Game Name: Super Mario RPG
Developed By: Squaresoft
ESRB Rating: [K-A]Suitable for children ages 3 and above.
Players: One Player
Challenge: Moderatly Challenging

Length: It took me about 2 weeks to beat successfully. Information: Super Mario RPG is a collaborated RPG created by the famous RPG developing company known before they became SquareEnix, as SquareSoft. The game was an idea that was rushing through their heads, similar to the game Kingdom Hearts (2002), and it was developed. Super Mario RPG focuses on the great plumber Mario, who's princess is captured. Upon saving the princess, a giant sword crashes into Mario's enemy, Bowser's castle, and puts Mario on one of his most epic quests yet!

Throughout the game, Mario deals with a load of plot twists and changes, that keeps him going. He must save the Princess Toadstool from the evils within the grand Mushroom Kingdom. This game features some of the most amazing graphics for that time, nearly 3D, in my opinion. The shading is wonderful, and the music is also amazing. The tunes aren't as annoying as some game's music is, and you won't expect to hear any amazingly annoying tunes while you go through a long area (Well, maybe Booster's Tower).

The game is wonderful in about all aspects. The plot is original, and possibly a bit cliche, but still good. Mario must achieve his goal of collecting the seven stars, and that's exactly what he does. Though along the way he teams up with his most rivaled enemy, deal with a reptilious theif, stop a Power-Ranger team from stealing a star, and dealing with the fact that you can't get past one point or another! The game has it's flaws, strange flaws at that. Otherwise, I found no major downer here. My most favorite part in SMRPG is that you see many original characters. Throughout the game, I saw Goomba's, Koopa's, Bullet Bill's, Magikoopa's, MANY OF THEM! Seeing my favorite enemies that I absolutly LOVE to hate is pleasurable, and it brings back memories of stomping them in the 8-bit times.

So, I come to my conclusion in this review. The game is amazing. It's just so cool to see your favorite characters like this, and some outragous events take place, too!

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