Mario Party 2 Review

# of Players4
GenreBoard Game
# of Levels6 Adventure Boards
Controllable CharactersMario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, DK, Wario
StoryOne day, Mario and his friends are talking about building an amusement park, and they are at odds on what to name it. Mario wants to name it Mario Land, Luigi wants to name it Luigi Land, etc. Toad jumps in and tells them that whoever can defeat Bowser will be able to name the park after themselves.

Graphics10The graphics in this game are very colorful.
Sound5I can't explain it, but the music in this game is very strange, and very un-Mario-like. Compared to the other Mario Party games, this game's soundtrack is mediocre
Challenge7With more factors added in like items, Koopa Kids stealing your coins, and more interesting boards, the challenge factor is raised a bit from its prequel.
Replay Value5It's replay value is okay, but not as good as Mario Party's. When having friends over who just want to unwind at a good ol' competitive video game, I'd have to say that the learning curve for this game is higher than its prequel, and makes it undesirable.