Mario Party 2 Mini-Game Tips

Here, you can find tips to all 60 mini-games from Mario Party 2! Remember, you can always test out mini-games without winning or losing anything by activating the Practice Mode!  (On the mini-game instructions screen, press R, and then START.)

Abandon Ship
Goal: To be the 1st player to reach the top of the ship.
How: Climbing up the mast.
Hindrances: Jumping Cheep-Cheeps, horizontal wooden pegs.
Controls: Use the control stick to move left or right and press A repeatedly to climb.
Extras: Coins hang right below the wooden pegs.  Grab 'em and you'll get something even if you lose!
Tips: Press A as fast as your fingers can and always keep your eyes at the top of the screen to watch for oncoming pegs.
<B>Filet Relay

Goal: Be the first to cross the finish line.

How: Waddle your way along the iced track.  Others: Pass it on to the next person waiting on the track.<BR>
Hindrances: If you waddle too fast, you'll fall down!  Also avoid the falling snow on the track that could slow you down.<BR>
Controls: Control Stick to indicate direction to move, A to waddle.<BR>
Extras: None.<BR>
Tips: Waddle as fast as you can, but when you start to slide or tip over, let go of the A button and repeat.
Grab Bag
Goal: Be the player to have the most mushrooms when the timer runs out!
How: Ambush other players by snatching mushrooms out of their bags.
Hindrances: Don't be the one to get stolen from!
Controls: Use the Control Stick to run around, A to jump, B to grab someone's bag (go up behind them and press B repeatedly), or to shake free from someone's hold.
Extras: The golden mushroom is worth 3 blue ones!  Whoever has that mushroom in their bag has an advantage!  If you don't have it, grab it from someone!
Tips: If someone is about to charge into you from behind, jump or run away and quickly make a U-turn to grab their bag!

Hot Rope Jump
Goal: To be the last player standing unscathed.
How: Keep timing your jumps right on the fire-jump rope and not getting burned at all.
Hindrances: The rope will speed up and slow down at unpredictable times.Controls: Press A to jump.
Extras: None
Tips: Don't jump too soon, and establish a rhythm.  Be extremely cautious though when the rope all of a suddenly slows down after it has gone fast.
<B>Move to the Music</B><BR>
Goal: Leader: To get everyone else out.  Others: To copy the leader's moves exactly in order to stay in the game.<BR>
How: Leader: Execute some dance moves by pressing any button in a sequence.  Others: Memorize the leader's moves and order and copy their moves.<BR>
Hindrances: Others: The moves aren't labeled so you have to have a good memory in order to copy correctly!<BR>
Controls: Control Stick, A, B, and Z are all different dance moves.<BR>
Extras: None<BR>
Tips: Leader: Execute some really complicated moves so the others will have a hard time remembering them (i.e. try not to press the same buttons in a row)
Platform Peril
Goal: To be the first player to reach the finish line.
How: Jump from platform to platform as fast as you can.
Hindrances: Don't linger to long on one platform because it'll eventually fall!  Also there are conveyor belts, pyramid-like structures on the platforms, and moving platforms to make the race harder.
Controls: Control Stick to move, and A to jump.
Extras: There are coins that hover above some platforms.
Tips: Make a jump to the next platform as early as you can without making it fall too short.  Also don't go for the coins if you aren't an expert jumper.  Going for the coins require a short jump and then another jump to the next platform as soon as you land or you won't make it.

Quicksand Cache
Goal: To be the player with the most coins, although it's a no win/lose game.
How: Bowser Suit Player- let the coins fall towards you.  Others- run around the quicksand and fight it to gather the coins that drop by.
Hindrances: If you fall into the center pit, you're out!  Also, if you're running in the opposite direction of the quicksand current, it makes things a lot harder.
Controls: Bowser Suit Player- Control Stick to move the quicksand current.  Others- Control Stick to run around.Extras: 5-coin bags occasionally drop by, as well.
Tips: Bowser Suit Player- Go for the 5-coin bags, always.  If you see a player running for one of these, turn the current in the opposite direction they're running to ensure that they don't grab it!  Others: None.
Shell Shocked

Goal: To be the last player standing alive.<BR>
How: Shoot cannonballs at the other players twice each to defeat them.<BR>
Hindrances: You're just as vulnerable of gettng hit as everyone else is.<BR>
Controls: Control Stick to move, A for a straight shot, B for a lob shot, and Z to fix your aim in one direction.<BR>
Extras: None.<BR>
Tips: Always be on the lookout for your opponents in all directions.  Try to stay behind a pipe as much as possible and wait for someone to turn their back on you before shooting.  Use lob shots whenever a pipe is in between you and your opponent.

Shy Guy Says
Goal: To be the last player standing.
How: Raise the same-colored flag that the Shy Guy holds up.
Hindrances: Lakitu will flash past the screen very quickly to distract you. Shy Guy will sometimes raise two flags at the same time or fake you out.
Controls: A to raise white flag, B to raise red flag.
Extras: None
Tips: When Shy Guy raises two flags at the same time, wait until he puts down one flag before raising the correct one. Somtimes he will also start to put down a flag, but then quickly raise it back up in order to fake you out. Pay close attention!

Sneak 'n' Snore
Goal: To be the first player to make it out of the open door without getting caught.
How: Sneak your way to the switch to open the door and back out the door while in a barrel.
Hindrances: Don't move too fast or it'll take longer to retreat back into your barrel when Chain Chomp awakens.  If you get caught with your head sticking out of your barrel, then you're out of the game!
Controls: DOWN to move backward, UP to move forward (the more you tilt the control stick, the faster you'll move), release the control stick to hide in the barrel.
Extras: None
Tips: Start off your movement by tilting the control stick as far as it'll go, and slowly and gradually let it slide back to center position, so you're ready when Chain Chomp awakes.  He awakes at almost the same intervals.

TOAD in the Box
Goal: To be the first player to get 5 Toad faces.
How: Timing your jumps so that you hit the rotating block when the Toad face is showing.
Hindrances: If you accidentally get a 1. Piranha Plant, the block will fall on your head once, delaying you for a moment, 2. Chain Chomp, the block will fall on your head twice, delaying you even longer, 3. Bowser's face, Baby Bowser will appear and jump on your head and flatten you, so that you can't jump for several seconds.  The blocks also rotate faster the higher your platform grows.
Controls: A to jump.
Extras: None
Tips: Anticipate the faces on the block; for the first three tiers, watch for the Bowser's face, and then be ready to jump as soon as it passes by.  For the 4th tier, watch for the Chain Chomp, Bowser face, and then jump.  For the last tier, well, you're on your own!  It'll happen merely by chance.  You could anticipate the Piranha Plant, but it's almost impossible.