Yoshi's Story

# of Players1
GenreSide-scrolling adventure
# of Levels6 worlds with 4 stages in each
Controllable Characters8 different-colored Yoshis
StoryWay back before Mario was born, the Yoshis lived a peaceful life on their island. But Baby Bowser disturbed the peace by stealing the Super Happy Tree, and hypnotized all the inhabitants. Little did he know that there were 6 eggs hatched with baby Yoshis. The baby Yoshis realized this, and decided to take action by becoming as happy as they could and defeat Bowser and take back the tree.

Graphics10Even though the game is 3-D in a 2-D world, the backgrounds are done very cleverly with storybook settings and creative scenery.
Sound7The music, sound effects, and voice are not that bad, with one exception. The baby Yoshis singing could give you a headache!
Challenge2It is easy to tell once you've beat the game once that this game was intended for young gamers not only because of its almost-frivolous storyline, but also for the lack of difficulty as well. The small number of levels makes it go by fast, and the obstacles are heartbreakingly easy to get by.
Replay Value2Considering the fact that this game is lacking in in the challenging department, it could be hard to find entertainment value if you're picking this game up for a second or third try. The only reason why you'd want to replay this game is to go to a different stage in each world for a slightly different storyline.