemy?"The player who gets the most questions wrong (knows the least about The Glitch) must leave the game...immediately. Players are eliminated, one by one, until three people are left: The Glitch and two players. With one last quiz, another contestant is eliminated, the Glitch is revealed, and the winner takes home all of the money.The group must work as a team to complete mental and physical tasks, all the while trying to figure out who is The Glitch. Guess wrong and they are sent home. Figure it out and they might last to the end. So get ready for the game of the century.
Get ready for The Glitch.

Player Profiles

Mario Mario
Homeworld: Mushroom Kingdom
Occupation: Plumber
Most loved thing: Princess Toadstool
Most hated thing: King Bowser Koopa
Thing he likes the most about being selected: "I don't-a have to save the princess if Bowser captures her. Luigi will just have to try instead."
Thing he will miss the most: "I will miss-a pasta, it is a very good-a thing, you know."
Comments on the player field: "It's-a good thing that Luigi didn't get picked for this-a show. One Mario brother is enough-a. That Link-a guy and that Ash Ketchum are both trying to take Nintendo's focus away from-a me, and that's-a not good."
Comments when asked if he is The Glitch: "That's-a stupid. Nintendo wouldn't make its-a biggest the star the bad-a guy."

Homeworld: Hyrule
Most loved thing: Princess Zelda
Most hated thing: Ganon
Thing he likes the most about being selected: "Well, Navi wasn't allowed to come along, which is a really good thing, because that little ball of light with wings bugs the heck out of me."
Thing he will miss the most: "Gosh, going a month without Epona will be tough. I'll have to walk around everywhere on foot."
Comments on the player field: "Nintendo did a really good job covering players from all arenas of games. Not quite sure why they included Ash Ketchum in the game, considering that he doesn't even do anything, his Pokemon always battle for him."
Comments when asked if he is The Glitch: "My goodness, this game would be easier to figure out if they had put some BAD guys in it. And no, I'm not The Glitch, so stop asking me that question."

Homeworld: Dreamland
Most loved thing: Food
Most hated thing: Bad tasting food
Thing he likes the most about being selected: "They've promised me a lot of edible items will be available in the game. I REALLY like edible items."
Thing he will miss the most: "Hmmm...absolutely nothing."
Comments on the player field: "I seem to be the only round player (unless Mario counts). I just hope that Ash Ketchum guy doesn't mistake me for that Jigglypuff that I fought in Super Smash Brothers. Sheesh, what an idiotic creature...all it could do was punch."
Comments when asked if he is The Glitch: "Heck, I can suck things from across the room and eat them in less then five seconds. It would be kind of easy for me to sabatoge the challenges if I was The Glitch, don't you think?"

Mega Man
Homeworld: Earth (I think)
Most loved thing: Rush
Most hated thing: Dr. Wily
Thing he likes the most about being selected: "Well, I could really use that pay raise. I mean, ever since 64 came out Nintendo kind of forgot that my series existed. I'm starring in some game in a couple months, but that'll probably be overshadowed by the success of Paper Mario."
Thing he will miss the most: "Rush, I guess. I'm an android, what am I supposed to miss?"
Comments on the player field: "It'll be interesting with Samus Aran, a fellow robotic type-person, playing at the same time. Perhaps she and I can use that fact to better ourselves."
Comments when asked if he is The Glitch: "If I am, then I'm disappointed. I really wanted that pay raise."

Samus Aran
Homeworld: Planet Zebes
Most loved thing: Killing bad guys
Most hated thing: The Mother Brain
Thing she likes the most about being selected: "Who knows, maybe fame gained on the show will boost Nintendo's chances of putting me on GameCube? Hey, it could happen!"
Thing she will miss the most: "Having to think really hard for long periods without causing something to die. That will definitely be hard, since that's all that I've been doing since Super Metroid II."
Comments on the player field: "Well first of all, I'm the only girl on the show. I'm not sure why, but I am. Secondly, yeah, just that I'm the only girl on the show. And the fact that Mega Man, an android, is on the show as well, very interesting."
Comments when asked if she is The Glitch: "Heck, I'm a galactic bounty hunter. I've fought against thousands of huge lizards and monsters and such. I think I could definitely be The Glitch, if I am, that is."

Ash Ketchum
Homeworld: Pokemon Earth
Most loved thing: Pikachu.
Most hated thing: Team Rocket
Thing he likes most about being selected: "I can brag to Brock about getting to meet Samus Aran. Also, I'd like to advertise the new Johto Journeys products, including Pokemon Gold and Silver. You know, my salary is so huge that I don't even need to win here, I'm just here for fun."
Thing he will miss the most: "All of my lovable Pokemon, who are so loyal and friendly, cuddly and cute, and they also make me a lot of money, too! Also, if you didn't know yet, I have a secret crush on Misty!"
Comments on the player field: "Gosh, I wish that they had put Gary on this show so that I could beat him down. Also, I wish that they had put those stupid Digimon kids on here so that I could bash their heads in as well! Those little freaks over at Fox think that they're all cool."
Comments when asked if he is The Glitch: "Nope."

Homeworld: Spiral Mountain
Most loved thing: Kazooie
Most hated thing: Gruntilda the Witch
Thing he likes most about being selected: "Well, I just finished Banjo-Tooie, which was a big money bringer. I don't know, I just wish that Mumbo Jumbo could come along to tell me who The Glitch is."
Thing he will miss the most: "Kazooie, and also, Kazooie, thirdly, I will miss Kazooie."
Comments on the player field: "Maybe me and Donkey Kong can strike a deal. You know, I'm a bear, and he's a gorilla. I'm sure that we could work something out if he will co-operate. Besides that, I don't know. But you've gotta work as a team when you're playing on The Glitch."
Comments when asked if he is The Glitch: "Only Kazooie knows, and Kazooie is in a secret bunker in Russia. Oops, was I supposed to tell you that? I guess not. Sorry Kazooie, I can't ever keep a secret."

Donkey Kong
Homeworld: Kong Country
Most loved thing: Candy Kong
Most hated thing: King K. Rool
Thing he likes most about being selected: "It's just plain cool. I mean, getting to meet all of my favorite Nintendo co-workers. That's just cool! I'm definitely gonna get Mario's autograph before I leave, get executed, all that junk."
Things he will miss the most: "Funky just made one awesome new jetski, but I didn't get to ride it before I was brought to the filming site for the filming of the show."
Comments on the player field: "It's looking good. Looking very good. I wish that Diddy could have come along and played with me, because that would've been a really big help."
Comments when asked if he is The Glitch: "Are you kidding? I may be a gorilla who fights big alligators for stealing my hoards of bananas, but I'm not an idiot. If I am The Glitch, then I'm not going to tell you…if I'm not, well, then I'm still not going to tell you."

Homeworld: Bomber Planet
Most loved thing: Bombs
Most hated thing: Anything that is cute or cuddly
Thing he likes most about being selected: "Maybe this show will help me get some recognition in the realm of Nintendo heroes and stars. It could even get me my own series, something like the Legend of Zelda would be nice."
Thing he will miss the most: "Bombs. Explosives. The smell of smoke and ashes. These are a few of my favorite things!"
Comments on the player field: "Just that all of the other players are name-brand stars, and I'm not. Kind of gives me a bad feeling, like I'm gonna be one of the first ones to go. But I'm not. I'll stick it out."
Comments when asked if he is The Glitch: "No, I'm not. I'd be too obvious, considering that I'm the least acknowledged as a huge Nintendo star. Heck, my Game Boy game didn't even have my name on it! Instead, that dumb Wario got the title, and I was in the subtitle. Sheesh."

Fox McCloud
Homeworld: Lylat System
Most loved thing: Arwing
Most hated thing: Andross
Thing he likes most about being selected: "This sure as heck beats flying missions for that dumb general on StarFox 64. For some reason that idiot couldn't think to send his own stinking troops to fight Andross. I'm really happy to be selected as a contestant. Besides, after I made it onto Super Smash Brothers, Falco has been locking on to me with a few too many missiles in our latest practice runs."
Thing he will miss the most: "Throwing bombs into Andross' mouth and then watching him cough on them. It's fun EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!"
Comments on the player field: "Well, I love a wide variety. I mean, heck, a plumber is the star of Nintendo! Who would have thought, huh? Kirby? How did he become a hero? When I saw him in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, I couldn't quite make out how he was so great. 'Oh look, I can suck things and get special powers!' Looked like something from Digimon to me."
Comments when asked if he is The Glitch: "I'm not The Glitch, but I know who is. TOAD IS THE GLITCH! Oh wait, he's the host. DANG IT!"

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