Mario Party 3 Review

# of Players4
GenreBoard Game
# of Levels6 Adventure Boards and 6 Duel Map Boards
Controllable CharactersMario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, DK, Wario, Waluigi, Daisy
StoryOne day, the Millenium Star, which is born only once every thousand years, fell out of the sky. It ended up in front of Peach's castle, where Mario and his friends were hanging out. When they discovered the star, they all argued who was going to be the one to keep it. Seeing this, Lakitu drops by and drops a toybox into the yard. As the arguing gang look at it curiously, Mario opens it and pulls out the Mario Party board game. They all then agree to play it and then determine who gets to keep the star. Suddenly, the die that came with the game comes to life, and introduces itself to them as Tumble. Then, the whole Mario gang is transported into the toybox and into the toy-like world of The Mushroom Kingdom! To prove themselves worth of being a Superstar, they must pass the Millenium Star's test and collect all of the Star Stamps by winning in various board game worlds.

Graphics10The graphics in this game are very colorful and very high-res.
Sound6I thought the music and sound was kind of disappointing compared to the previous Mario Party games. Although they are pretty high-quality, I've gotta ask, "Was it really worth it to change the character's voices from the previous games?"
Challenge8A big part of the game is chance, but there is some challenge, as well, coming from the Story Mode. I'd say that the game is slightly more difficult than Mario Party 1 and 2.
Replay Value5Even while having this game, I still feel compelled to play Mario Party 1 and 2 over and over again rather than this one. I guess it's the nostalgia!