Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix Review

# of Players 2
Genre Dance
# of Levels 5 Worlds
Controllable Characters Mario, Luigi
Story The Music Keys have been stolen by various familiar villains, and you must dance your way throughout the Mushroom Kingdom to get them back and restore harmony (literally)!

Feature Rating Comments
Graphics 9 Very nice backgrounds and characters, and the fluid movement of them dancing is awesome!
Sound 9 Many classics are redone techno, hip hop, and disco style, along with non-Mario classics!
Challenge 9 First-time dancers will find the dance pad a completely new experience. Otherwise you will have to be quick and nimble on your fingers if you choose to use the control pad instead. However, DDR veterans may find this mere child's play compared to what they do at the arcade.
Replay Value 9 This game is great for burning those calories gained by heaping hours upon hours sitting at other games.

While this game focuses on dancing your way through the levels, it adds more than your typical DDR arcade dance-offs. Story Mode allows you to follow a plot to get the Music Keys back as Toad guides you through different levels and worlds. You can also buy items to help you along your dance-offs. Merely getting your groove on is just part of the fun; there are also minigames where you must use the dance pad to clear, such as whacking Goombas coming out of pipes, or "dancing" as fast as you can so Mario can get a good running start to jump on the ol' flagpole! And who knew Bowser could breakdance???