Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

# of Players2
GenreAdventure Platformer
# of Levels6 worlds
Controllable CharactersMario, Luigi, and Yoshi
Story Mario responds to a letter sent from Princess Peach inviting him to come to the castle and share some cake with her. On his way there, he finds a small, lost Luma lying on the ground. He takes the baby Luma with him and it grants him powers. When Mario finally reaches the castle, he discovers that Bowser has taken it over and had kidnapped Peach! Now, he must follow Bowser throughout the cosmos and enlists the help of some Lumas to do so.

Graphics 9 You'll love the water textures in this game!
Sound 9 There is the familiar, moving orchestral music from the first Super Mario Galaxy.
Challenge 10 Some Power Star missions will definitely keep you on the edge of your chair. If you die too many times, though, you will be offered some help from an old friend.
Replay Value 9 The game is not necessarily over once you beat Bowser; there are still tons more Power Stars to collect!

Finally! An epic sequel on the same console system, which hasn't been seen since the SNES! Even if you've played Super Mario Galaxy, beat it, and collected all of the Power Stars, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is still a well worthwhile extension of the first, presenting all new challenges, and of course, the highlight of the game, being able to ride Yoshi!

Other familiar elements from the first game appear in this one, too, like the Lumas, the ability to play as Luigi, and comet missions. There are also a lot more 2-D levels that present challenges of their own, including ones where you have to think fast and have good rhythm!

This is definitely a fun game, whether you've mastered its prequel or not.