Super Mario 64 Review

# of Players1
Genre3-D Platform
# of Levels24 (15 courses, 3 Bowser levels, 3 switch levels, and 3 bonus levels)
Controllable CharactersMario
StoryPeach has invited Mario over to her castle. When Mario gets there, he finds that the castle is strangely deserted, and then is greeted by Bowser, who has taken over and turned the painting into worlds that he can control, as well as hiding the precious Power Stars in each of them. It is up to Mario to retrieve all the Power Stars that Bowser has hidden and as well the ones that he doesn't know about in order to stop him from doing anymore damage.

Graphics10The graphics rendering on SM64 are the best yet for any Mario game! Mario has never moved smoother or looked so detailed! The surroundings are carefully done and are excellent as well!
Sound10No more beeping and blipping for the Nintendo world! This game offers great stereo sound, along with music that will boom its rhythm in your head all day. The sound effects are realistic as well. Mario and Peach even have voices! Mario's voice is done by Charles Martinet and Peach's is done by Leslie Swan.
Challenge10What makes this game quite challenging is the fact that your progress is only saved whenever you collect a Power Star, and you start from the beginning of the level if you die. Some of the stars themselves are hard to get, as well, including the ones that only appear after you've collected 100 coins in each course!
Replay Value5Sadly to say, this is lacking quite much. Once you collect all 120 Power Stars, you meet Yoshi and he gives you 100 lives and a few features change in the game, but not enough to keep you playing the game. You could try collecting some stars all over again if you want, but what makes this disappointing is that when you meet Yoshi after all your hard work, he just gives you the lives and leaves. No rides this time! Also, Luigi does not even make as much as a cameo appearance in this game! He might as well be dead!