Mario Party

# of Players1-4
GenreBoard game
# of Levels7 adventure boards
Controllable CharactersMario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Wario, Donkey Kong
StoryMario and his friends are having a discussion that quickly turns into a heated argument about who's the best. Each of them have their own special characteristics that make them unique, but only one is said to be the very best. Toad breaks up their bickering and suggests that they go on an adventure to see who comes out on top. Whoever that is will become the Super Star, and the very best.

Graphics10Each adventure board is nicely done with lots of detail and color. The characters move around very smoothly as well.
Sound10The music is great and melodic, and each character has their own unique voice.
Challenge4This depends on whether you're playing an adventure board with tough computer players, or you're on the mini-game island. Either way, your opponents can make it easy or tough on you depending on whose team you're on and what level you've set them to.
Replay Value9This game has a high replay value because no matter how many times you play it, you're guaranteed to get different results every time. It's fun to against your friends and duke it out in mini-games. The only reason why this isn't a 10 though is because it has an identical sequel, which could beat out the replay value of its predecessor!