Super Mario RPG

# of Players1
# of Levels7 worlds with 7 Star Pieces to collect
Controllable CharactersMario, Mallow, Geno, Princess Toadstool, Bowser
StoryPrincess Toadstool was sitting in her garden one day, when all of a sudden, Bowser comes and whisks her away in his Koopa Copter! When Mario tries to rescue her, he beats Bowser, but a new villain has arrived on the scene, when a giant sword comes crashing down onto Bowser's Keep! This is one of Smithy's troops, and now Mario has a new objective, to save all 7 Star Pieces and repair the Star Road, in order to save people's wishes!

Graphics10Nintendo went all out for the last Mario game to appear on the SNES! Instead of your typical side-scrolling adventure, everything appears to be 3-D and the camera view is from an angle above!
Sound10Lots of new tunes can be heard in this game, along with a way to create your own!
Challenge10This game's genre puts a whole new twist in fighting enemies. Instead of action battles, you must choose carefully what kind of weapon or defense to use, and the battles are turn-based. Many of the later bosses can be frustrating and take a while to defeat!
Replay Value8After you beat the game, you might want to go back and see what kinds of fun things you can discover in each of the 7 worlds that you have missed, but there's really nothing else left to do that's important.