Super Mario Adventures Comics

Remember those Mario comic series that appeared in Nintendo Power many years ago? Thousands of readers would follow Mario in his adventures through many interesting moments, like when Luigi cross-dressed, Mario outsmarted Big Boo, and we could see Mario and Wario when they were very young! Here, I have several pages of that comics series scanned, so feel free to look and read!

The Super Mario Brothers open up with a song
Plumbing trouble
Mario discovers something strange
Pipe-o-rama it is!
Princess Toadstool is notified of the dilemma
Bowser's castle gets blown up
The Super Mario Bros. celebrate their victory
They realize they are trapped in the world that they're in
Toad sends a rescue team for them
The rescue team isn't so bent on rescuing them after all!
See some Koopa-butt-kickin' action!
Yoshi to the rescue!
Oops, good job Mario and Yoshi!